Ben can’t handle the pressure

Just when you thought DC caught a break with casting Ben Affleck as their new Batman and leading the Justice League team, they ran into a problem and that problem was Zach Snyder not giving us a good Batman v Superman film which started this ripple down effect. The Justice League film has been reporting behind the camera issues and scrpt problems, Flash can’t get a director and Aquaman hasnt begun production yet and Wonder Woman yet to debut. This leads us into Ben and the next Batman film. First it was annouced that Ben would be starring and directing the Batman film, now we have no clue whose directing it.

Ben realize he couldnt direct it and star in it and from what I hear its no easy task to do, so no harm done and let Ben do what he does best and that is act. DC then annouces that Matt Reeves would take over directing duties, which was a hugh achcievment because you finally got a director with talent and you have Ben, this is just as good as having Nolan and Bale but this was short lived. Matt wanted alot of creative control just not with Batman but with any film that it helps creates. We don’t know if this was too much to ask for or what but talks broke down and Matt decided to walk away, leaving the dynamic duo. Then the news got worse and that new is that Ben been feeling the pressure and can’t take it anymore. It is being reported that he wants to leave after The Batman  film and Warner Brothers  already trying to get a casting list together. Let this be known that this part has only been a rumor and nothing has been confirmed yet.

If they need to recast I believe this is only going to hurt them even more, the revolving door isn’t good for busness, so far the best part of DCEU has been Ben giving a dark and in pain Batman. Not too mention a pretty strong one to.

I sat back and try to wonder what if Batman V Superman was a great film and the DCEU was kicking Butt with making the moneyh and giving Marvel a run for their money. I have to say I doubt that we would be hearing about any of this drama had Batman v Superman did good. I guess we may never know, but if Ben leaves the series I believe they will truly fall somehow.

For now Ben is batman and will continue to be batman until the rumors become true, either way it doesnt look good for the DCEU, if they ever want to be like Marvel, they need to get the pressure off of their stars and let them shine, definatly one as talented as Ben. I am sure we will hear more about this film in the upcoming weeks.


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