The Cosby Saga

By Paul Anthony

As fast as the charges came about, the trial was just as fast, we witness a once beloved figure in the entertainment world fall from the graces. If you don’t know who we are talking about, I will tell you who, that person is none other than Bill Cosby himself. He was once beloved by us until the women have come forward and accuse him of Rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse and sexual abuse. More than sixty women have accused him of these crimes, which have dated back to the 1960s, however sadly most of these cases were passed the statute of limitations and the state can’t charge him on those but the ones that they could they brought him to trial on the ones that they could.

The trial started on the June 5th and just ended on the 17th in a mistrial, the jurors were in a deadlock for days and couldn’t come to terms with each forcing the judge to make this a mistrial. The prosecution has already stated that they do plan to take him back to court and seeking justice. Now here is where we run into issues, for starters because these cases happen years ago, it stands at he said, she said, with very little evidence. I am not saying he is innocent or guilty but the taxpayers will have to get stuck with the bill if the state doesn’t win the case, I must assume the state has something up their sleeve to prove he did these crimes besides straight testimony which I am guessing all they had or else the jurors would have found him guilty.

The trial might be over but the battle is far from over because even if they go through with a second trial and the loss, there are ongoing lawsuits, his victims will be seeking money for the damage they are accusing him of doing.

If he comes out a winner in any of this, there a good chance his life will never be the same, his public image has already changed, he isn’t loved as he once was. Sure, he has his supporters behind him but as many supporters he has, he has just as many people that no longer like him and studios won’t hire him for any projects because of the bad press that goes with it.

He’s career is now over regardless, I don’t think there is anything he can do to repair the damage that he did. In time, we will see how this story plays out



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