Remakes By Justin Hopkins 

Remakes have gotten an especially bad reputation and alot of vocal dislike for the general rumor when one is being contemplated (The crow) Due to a string of bad ones, lack of originality, or the nostalgia factor; that makes it rather difficult to accept someone new stepping into a classic role. Hopefully, by this end of this, hoping you walk away with seconds, because they do offer alot that are overlooked.

 While the base idea may not be original. A remake gives it a new spin. Dusting off the characters or concept and showing them in a new form. Whether it shows a backstory to Michael Myers or people trapped in the mall swarmed by zombies, in Dawn of the Dead. Shows a classic can always show more.

 Nostalgia is probably the biggest reason will turn on a remake before shooting has begun. Jackie Earle Haley, may have failed to bring Freddy Krueger to life the way Robert Englund did, but how many people actually thought he would. Dismissing the idea and not liking it because he couldn’t fill the massive shadow left behind. Not to mention how hectic people can get over the rumor of The Crow being remade.

 Still hold on to your beloved memories these movies gave. Robert Englund did a legendary performance as Freddy Krueger. Brandon Lee made you care so much for his journey to avenge his lost love, but these characters have so many more stories to tell, and people who will care enough to do them justice. 

 Sure some remakes are terrible. Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes was a disaster. The Omen and Poltergeist failed to impress. For each of those, you have Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, and even the cult classic The Thing.

 I’ll end this with one in filming now. Potentiallly a huge remake being done. With new versions of Stephen King’s It filming. Pictures of the new Penneywise surfaces. Hold on and cheerish how scared Tim Curry made you feel, but be excited for this. King gave over a thousand pages of information to use, and more then enough room for a second telling.


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