Remembering Carrie and Debbie

By Paul Anthony

I still can’t believe this is true, the passing of two great Great actresses, a daughter then a mother, the entertainment industry lost two great women in a two day span. I saw other bloggers saying Princess Leia has passed away but then I remembered that Leia is a character and not a real person.

In fact Carrie Fisher was the one who passed away from a cardiac arrest on a plane when she was traveling from London to Los Angles, she was touring Europe promoting her book.After I read these articles informing us she was gone I felt lost, she was a lovable person and a great talent, sure she rose to fame with Star Wars but she would go to have a very productive career from 1975 to her passing, she was 60 years young and should have had more time on this planet.

The scary thing about cardiac arrests is if you don’t do something in the first few minutes then death is almost guaranteed, even on life support she passed away.Like I stated before I feel  remembering just one of many roles and calling her by that character name is insulting to the person that she was. I am still left speechless because her passing was a stunner.

She made Leia such a important character in a series for which had Harrison Ford and focused on the Character Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Give all that credit to Carrie herself, her great ablity to make a strong leader look even stronger just one of her many talents as a actress but when you come from a acting family you have to bring your A game.

Carrie was the daughter to Debbie Reynolds who sadly passed away just a day after her daughter passed away, its been reported her cause of death was a stroke but her Carrie’s brother stated his mother’s last words were she wanted to be with Carrie, so maybe her real cause of death was a broken heart.

Debbie came to fame in the early 50’s and 60’s  and continue throughout her life, my generation may remember her for her role in the Disney tv film franchise Halloween where she played the main character grandmother.

I can’t act like I know the pain that their family is going through, to lose two members in a day during this holiday season, I want to send my thoughts to their family and I want to give a direct message to them.

Your family was a great talent, that won’t ever be replace, they legends and they will never be forgotten, I wish the news was wrong and this was all just a bad dream but i know this wasn’t, the work they did was unbelievable and I believe future acters and acteresses will look at what they did and follow in their footsteps, people should try and be like Debbie and Carrie but in the end no one can ever be like that, this is truly a great loss and fans that span over generations will them, I know I will, I hope and pray your family will recover and remember them because they will forever be remembered in in your hearts.

Carrie Fisher October 21st 1956 to December 27th 2016 , Debbie Reynolds April 1st 1932 to December 28th 2016

Gone but not Forgotten


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