Cleveland Indians bounce back

By: Justin Hopkins 

 With everything going on in the world of sports; all eyes were on the Cleveland Indians. The defending American League champions, were already well on their way to the playoffs, before August 24, when they embarked on a historic 22 game win streak.

 So much about this feat is impressive. May have missed out on the 1916 New York Giants 26 game streak, that included a tie, this was the closest a team came since the 2002 Oakland Athletics at 20. Can easily argue the tribe was the greatest. 

  They outscored their opponents 142-37, Seven shutouts, and three of the teams were always difficult division rivalries.  Went from simply leading their Division, to leading the American League.  All of this is impressive and should be a cherished accomplishment. What came next however; was far more impressive. 

 After a team goes on an extended run like that. A single loss can not only be a setback,  but can derail a team.  Seen it in 2007 with the Colorado Rookies. Batting, pitching,  fielding or all of the above can hit a wall.  Team runs out of momentum and fizzles out. Let the Indians turned right back around and beat the Kansas City Royals, 3 games to 4.

 This is the sign of a winning team. They had a very special run and all eyes watched. I’m sure they were sad to see it end, but struggled the loss off, and went right back to work.  Pitching is lights out. Dangerous hitters that can run up a score and as we saw with win 22. Down one with one strike out remaining and tied the game. They can perform under pressure. 

 Vegas has recently released the odds on favorite to win the World Series, and Cleveland Indians are leading, and they have earned that recognition on their way to become one of the most dangerous teams going into the playoffs.  



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