Spectre: Movie review

Sometimes you just can’t top yourself and that seems to be the case here,before I get started on my review, I must warn you that this will contain spoilers, if spoilers bother you than please read this at another time.

Skyfall to date seems in my eyes to be the best James Bond film out of the entire film series. A lot of the critics thought so and the fans also agreed, the movie made slightly over a billion dollars, the first James Bond film to do so. With Bringing back pretty much from Skyfall, you would think you could repeat. However repeating is so hard to do.

Here in this film, we have Bond on a mission that ties into the events that happen at the end of the previous film, this was only truly the beginning then Bond learns about this underground terrorist group called Spectre which is led by a guy that Bond grew up with, after his parents died. The main villain seeking revenge for Bond taking his father love away from him and reveal that he has been the source of his pain, revealing the events from the previous films which ties up any loose ends, which I liked. In the end Bond steps away from his normal self of shoot first, ask questions later and even falls in love, the movie ends with Bond choosing to be with his woman and possibly retiring as 007 or so we are led to believe at least. Let’s remember that Daniel Craig is signed on to do one more film.

Sadly i feel this film didn’t live up to Skyfall, the action wasn’t there in the sense of nothing stood out for example in Skyfall you the subway crashing through the tunnel, that scene stood out to me. I get it though Bond is much older but when you have Dave Batista as an evil henchmen you have to add a lot more action in this make, they failed at that and not to mention they didn’t give him many lines, Batista can act.. When you go away from the action the plot needs to be thicker which it wasn’t, nothing honestly came as a surprise. The chemistry  between the co-stars just wasn’t there which you could see in Skyfall, these may not seem like they would hurt a film but normally they do and numbers are showing that which i will get into in just a few seconds.

With bad there does come some good and here is what they got right. Bond in love, I like this because he now getting older and his fast life style needed to go away, less nudity, for once, which we didn’t need for this film because Bond is now older and needs to focus on being with someone he cares about. Humor, this film truly added to Bond Humor which we didn’t see much before .

News broke that this film needed to get to 650 million dollars form everyone to get break even, i have to say that is a crazy amount of money to try and get to, yes Skyfall made over a billion but it took nearly four months to get to. The opening numbers were down by nearly 18 million and to date still nealry 30 million behind Skyfall and the scary part is Spectre has to battle with Hunger games Mocking Jay part 2 and Star Wars in the next few weeks, reaching Skyfall maybe more difficult than  they previous thought.

Where do they go from here? Craig still have a film left to do and there are plenty of Bond stories left to be told, However its never too early to look ahead of that. recently Ellen talk to Craig about there being a female Bond. This could work Bond could have a daughter or reboot the character all together, the question here would be would the fans support such a change in their beloved character. We will see in the near future. In the end i give Spectre 3 stars out of 5, its not bad but it could be better.


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