Significance of Wonder Woman

By: Justin Hopkins 

 With Wonder Woman all set to blow past three hundred million in the box office; just six days after its release. Strong word of mouth,  and 93% rotten tomato score. Calling it a smashing success would just be a foregone conclusion.  A wildly entertaining turnaround film the dull and rather boring DCEU. However, it could be more significant, being the first successful female driven superhero movies to date. 

 For starters,  it’s a great sign moving forward and raising the confidences for Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens. Headlined by fan favorites such as Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman set the bar high,  and everyone involved will try that much harder to hit higher, and that is always great news for us fans.

 Why stop there though.  D.C. has tremendous pool of characters,  both A and B listers. From Powergirl, Huntress, or even Katherine Kane’s Batwoman, or many others.  Can be introduced through any of the upcoming movies,  or even just get their own solo adventure, since D.C. has not shyed away from the idea of not having everything tied together.

 While Marvel has had great success with Jessica Jones, she seems solely dedicated to Netflix, and our hopes for a Black Widow movie, stuck as rumors. They opened not only a very successful door, but a mostly untapped one to boot. With plenty of choices, they can venture out into new territory,  and set the stage themselves. 


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