Luke Cage season 1 review By Justin Hopkins

 Luke Cage crashed Netflix…Kind of shows how anticipated people were over seeing him. People have been wanting to see Luke Cage either in the movies or his own show for quite some time. Fueled by his appearance on Jessica Jones. So much so they jumped him ahead of schedule and boy did they not disappoint.

 First thing that has to be mentioned is how well they did at showing off Harlem. A big part of what makes Luke Cage is his love for Harlem and at any given chance. They showed it’s beauty and the characters spoke of pride they had in it and its rich history. Accumulating in the beautiful speech Luke has during the Finale. Then the community get behind their hero. Refusing to turn their back on him in his time of need. Going as far as to wear bullet riddled hoodies to throw the cops off his trail. Showing that they would protect him as fast as he would they.

 Colter’s performance as the bulletproof, super strengthed Cage was amazing. Pulling you into this universe and making you go on this journey with the man who didn’t want to get involved to him to the man who had enough. Willing to put the town on his shoulders and protect them at all cost, but the hero is only as good as its villain and they did not disappoint either.

 Alfre Woodard’s Mariah Dillard started off as kind of on the outside of Cottonmouth’s organization, but as they go on. Shows a really conniving, evil side. To where her presence in a room made her suspicious until before you knew it. She had full control of the board. 

 While Alfre played her character with finesse. Erik Laray Harvey came on like a bull as Luke’ most threatening adversary, Diamondback. Supplier of The Judas Bullet, capable of killing Cage. Then squaring off at the end in a hellacious fight. Erik brought so much intensity and intimadation roaring to life with his character. Forcing the others to keep pace and earn the spotlight from him, and made for some thrilling moments when he was on-screen. 

 Series Finale started with the massive brawl between hero and villain. Diamondback wearing armor and enhanced Hammer Tech to put him even with Luke. Could have honestly watched them go at it for another ten minutes and been perfectly fine with it. While i was slightly disappointed by the final minutes. Seeing Luke returning to Jail. Think they did that to prepare for The Defenders.

 They gave us two great villain angles. Mariah’s rise to power creates a rivalry to Wilson Fisk or return of Diamondback. Who was last seen in a hospital bed. The doctor who gave Luke his powers entering the room. Either would warrant them uniting and needing to get Luke back in a hurry.

 That is all conjecture for another time though. Season 1 of Luke Cage is another great addition to the Marvel/Netflix library, with a bright future ahead. 


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