Top four season premiers of the Arrowverse

By: Justin Hopkins 

 This past week was a great week for TV, as the Arrowverse has returned. Supergirl kicked things off Monday. Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow followed on Tuesday, with Arrow premiering last night. Proving once again that the Arrowverse is DCs best. In each show you see actors actresses who give their all for their characters.  Getting emotions, laughs, and awesome action sequences. This may be a ranked list, but even the show in last was still pretty good.  That said, coming in at number 4

  4. The Flash

Grant Gustion has been spectacular as Barry Allen. Everyone has been stellar, but this episode was kind of generic. Presenting an enemy that Cisco and Wally can’t stop. Who is demanding The Flash or hell destroy the city.  Leaving them to have to bring Caitlin back to save Barry from the speed force prison. Who comes back crazed from his time there and the only thing to snap him out was when Iris was in jeopardy. By the numbers right up to the final fifteen minutes. 

  By showing Caitlin having trouble keeping Killer Frost persona under check and introducing The Thinker as the one behind the Samari and it was his goal to bring back The Flash. Having just with to save the episode from irrelevance.

  3. Supergirl 

 This show had it all going for it. Supergirl in a dark depression over having sent away Mon El. Superman telling her how strong she was for making a choice he couldn’t have actually tore her down more then it helped. Doing everything in her power to live only as supergirl. No longer wanting to be Kara. Going all the way to quitting her job as reporter. Meanwhile her friends were tying to give her space. Alex growing nervous over her wedding, and learning it’s her Dad can’t walk her down the aisle. Creating a heartwarming moment when she asked J’onn J’onzz to do so. 

 The story was so well handled. Really believed National City was in trouble for a moment. Loved J’onn being the one to get through to Kara. With villain Edge and the newest Kryptonian starting to gain power.  Set up to be remarkable season of Supergirl.

 2. DC Legends of Tomorrow 

 This is hands down my personal favorite show in the Arrowverse. Great ensemble of characters that are fun and deep. Feeling like a family. Masterful turn for Rory from villain to Anti-hero.  Coming off a great cliffhanger and promise of Constantine to appear later. Was definetly hyped and loved episode one. 

 Turning Rip into a bit of an adversary was a stroke of genius.  Appearing as head of the Time Bureau to clean up the anarchism. Disbanding the legends entirely. The split showed them failing at moving on, and when Rory bumps into Julius Caesar in Aruba. They jumped at the chance to reunite and show Rip they deserve their jobs back.  Stealing the Waverider and set out to put Caesar back. Making one slip that proved costly. Yet when the Time Bureau walked into a trap. They were quick to jump in and save the day.

 This show keeps improving. The team keeps improving with laughs and emotions. Lining up to perhaps build up more chemistry between Sara and Rory. With Rip and Agent Sharp proving to be more of a roadblock. Holding back important information on an impeding danger.  This may well outshine the rest, and missed out the number one slot by an eyelash.

 1. Arrow

 The patriarch of the Arrowverse has seen it’s fair share of lows and highs throughout its run.  Coming off a finale that showed helplessly watching the island blow up with his team on it. Season six had to hit on an emotionally charged one. Giving us just that and a shocker of an end. 

 Opening with Oliver taking down Faust, back in Star City. Using their flash back method to tell who died and who survived.  Oliver’s grief and desperate search of the devastated island.  Deathstroke leading him to his comatose sister. Samantha stumbling over. Surviving just long enough for him to promise to be a Father to his son.  Everyone else survived, but Diggle is so shaken up he unable to hold his gun, William blaming Ollie for his Mother’s Death, and Ollie torn up by grief of his Sister. Also alive and gunning for vengence is the Black Siren after being shot and left for dead by Quentin. Show lining up to end on a happy note of hope between Oliver and William when they dropped a bomb,  in the form of the news showing a picture of Oliver dressed as the Green Arrow.

 An explosive, emotional roller coaster of a way to kickstart the sixth season.  Leaving us to wonder who saved Laurel and what will happen now that his secret has been exposed.

 The Arrowverse is alive and exciting as ever. Plenty of room to grow.  Can’t wait to see how they all play out.  




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