Rise and Fall of Abby Lee Miller

By Paul Anthony

It’s not hard in this world to make a mistake these days, we see stories all the time, people rising to fame and then making mistakes and risking everything which in the end cost them to fall. Recently a Pittsburgh native, who rose to fame is now going to jail for a year and a day. That person would be no other than Abby lee Miller.

I must admit I didn’t know much about her, if it wasn’t for my best friend I would have never even started to watch the show that Miller was involved in, which was Dance Moms. The show was like any other reality show with plenty of drama, which in return made the show become a hit and put dancing back in the spot light and made stars out of everyone, even the dancers most who have started other careers in music and acting. When the show is a hit, the ratings are up and that means people paychecks go up. Now one of those paychecks would be Abby lee Miller herself.

Let’s start from the beginning if you don’t know much about her. Abby lee Miller born in Pittsburgh Pa. She was raised in Penn Hills, a suburb just outside of the city. From that point, she became a dance instructor and in 1986 she became a member of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania and was even certified by Dance Masters of America. She followed in her mother path at the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio in 1995 and renamed Reign Dance Productions which would be named later the Abby Lee Dance company. By 2011 she had her own show Titled Dance Moms which became a hit and from that point she opened a second studio in Los Angles which most of the filming of the show now takes place. However, after season 7 aired some behind the scene drama made her leave the show and she is going to prison.

Abby lee has faced a lawsuit from a former dance mom and now she lied about her income and creating a bank and there is she put certain earnings and not informing the IRS of the income. So, in the end she finally got in trouble. Now Let’s not get carried away she may be sentenced to over a year but most likely she will get an early release in roughly 9 months.

When she gets released we must wonder what she will do next. Now she can return to being a dance instructor at both her studios which when she posted about leaving the show, she did state that she would continue to teach dancers just not do the show, but with her going away it makes me wonder if parents would still send their children to her studios. If parents remain loyal to her I am sure she will be all right when she comes out and return to her roots in teaching students. However, I do think she will return to television, her drama too good not to get another TV deal.



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