How Topher feels about Spider-Man 3

There are times when an actor should be honest and answer questions that we may have for them . Instead they use a tactic, where they answer the question but don’t give a direct answer to the question that they were asked.

Recently Topher Grace was asked about Spider-Man 3, which he co-starred in by playing Eddy Brock A.K.A Venom, a fan favorite villain. Some roles aren’t meant for everyone and this was the case with him playing Venom, there were plenty of issues with this film besides the casting.

Nonetheless he was asked by The Hollywood Reporter, what he thought of Spider-Man 3. His response is this “I know the movie made a lot of money for Sony, But I also know a lot people weren’t happy with it. Sam is so talented, he was like the president of a small country – by the way, [Spider-Man 3] had the gross national income of a small country too. I have huge respect for him. I think on a whole he did such a fantastic job [on the trilogy]”.

The problem is he never truly answered the question about Spider-Man 3. Yes overall the director Sam Raimi directed a trilogy that was very successful and the first two films were classics, in fact to this day, Spider-Man 2 is considered one of the best comic book movies that was ever made.

One has to wonder why Topher didn’t  answer the question directly. What did he really think of Spider-Man 3? Better question is, why didn’t he answer the question directly. His reason might be because he is a nice guy and Sam is a good friend of his or it could be that he thinks if a film can make  $896,000,000 it can only be a good one. I want to say it is the second reason because as bad as many thought the film was, it still made a large profit. I guess we will never know what Topher thinks of Spider-Man 3.


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