Season 21 of South Park

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Season 21 of South Park has finally arrived. Following Season 20’s politically charged, member berries, and internet trolls. Saying they would go back to standalone episodes instead of season long stories. Stirring a little controversy when the synopsis showed it would revolve around protestors with tiki torches and confederate flags. That they still had politics in their sights. 

 The main storyline took a quick turn with Darryl and the rednecks protesting technology such as Amazon, Siri, and Google for taking their jobs.  Randy opposing them since their constant waving of the confederate flag was tarnishing his use of the name for his newest gig; White People Renovating Houses. Political message being a subtle metaphor. Which is where Matt and Trey do their best work. 

 Metaphor coming from a load barring wall in Darryl’s House being at the heart of his fear of changing.  That everything he knew would fall apart if he changed.  Which Randy would help him achieve. 

 Of course, one storyline thread from Season 20 had to be addressed,  and that was the relationship between Cartman and Heidi. Which showed the kids being kids again,  and Eric returning to his old devious way.  Twisting the conversations between them in his mind to make him the victim of verbal abuse, and break up being her fault. 

 Loved the start of this season.  Matt and Trey are geniuses at making great comedy with real life lessons behind it. Brilliance shows why they are up to season 21 and going strong.  Do yourselves a favor and check it out if you haven’t, cause it was a fun episode to lead off the new run.


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