The Movie Pass controversy 

By: Justin Hopkins 

 In 2011, a subscription service known as Movie Pass debuted, with the CEO Mitch Lowe. For packages ranging up to fifty dollars,  they send a subscriber a MasterCard,  and using their smartphone can go to any 2D movie, one time a day.  Six years later,  they made a massive move to increase numbers by offering their service’s for $9.95 a month.  A move that has drawn the wrath of the largest movie theater chain, AMC. Their reasons go from bad for movie business, hurting traffic, and has even talked down on movie passes business plan. Going as far as seeking legal way to ban Movie passes from working in their chains. None of which are close to an actuality.

 For starters, movie pass works with MasterCard. They’d end up having to ban MasterCard users,  which would cost them way more then just allowing the service.

 Movie pass isn’t going to be for everyone.  Since they only work on 2D movies. People who want to see the major hits and blockbusters in 3d or IMAX, will still pay to see them that way. Even card users will still play for IMAX movies like, Marvel and DC, and kids will want to see their movies in 3D.

 Die hard movie buffs will look at this like a god send. Instead of being picky about which movies to see or skip we’ll go more.  Instead of 2 movies,  can become 4 or more. Each time, we’ll spend more money at the concession stand, where theaters make most of their money,   because we saved for the price of the ticket,and the casual fans who but into it. Will go more as well, like in January where for traffic is dead at the movies.

 With more and more complaints over foot traffic at theaters dropping. Movie pass is giving die hard and the casual fans a real break here.  Since the price of a movie ticket can range up to fifteen dollars or more in some areas. It could be a huge boost to it,  even if some don’t want to see it that way.  


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