Resident Evil Movie Reboot

By: Justin Hopkins 

 In 2002, Paul W.S Anderson, would kick start what would become a six movie saga of Resident Evil. Choosing to focus on new character,  just for the movie universe, Alice, played by Milla Jovovich. First movie acting as a prequel to the wildly acclaimed video game. Bringing in 103 million dollars off a meager budget of 33 million, with mixed reviews. More then enough positive results though to warrant a sequel. Fast forward 15 years later, and five more sequels later.  The series came to a close in January 2017. Despite seeing reviews fall by each passing movie.  They managed to bring in over a billion dollars world wide.  Less then a week after The Final Chapter came out to DVD, they announced a reboot was in the works, and I’m not only excited for it,  but strongly hope it comes out as soon as it can. Since there is plenty of reasons to keep the movies coming,  and plenty of direction to go into. 

 It’s not like these movies will come out tomorrow or next month.  Still going to be little over a year or two even. Resident Evil 7 is still fresh in people’s minds.  The movies,  as bad as some looked at them as, is a billion dollar series.  People still want this world to stay, and would be easy to keep the hype going by casting stories and rumors.

 I did enjoy the movies quite alot actually, and Milla was really entertaining, but the one thing the reboot can rectify, is giving the characters we all wanted to see come to life on the silver screen,  a better going this time around. From Leon and Chris Redfield, to Ada Wong, Jill and Claire ( Simon Roberts was an awesome Albert Wesker) Even great villain and side characters. They got a wealth of great stuff just waiting to be used. That could make a great movie. 

 Resident Evil 7 showed that there is still a market for the beloved series. Every remastered game, lighting that fire right back. Making us nostalgic for when we were introduced to the massive, thriving world. The reboot was almost a foregone conclusion. Why hold off and wait, when the market is here now.


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