Elimination Chamber results and reaction

By Justin Hopkins

I’m not going to lie. Wasn’t the most excited for this PPV as I was for the rumble. Until the week leading up to it there wasn’t much to be that excited for outside of the women’s tag team title match. Yeah the rivalaries were set and going, but didn’t have that much hype that the PPV deserved to have. In the last few minutes I decided to tune in and while everything went kind of as expected, what they got right, was not only special, but spectacular. Going to start things off with the regular matches and save the chamber matches for later.

Starting off with the second match of the evening with Shane McMahon and The Miz lose the Smackdown Tag Titles to The Usos, which was a pretty decent match in itself. All four getting a chance to shine at some interval of the match. Nothing really special about it, but kind of expected more of a clear turn from either Miz or Shane to set up the Mania match these two seemed destined for. All in all there isn’t much to say about it though, Negative or positive. A solid match following the first chamber.

While I’m glad to see them finally put a title on Finn Balor, the 2 on 1 handicap match was such a dud. They really would have been better off just keeping it a singles match between Balor and Lashley because the constant tag in and outs with Lio Rush got old fast and continuously slowed the flow of the match. While a single match would have told a better story and still could have lead to the same place of Lio costing him the title in an distraction gone wrong and Lashley crushing him afterward. Since I am excited to see the Incontinental Title going on Finn Balor, someone who can consistently put on top tier matches more frequently though, I am perfectly fine with the end results which is far more then I can say for the next two matches on this list.

Ruby Riott is the biggest loser in this whole fiasco of a segment. She is a good talent who could have put on a really good match with Rhonda. Sure no one believed she had a chance going in, but they could have had a real match. The second Charlotte came out though, this match became a joke. The crowd left the whole match and changed for Becky immediately, and Ruby was a distant after thought. Becky finally getting a one up on the two at the end didn’t make up for how frustrating it was to see Ruby Riott get forgotten in this whole mess. She deserved so much better then this and hope they make it up to her in the near future.

You know is they Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman down to three minutes, could have used the extra time for Ruby to have offense in her match since this ending did nothing and is going in an ugly direction. As much as I would love to saw this will come down to Drew McIntrye Vs Strowman at WrestleMania or Strowman vs Corbin rematch with a real ending. A three on one beat down to a Corbin win just seems like they are headed toward a six man tag match which is a wasted opportunity.

Alright, going to apologise for sounding like a crying fanboy now, and let’s delve into the good stuff, with the Women’s Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match and there was plenty of action to go along with this match up. The Icconics looked really good for the first time in a while and that roll-up combo they did to eliminate Naomi was so well orchestrated. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan had me really pulling for them for a while. Having the best showing of any of the teams in my opinion, and sad to see them eliminated. Delighted to see Nia and Tamina being knocked out fourth leaving it come down to Boss and Hug vs Fire and Desire. While it was kind of predictable that Baley and Sasha would pick up the win. Knowing the legacy and hard-working and times these two talented women have put on in their careers to get to this point, I am happy they are awarded the title First WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and sure they will put on tremendous matches going forward.

Now, the main event, which stole the show and then some. Everyone put on great moments and high spots and bravo to everyone but when Kofi knocked out Orton, and it was down to him vs Daniel Bryan, I truly believed in Kofi. I believed in him more then I have believed in anyone in a match, in a serious long while. Every pin fall he kicked out of had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath when he hit Bryan with an SOS and Trouble in paradise, hoping for the miracle of a lifetime. One that would not come but wow was it so thrilling. Right to the end these two wrestlers put on a masterpiece, in the form of Psychological story telling. Although Kofi came out on the losing end. For a time, he made believers out of us all and reminded us of how great these shows can be.

Thank you for reading.


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