The Mummy Review w

By Paul Anthony

Did you see the new Mummy film? If you haven’t and don’t want to see any spoilers please look away but if you want to see it but need an idea then you came to right place. First let’s talk about the numbers, The Mummy will be advertised as the number one America movie in the world and that won’t be a lie, however in the domestic box office it will be a much different story, currently coming in second place by a long shot. Wonder Woman made 57 million, while the mummy came in second with 32 million, which is what many predicted, however 32 million on your opening weekend isn’t something a blockbuster film should brag about. The total worldwide gross sits at 174 million, a 141 million coming at the foreign box office which is 81 percent of its profit. Tom Cruise has always been a big draw at the foreign box office which I am sure Universal studios knew that and they needed to rely on that, especially with a 125-million-dollar budget, now why weren’t the numbers all that good, let’s review the film.

If you were to place this film with the 1999 hit The Mummy you will see some similarities, Brendan Frasier like Tom Cruise played the same character almost, they provided the action and had that same selfish smartass personality which brings the comedy. The sidekicks had the same personality and the love interest were the same. That’s where the similarities end. For starters, the CGI wasn’t that impressive and at times seem so cheesy for the budget it was given. Next The mummy wasn’t a part of the movie as it was in the previous film which made no sense, the focus seemed to be more on building Tom Cruise’ s character to be the face of the franchise which is their Dark Universe.

The film had some bright spots, the action was there and Russel Crowe no don’t, shine in his scenes and will be a bright spot in future films. In the end, I believe the CGI and the Mummy be such a small part in the film hurt the film overall. It lacked the Magic the previous Mummy had, I will say the foreign box office saved the film and the Dark universe.

In the end, I give it three stars out of five, Universal will need to figure out how to make their Dark films better to up their box office draw at the domestic box office because I doubt Tome Cruise will be in every film. If I would be asked if I would see it as just a fan the answer would be yes, it had it’s moments but understand it is what it is.


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