The Mummy Ranking

By Paul Anthony

Remakes and sequels aren’t anything new in Hollywood, well not anymore at least. Some franchises have been rebooted or remade few times just look at the Spider-Man series, it has been rebooted twice with The Amazing Spider-Man to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will be another blog ranking those in a few weeks but in this blog, we are ranking the Mummy films. This year we saw the second remake of the classic film the Mummy, I had to wonder how did it rank against the other two films with the same name, I watched all three films and here, are our ranking.

In this ranking, we will be disregarding the 1959 British film because the plot was just from the previous American Film.

Number 3, which is the lowest number, the 2017 The Mummy was the worse and it’s hard to figure out why honestly, The Mummy started in 1932 as horror film in 2017 it was a full fledge action film, however the action was there, nothing else really was, Tom Cruise wanted more screen and the studio caved because he was going to be their Dark Universe franchise star, the movie catered to Cruise and The Mummy became nothing more than a side note that nearly served no purpose at all. This may have hurt the film the most but the Studio wanted Cruise and this was what they got.

Number two, 1932 The Mummy, usually the original is the best and by no means was this an easy choice but it’s number two. I enjoyed watching the horror Mummy, the slow jump scares, the feeling that someone going to sneak up on you and hoping the good guys win, this was a winning formula and executed greatly but the story was rushed, the film was just 73 minutes and I felt like I was watching  TV show, I get it maybe movies back then wasn’t that long but it could have been longer to make the plot more interesting but because of that it had to be number two.

And your Number one film is, 1999 The Mummy. I know a film starring Brendon Fraser but he put on a performance of his life and he never put the pressure on the studio to make the film about his character instead it was his team vs the mummy. The few jump scares were there but not much at this point it’s clear it was supposed to be a good action film and it was. The charm was there, the story was good, it made sense. Now money wise without inflation made 415 million off a 80 million budget, the 415 was lower than the 2017 film but with inflation it would have been a lot more than the 2017 film.

Do you agree with our ranking? If not let us know how you would rank the three or four films depending what you think if the 1959 The Mummy.



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