First experience with movie pass.

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Last Saturday marked a fun little occasion for me.  Besides seeing the phenomenal re-telling of Steven Kings it. For those who don’t know, Movie Pass is a  subscription service that allows you to see any standard movie, one time a day for 10 dollars a month. Using a card they send and the app. Simply check in at the theater. They’ll load the card and have the thirty minutes to pay for it. 

 Going in I was a little worried about it.  Seeing all of the people’s negative reviews and issues they have had. Fact my card status on the app read shipped. Lingering question that I couldn’t find in their extensive FAQ section.  Going to the theater,  having no idea if it would work or not.  However,  once I went to check in,  everything fell into place and worked like a charm. 

  For those wondering how to activate the card.  Moment you check in.  They asked for the last four digits of the movie pass card, which will activate the card, and start the thirty minute clock. Which can be cancelled with a simple click of a button if your not ready or got to leave.

 Even the negative I have to say isn’t much of a negative.  It’s extremely difficult to get ahold of customer support, but can understand why.  Their numbers have blown up since the price change.  Even a slight delay in shipping my card.  They are working to bring in more help,  but it’s a problem that’ll obviously take time to sort out.  Luckily,  it’s pretty simple to use,  and the App answers alot of potential questions.

 I’m thrilled with my first experience with Movie Pass. For someone who goes to the theater two times a month, or more.  This will be a huge relief financially, while the theater still makes out through concessions. For movie lovers everywhere who are on the ropes about it; couldn’t suggest it more.  Works as easily as it claims, working through MasterCard,  which means it’ll be accepted in most places, and you won’t be disappointed. 


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