The Legend of Adam West

By Paul Anthony

Recently we lost another legend in the entertainment world, the beloved Adam West, a name that several generations have come to know. Today’s generation may know him from family guy where he played a fictional version of himself, playing Mayor Adam West, older generations and even Batman fans know him from the hit show Batman from the 1960s, either way you know Adam West even if you never realized it. Sadly, we lost him on June 9th, he lost his battle with leukemia, he was 88 years young, when he passed away, he was survived by his wife and four children and two step-children. In this blog, we will look at his career that started back in the 1950’s.

Many of us may know him from Batman that started in 1966 and ended in 1968 but the truth is he had established career before batman, He’s first role was back in 1957 on a kid’s show, which by 1959 he became the lead star in. In 1957, he was in his first feature film in an uncredited role in Voodoo Island. From that point, he would in feature films consistently from that point on. In 1966, he landed the gig that would change his career. He got cast as Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the Batman Tv series, it ran for only two years but in that two years it had more episodes then shows that run for ten years. He became as big as the role which after the show ended, he tries to put it behind, which he never could, after years of trying to shake it off and avoid it, he just couldn’t and finally he accepted the fact the biggest role he had was being Batman.

After the show ended he continued to work year after year and year and in the 90’s, he began to do more vocals and even returned to doing Batman roles though he never actually voiced Batman only the side characters. He became a pop icon which led him to doing appearances for other TV shows then in 1999 he got a recurring role on the hit show Family Guy, which he continued to do until he’s death.

After years of hard work in 2012 he was finally awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame as the 2,468th star. He will be missed from family and friends and fans also. People will miss him Family Guy and even his cameos appearances on The Big Bang Theory. These shows that he has recurring roles in will never be the same with him passing away and nod towards the talent that he was and forever will be, to his family, our prayers are you and know your husband and father will be missed by many.


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