Carnage? Yes Please

By Justin Hopkins 

     ​The next Spider-Man reboot is set to kickoff next year, and if what we have seen so far, in Civil War, and Disney/Marvel is any indication, we are in for a real treat. Now, Spider-Man may have arguably the best villain lineup of any Marvel Superhero. One name continues to come up whenever Spider-Man is considered. That being none other then Cletus Kassidy, AKA Carnage. 

 I would be over the moon to see Carnage in live action. Think the chances of that are pretty slim. Never fear though. While I will be mostly saying why he shouldn’t. Give you two scenarios where he would make a perfect fit. For the sake of this conversation I am lumping Disney and Sony together. I don’t believe Disney has Carnage. Hoping Sony would at least bring them in. Since Sony should not handle these movies themselves anymore.

 First, Disney/Marvel is doing ridiculously well with PG-13. Movies are great with phenomenal depth. Carnage would have to be a hard R-rating. He’s uber violent. Have to show him hacking and killing off numerous victims. There is no real reason for them to contemplate changing what brought them to the table, and if that’s the case. Would rather not see them  try.

 Second, what makes Carnage such a threat. Adds value to how dangerous he is, is that he puts Spider-Man in that dark place of mind. Where he has to almost consider doing the worst act he could think of; killing Cletus himself. Theh could easily get that with Kraven the Hunter ,Mysterion, or Hobgoblin. Or by dusting of Green Goblin or the original symbiote Venom.

 Now, like I said at the start, I am a fan of Carnage. Got friends who are even bigger fans. May not want to see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or Sony handle it themselves. Two really good ways to use him. The least likely of the two being is to trade him to Fox. 

 They could perhaps to budge on Fantastic Four, for Carnage. Once they have him, pit him against the Merc With The Mouth, Deadpool. Where they can’t and are unwilling to go. Deadpool is already established at. Their rivalry in the comics is a must read. Their styles of crazy meshing so well together. Money would rain down from the sky on this guaranteed hit. 

 A more plausible scenario would be to drop him down to Netflix. They have had great success setting up their more mature heroes. Have The Defenders square off with Venom. This opens the door for either Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson’s Venom’s series. Which Carnage would make the perfect big bad guy, and they can have Venom’s flashing back to how carnage came about.

 Cletus Kassidy may be just a deranged psychopath, but he is difficult to just throw into the mix. Much like Deadpool. They have to show him in a dark, extremely violent way, of he’ll come out flat, and they risk alienating the fans who have wanted to see him for so long. While I would love to see him live. Rather see him on Fox or dropped down to Netflix. Then to see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


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