DR STRANGE: Movie review By Paul Anthony 

We are now 13 films into this amazing franchise that we call the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has no plans to slow down anytime soon. Dr. Strange is now in theaters and it is the beginning of their phase 4 which will lead to the next Avengers film. Marvel took a leap with this film but they taken a few risks before with Thor, Ant-man and even Guardians of the Galaxy all were hits but will Dr. Strange follow suite ? 

Dr Strange film series starts as a orgin film, he starts off as a cocky surgeon who likes to text and drive which causes him to get into a bad accident and his life as he knows it ends there. His new life begins and he slowly changes his ways. The story basic and predictable which isn’t a knock however with good acting from Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead and Mads Mikkelsen as the main baddie it proved to be a winning combination. 

The action was acceptable and the storytelling was good and fast pace but nothing felt rushed which is a postive thing, lets not forget hey added a little humor to the story to help move it along. 

Everyone must wondering how was the visual effects ?  Marvel spared no expense, the effects were stunning and it gave the audience a trippy experience but a fun one. 

Let’s talk about magic, MARVEL done amazing job with introducing  each aspect of life and now they did great job with introducing magic to the audience.

Overall this was a good movie to see but be warned its exactly kid friendly. Does MARVEL have another hit? i believe so but only time will tell. In the end I will give this film a 3 and half stars and believe it be a hit! 


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