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Logan movie review

By: Justin Hopkins

There was alot to be excited for with Logan. Whether it was for the fact it was going to be Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine, Old Man Logan story arc being used, or the R Rating it came with. The movie came with a ton of hype and truly delivered. Despite the extremely somber and teary eyed ending. This was the perfect way to end the Wolverine movies, and perhaps start a new.

The movie starts out on the fly. Wolverine lost in a bottle. Working as a Chaufer, along with about mutant, taking care of an aging Professor Xavier. Whose mind has began deteriorating, and because of this. Accidentally killed the mutants, due to an uncontrollable outburst of psychic energy. When they meet Lauren, AKA, X23. A mutant created in a lab, using Wolverine’s DNA. Trying to join the others who escaped, in North Dakota, to run to freedom in Canada. Being chased by Reavers and surprise villain X24. Tired and dying, Wolverine has to go to battle one last time.

The R Rating was absolutely the way to go here. Allowing Hugh Jackman to embrace Wolverine’s true nature. The hard nosed, hard hitting character, who is capable of so much carnage and rage, during a beserker rage, but to turn it around and show more depth and emotions, then they had ever been able to do with PG- 13. Not to mention how much it aided Patrick Stewart show case the state Professor Xavier’s is in, mind wise, and showcase his death. As well as highlight how savage X23 is.

There were numerous great performances in this movie, but Dafne Keen was a true highlight, who really stood out. For the first half of the movie, playing the part of a mute, out in the world for the first time. Animalistic approach to all walks of life. Which presents an interesting and entertaining problem for Wolverine to deal with. That carries over to when she final decides to start talking. Creating a chemistry between herself and Logan that gradually builds until the payoff at the end, when she is next to his grave. Dafne does such a wonderful job as X23, that it poses the question. Do they even need to replace Hugh Jackman, or much like they have in the comics. Do they let her carry on in his place?

Logan does have its faults. None of which should stop anyone from going to see this movie. Packs so much emotion, action, and stellar performance, from a great cast. Acting as both swan song and potential spring board to the next stage.





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