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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Review

Please be advised that this post will contain spoilers. If you haven’t seen it then don’t read this until you do.

Now that I have that out of the way. Let’s get to the review. This is now the 6th film in the franchise. The producers are calling it the final film and if this is truly the final film they went out with a bang. By now a 6th film usually goes stale, however I felt like this film was not stale. Yes, it had the usual jump scares; but what horror film doesn’t have those. We now have some questions answered. However, they gave us more questions.

Lets go back to what we know, Katie was taken over by a demon, her family part of a coven called the Mid Wives. The Mid Wives sell their first born son to the devil in exchange for wealth, these sons become part of an army for the devil. Katie never had a son, however, her younger sister did, his name was Hunter.We learn in part 2 that the demon came for Kristi first but her husband did a spell to send the demon to Katie. Part 3 brought us Katie and Kristi childhood and the start of the activity and how their lives changed. This is where we first hear about the demon having a named and it was called Toby. Part 4 is as random as you get, we are introduced to a new family who has adopted son, who turns out to be Hunter from part 2. Katie returns this time in full demon mode to get Hunter. Part 5 was called the Marked Ones, here they move away from the Katie saga and introduces jesse who is 18 when the film starts and lives in a poor neighborhood but he slowly begins to change into someone much darker, we find out he is one of the marked ones and just maybe his mom was a part of the mid wives cult, though they are, maybe she did this for other unknown reasons. At this point they reveal that the activity happens every six years until the child is adult. Also in this film they bring in the fact that there is a way to time travel but only to unholy places. So here we are at part 6, there a new family living in a new house that doesn’t have anything to do with the Katie saga. The family stumbles across a customized camera that sees things that the naked eye can’t see, we finally get to see the activity for the first time. The family had a six year old daughter who begins to change after she comes across the demon Toby. The family begins to research information to stop Toby for good. Here we learn the mid wives want Toby to be a walking person but they need blood from the innocent who was born on the six month the sixth day and the sixth year which Hunter was and so was Leila. In the end Toby was just too powerful and finally we see the legs of Toby. We learn Katie childhood home was burned down and the family house was built on top and Katie was the one who sold them the house.

 I give this film 4 stars, yes the writing is thin and it’s clear that they made stuff up as the film series grew and this is the reason why it couldn’t be a 5 star film. Some of the things that the series talked about never made true sense and adding random families in didn’t help. The film did answer a lot of questions we had but also created new ones since this is suppose to be the final film, this tells me that this series is far from over. Secondly no Katie? Here you have the star of the series completely missing when there questions about her still.

 This isn’t the end even though they are marketing it as the last one. I see a part 7 in the fire if this film makes a good amount of money which might be the worse thing you could do.


How Topher feels about Spider-Man 3

There are times when an actor should be honest and answer questions that we may have for them . Instead they use a tactic, where they answer the question but don’t give a direct answer to the question that they were asked.

Recently Topher Grace was asked about Spider-Man 3, which he co-starred in by playing Eddy Brock A.K.A Venom, a fan favorite villain. Some roles aren’t meant for everyone and this was the case with him playing Venom, there were plenty of issues with this film besides the casting.

Nonetheless he was asked by The Hollywood Reporter, what he thought of Spider-Man 3. His response is this “I know the movie made a lot of money for Sony, But I also know a lot people weren’t happy with it. Sam is so talented, he was like the president of a small country – by the way, [Spider-Man 3] had the gross national income of a small country too. I have huge respect for him. I think on a whole he did such a fantastic job [on the trilogy]”.

The problem is he never truly answered the question about Spider-Man 3. Yes overall the director Sam Raimi directed a trilogy that was very successful and the first two films were classics, in fact to this day, Spider-Man 2 is considered one of the best comic book movies that was ever made.

One has to wonder why Topher didn’t  answer the question directly. What did he really think of Spider-Man 3? Better question is, why didn’t he answer the question directly. His reason might be because he is a nice guy and Sam is a good friend of his or it could be that he thinks if a film can make  $896,000,000 it can only be a good one. I want to say it is the second reason because as bad as many thought the film was, it still made a large profit. I guess we will never know what Topher thinks of Spider-Man 3.


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