Friday the 13th The Game review

By:Justin Hopkins

 Yesterday was the big day.  The day I have been looking forward to since the day they announced it.  The reason I upgraded from PlayStation 3 to 4. Most excitement I have ever had over a video game in my entire life. The official launch date of Friday the 13th The Game. Woohoo!

 Starting off, this game had to go through quite a bit to simply be made.  Like taking to kickstarter to get funded.  Able to land heavyweights from the movies,  such as Kane Hodder to come and do motion capture for Jason Voorhees,  as well as Thom Matthews to reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis.

As of right now.  It’s multiplayer online only,  with the single player story being a free download in a couple months. One person taking the reigns as Jason.  Given twenty minute time limit to kill as many of your party as you can. Depending on which movie version you are.  There are various tweks to what you can or cannot do. Once you have a grip on the controls, it’s go time.  As this game gives you so many different ways to slaughter the counselors. From bludgeoning to choking or punching their heads, fist through the chest, or breaking their spines. Use the environment around you,  to crush heads in doors, drowned, hang them on a coat rack,  or as I found out when my character got stuck in a bear trap, neutered. When you are Jason Voorhees, it is simply the best part of the game.  As you try to recreate your favorite death scenes or wipe them out as quick as you can.

 Unless you changed you preference though. Odds of being Jason at this interval is slim. More often then not.  Find yourself tasked by having to survive the onslaught. Much like,  Jason, each counselor is different from the next. Depending on who you get. May change how you want to go. Once you’ve armed yourself.  Going to have a few options to decide.  You can win by escape, via repair the car or boat. Which is difficult, since while you are doing this.  You are pretty much defenseless. You can call the police,  but you’ll still have to meet them at the front of the camp, and since they now know where you’re going.  Jason may just be waiting. All of which is still easier then your final two options.

 Calling in for Tommy Jarvis is always something you want to try to gun for. As one of your fallen team members will now return as the gun welding hero. Wish I could say more,  but I just don’t know what all he is capable of during my time as playing the game.  Which leads me to my biggest grief about the game.

 This may well be my inexperience talking,  but the online multiplayer just doesn’t allow me to get as involved into a game as much as I would like to.  Odds are slim that one gets to play as Jason, unless you change your preference,  but with the serves overwhelmed by so many playing at once.  Can end up waiting longer to play. Now,  the plus side is that a single player is right around the corner,  and this was their way of getting the rest of the money they would need for it, but it is a downer at times not having it.

 None of this should stop you from buying this game. Especially if you love the Friday the 13th series.  Often found myself taken back,  as I would stumble onto parts of the camp grounds, that took me right back to my favorite moments, and for those who love online gaming and are looking for a challenge. Spawn as a counselor,  bat up,  and try to survive, or even more difficult then that; try to kill the monster known;  as Jason Voorhees.


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