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Movie Review Dragon Ball Super BROLY

By Justin Hopkins :

I made a horrible mistake.

I was completely excited to kick my year off the right way and rush out to the theater to see Dragon Ball Super BROLY in theaters… Unfortunately, I was unable to do go. The limited release, theater being a good trip away from me, kind of robbed me of the chance to go. Forcing me to set my sights on the Blu Ray release. As it turns out, should have really made it work and saw it in theaters, because this was so beyond my expectations with a stellar storytelling and amazing animation made for the big screen. Without further ado, lets skip over my sadness and jump right into the review.

Starting off with the Story, as we know, at least hopefully reading this you do, Broly was attempted in Japan in 1993 and 2003 for North America, with some mixed reviews. People liked it, but the problems kind of out weighed the good. This one, took him back to the drawling bored and started anew. Starting the movie off with Planet Vegeta getting a new ruler in Frieza, and King Vegeta believing his son would one day liberate them, only to be immediately threatened by the presence of a low ranker’s baby sharing the royal chamber. One with a significantly higher power level then the Prince; little baby Broly. Feeling threatened and a little worried that so much power would end in catastrophe. Had him sent off to a nightmarish planet, to more or less, die. Leaving his Father Paragus to chase after and the two gets stranded on the desolate planet. Following a quick time jump to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, with awesome cameos from Bardock, Gine, Raditz, and Nappa. All of which were great to see. We jump to future day. Making this quick, we pick up with Vegeta and Goku training, but for very different reasons. Goku set to go out and seek fights with those he encountered during the Tournament of Power, and Vegeta wanting nothing more then to be ready for Frieza. When they learn that none other then Frieza has sent some of his men collecting the dragon balls. While two of his forces, Cheelai and Lemo are trying to recruit new members for the Frieza Force. Finding Paragus and Broly in the process. Frieza very excited by this find, takes them immediately to Earth, and the fight begins, with Broly’s sight set squarely on Prince Vegeta. which is one of the best things this movie did, story wise.

In the previous one, they failed by forcing Broly to rival Goku for the dumbest of reasons. When he should have gone against Vegeta. The King is the one Paragus has the grudge against after all. Would make all the sense in the world to start there. While still having Goku get involved more organically. Vegeta getting a fair amount of offense in, including showing off a Super Saiyan God form. Then Goku gets involved and their fight was even more incredible then the latter. Showing off a whole slew of powers and techniques from Goku and I loved Broly’s fighting style. They knew what they had to work with. He was very much untrained. Just what he learned from Paragus who was not a very powerful fighter. Would just keep coming like a runaway freight train. He was a guy who was going to just beat on you and unleash his energy wildly. Punches and kicks, grab and fling them around like rag dolls, and he did it perfectly. Meanwhile Vegeta and Goku had to dig down deep in their bag of tricks to take down one of the biggest threats they ever encountered.

Moving from story to what is my absolute favorite part of this movie, and that is the animation. Oh my god, the animation was spectacular. By far the greatest animation anything I have ever seen in my life. Vegeta’s transformation to God, Goku’s power up to Blue, and Broly’s final transformation was beautifully rendered. There were moments during the fight scenes that left me just in awe. Couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. Between the Ki blast and the ever changing environments. If you watch this movie for nothing else, do it to experience the animation alone.

The mark of a great new character is when they want you leaving more. Want to see what happens next, and this movie gave us a few of them. Starting with Broly himself. They made him a rather complex character, who is sweet and caring. In such a short time, he makes you care so much about him. He had a sad upbringing and doesn’t want to be a fighter, but is being manipulated by his Father and Frieza. By the end of the movie you want to know what will come of him, now that he has a positive influence on Cheelai in his life. Another character that walked away with a lot of interest. Starting out a bit selfish, but shows great heart when it came to Broly. Risking her life even more, by double crossing Frieza at the end, and running off to live her life with Broly, along with Lemo. Looking forward to seeing their next chapter in either the next movie or intro to the regular show if it comes back.

Closing this out, with a little bit of insanity, and it’s alright to think i’m crazy, but kind of own Kale a bit of thanks. Her character arc kind of showed them how to approach a return to Broly. Showing all they had to do was add a little heart to the character and they would have something great on their hands and this was great. It had a few flaws but they are extremely nit picky and not even worth mentioning, because this movie was that great. If you haven’t bought it let, go out, order online, or rent it from a library and watch on the biggest screen you can, and enjoy this excellent entry into the Dragon Ball library.

Thank you for reading


Aladdin 2019 Review

By Paul Anthony

I have to admit that when Disney first decided to remake their classic anime films, I was big against the idea though I did not see Beauty and the Beast, well at least not yet but I am sure I will in the near future. Now Let’s look at Aladdin. These films I believe have a up hill battle because of the legacy that the previous film had left could this film do it?

We know how the story goes with the film that is why they needed to change a few things with Genie’s story which I believe was a good touch. The story besides that stays on par and the singing was great too. Will Smith was the biggest name of the entire cast but I am proud that Disney is staying from the White washing and cast people that was more fitting for the role. I do have a problem with the low amount of action. don’t get me wrong Mena Massoud play the role of Aladdin well and was very good at his stunts and movements however I would have to seen some fight scenes or a little more towards the end.

As I mention before there was singing, we all know these films contain a lot of singing. The songs were pretty much on par and didn’t seem out of place or rushed. Now if they didn’t sing their parts then they did one hell of a good job lip singing, though we know Will Smith had a music career before he got into acting. The biggest thing people have against Disney was calling these films live action films. Well besides Genie and the animals and the magic carpet there really wasn’t much CGI after that. The effects were good as I would expect them to be because the budget was 183 million which I would assume a lot would go to the effects of the film.

With everything I must say that this film was fun and I caught myself singing the Aladdin theme song which was great and I did love Will Smith as genie must different from Robin Williams genie in the previous film. Because this is the live version and not a cartoon. With the same story almost as well I can’t give it more then 3 stars but a good 3 stars. Think of it as the glass being half full rather then half empty.

Now money wise I believe the numbers are projecting to be around 100 million worldwide, numbers from Friday for the domestic box office was around 30 million which is a great start which any film in the summer needs but for now Disney has another hit on their hands.


The End Of The Throne

By Paul Anthony

2019 has brought us some crazy endings, to shows and movies that we came to love and never wanted to end, but like the old saying goes all good things come an end. We had The Big Bang Theory come to an end then The Original Avengers come to an end and now the Hit Show Game of Thrones has ended as well. That is right the show has ended last week and in Game of Thrones fashion the season and series final episode was indeed a let down, in terms of excitement that is. This episode could have been one of the biggest in the history of television but it wasn’t meant be, because the excitement came in the previous episode.

It did have its moments of course like the scene where it looks like Dany had wings or when Jon had to kill her and Drogon burning the Iron Throne because in the end that seat caused him nothing but pain and now he lost his mother because of it. But after that it just fell flat, we knew Jon wasn’t going to be king he made that clear and Dany wasn’t going to be queen even after the years of building up and the mad queen twist pretty much made that pretty much clear. Bran story made it clear that he was going to be a wise man which is needed to rule the land it made sense even if you didn’t see it coming. Arya always been on adventure since season one but they could have used a lot more action then nothing.

I believe this show will be talked about for years to come even if we disagree on this season and yes there were signs that this season was rushed even though they took extra time to film it, yes I am talking about the coffee cup and the water jug clear as day showing up in the episodes. I am shocked that they didn’t show Sophie Turner Vaping as Sansa, which have been fun to watch no doubt. The final season was also the lowest rating of all the seasons, I can understand why but I saw what they were doing years ago and it made sense.

Remember when those leaks happen and we were told the ending which could have been the reason why this season had a low rating because those leaks gave the fans the endings of characters that they thought was best turns out, those leaks were nothing more then fakes.

But we are now moving on and like many hits, this show will have spin offs, which may never live up to Game of Thrones, I can only hope they use Materials from the books instead of going off on their own but we will have to wait and see. As For some the cast you will be seeing them all over the place in years to come no worries there. Sophie Turner will be in the Final X-Men film as Jean Grey, Isaac Hempstead Wright will be films like The Blue Maritius and Voyagers. Maisie Williams will be in films like Then Come You, New Mutants, The Owners. Kit Harington has been a busy man but currently seems like he is taking a break. Now that a few stars that will continue their success and trust me the rest of the cast will be in projects as well!

It has been fun watching this show and I often have stated how if it wasn’t for the man who became my brother in law I would have never gotten into this show now I will miss it!




Batwoman trailer to the Batman casting, DC for the win

By Justin Hopkins


I have often been critical of DC in the past. Some of the movies in recent years have been among the worst  I have ever seen. They have been making some good strides, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman ( Haven’t seen Shazam, I know, horror junkie in me demanded I go see Pet Sematary) but when I think of the future for the movies I still have a bit of pause because I don’t want them to slide down hill. Casting is so vital and can derail a movies momentum. Now, we have all heard the news on Robert Pattinson being brought in to play Bruce Wayne in the upcoming reboot, and I can’t believe that I am about to do this. Can’t believe I am the one who has to come to Pattinson’s defense. Lets get this over with.

First off, lets get this one over with quick. Yes, he was Edward from Twilight, a movie for teen girls that have been blasted endlessly for the damaging vampires as a whole ( could be a whole other blog) He is far from the only strange casting decision in the Batman movies. You know that guy from Beetlejuice, of course it was great, but there was not a whole lot of fate in Keaton pulling it off. That rom-com guy didn’t have much either. Yet those two are pretty close to being top favorites amongst the fans. Keaton has a bit of competition in that other guy people weren’t to high on Christian Bale. I am not even going to humor the fact that he will be the worst either. Not with Val Kilmer and George Clooney in play.

He is 33 years old. Young enough to get into great shape to perform as Batman and brooding enough to play Bruce. Along with proving he has the range to bring the two worlds together. So lets all take a deep breath and wait to see what happen with this signing. Matt Reevees has had a lot of time to perfect his script and still another 2 years before it’s in theaters. This movie can set the bar for Batman movies. Lets just see what happens. Alright, lets get on to what I want to talk about, but have very little to say, The DC Universe, I love so much, The Arrowverse.

As much as I loved Batwoman’s cameo in Elseworld’s crossover event. Showing her as the ass-kicker that she is, but was unbelievably frustrating how little they shown. Leaving me wanting more, and finally got the trailer, and am stoked so much more for this show to happen. Ruby Rose did a phenomenal job bringing Kate Kane to life and looks to flesh Kate out just as much as Batwoman. Villain line-up is impressive. Drawling a fair amount from the comics, which is always a plus. I am just excited to see more. All the new things that can come from this. Going against the likes of Black Mask and Scarecrow. Along with team-ups with Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Maybe even the likes of Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake. Fully expect this show to blow away expectations and it’s great times ahead for Batwoman and The Arrowverse.

Thanks for reading

Money in the bank 2019 predictions

By Justin Hopkins

The time is upon us, for one of WWE’S most innovating and rather interesting PPVs in Money In The Bank. Mad that way, by the Money in the bank ladder match itself. The winner hasn’t always had the smashing success such as Edge, RVD, or CM Punk found, but always creates a stir and conversation of when and where will they cash in the briefcase. To go along with that, we have a pretty stacked line-up so lets go ahead and take a quick run through and what I predict will happen at tonight show.


Kick-off show – The Usos vs Rowan and Daniel Bryan

A potential great match, with so many questions. Why is this, possible match of the night, stuck in the kickoff show? Why are the titles not on the line? Why are The Usos not going against the Revival? Perfect example of their sloppy booking, but should be enjoyable, till The Revival gets involved and costs Usos the win.

Winners- Rowan and Daniel Bryan

Cruiserweight Championship match- Ariya Daivri vs champion Tony Nese

I don’t really follow 205 Live so I’ll make this quick. Know Tony Nese just won it at Mania and looked impressive doing so. It’ll be a good, fast paced match that I am looking forward to. Don’t see a title change happening so soon, so going with a successful title defense.

Winner- Tony Nese

United States Champion match- Rey Mysterio vs champion Samoa Joe

This is another good match with strange booking. Have been vocal against the reasoning behind Dominic being apart of this. Tired of seeing family drama being apart of story lines, and we already have it in The Miz and Shane. Granted Joe has made it work and both of these two are extremely talented and can put on a good show. Hoping that Joe continues his dominance and brings prestige to the much needed U.S Title

Winner- Samoa Joe

Roman Reigns vs Elias

In a perfect world, this would have been on the Kickoff show. Calm down Reigns fans and look at this subjectively. Elias always loses and is more attraction for others to beat on. Posses no threat to “The big dog.”  Can’t even say it will be good, like the tag match can be. It’s boring and vanilla and roman will win because I got no faith that Elias can win, without some outside interference, that’ll drag this down that much more.

Winner- Roman Reigns.

Steel Cage Match- Shane McMahon vs The Miz

I feel that this is a must win for Miz as a good guy. Coming off the fluke loss at Mania he needs to get his revenge within the cage to be able to leave with any resemblance of momentum to carry him to the next rivalry. Another loss and his face turn might not survive much long after. I do think he’ll win, but something fluky will occur. Interference gone wrong or he gets launched off the top. Something to keep Shane’s villainous side going and Miz gets the W.

Winner- The Miz

WWE Championship Match – Kevin Owens vs Champion Kofi Kingston

This match is pretty difficult to predict. I love Kofi as champion. His victory was a highlight of Wrestlemania, and is hugely entertaining. At the same time though, Kevin Owens is an amazing bad guy who always puts on top tier matches and.. I think he would be a better champion at the current time. Plus, with them hurting for Tag Teams right now. The New Day is needed back in the ranks. So, I am going with K.O for the win.

Winner- New Champion Kevin Owens

WWE Universal Match – AJ Styles vs Champion Seth Rollins

Please let this match end clean. I fully believe one of these two are going to turn into a villain. My money is on Styles. Perhaps bringing back The Club, with The Good Brothers. I don’t see him leaiving with the strap though, especially if certain rumors are true. Going to be a great match though. Fully believe it can be somewhere between a four to five star match. Just let the turn happen after the bell and match end clean.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Men’s Money in the bank –  I.C Champion Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs Ricochet vs Baron Corbin vs Ali vs Andrade

This could be a stellar classic or a complete dud, with a lot of potential depending on who walks away. Corbin, just to give meaning to his victory over Kurt Angle at Mania, otherwise you had the Hall of Famer lose for nothing. Andrade since they are big on him at the moment. Sami being a top heel could use it to get more under the fan’s skin, but I feel only one of these combatants, needs this win, and that is the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre. Between losing constantly and being booked to thrown together tags and trios. He really needs something to build his monstrous side back up. Especially, if they keep Seth as a good guy.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match – Bayley vs Naomi vs Carmella vs Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose vs Dana Brooke vs Nikki Cross

Again another, toss-up in the prediction with none of them really having much in the way of momentum going in. Going to go about this that Sasha will not be making a surprise entrance. Might happen, but don’t want to make a prediction around a maybe. So, I am going to go with Bayley for a little bit of a security blanket. If Sasha does leave for greener pastures, they might worry that her friend Bayley may soon follow. As much as it pains me not to go with Nikki Cross, love her craziness and a program with an irate Alexa Bliss, when she is cleared, would be great for both of them, but going to go with Bayley, and we have not seen the last of her tonight.

Winner – Bayley

Raw Women’s Championship – Lacey Evan vs Becky Lynch

This is the women’s match I am looking forward to, because it’s actually something new and their back and forth have been entertaining. Really like how dominate they have made Lacey and think these two can put on a solid showing. If it went on second may actually be tempted to give it to Lacey, but believe it will be first and Becky will successfully defend.

Winner – Becky Lynch

Smackdown’s Women’s Championship – Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

I am done talking about this fued. Know it’s suppose to be the last one, but that is dumb since Becky already has a match and you are closing a feud at the same time. Yes, Charlotte is talented, no she should not have had this match.

Winner Becky Lynch

Money In The Bank Cash in – Bayley vs Becky Lynch

Bayley seemed to hint at a possible turn in her Smackdown debut and she really needs it. Something to spice up her character. Cashing in on an exhausted Becky and just beating her down afterwards will make Smackdown a must see event.

Winner – new Smackdown Champion – Bayley

This can either be a tremendously great event or a complete dud. Matches need to have clean cut victors and rivalries have to come to an end. How things go here, will vastly change shows for either the good or bad.

Thanks for reading

Movie review: Extremely Wicked,Shockingly Evil and Vile

By Paul Anthony

I catch myself watching Netflix’s films more and more and it seems like they keep getting better and better and not too mention they keep getting some big names as well, as before I did a review on the Bird Box film simply because I started to hear about the challenges that were going on which basically forced me to watch the film. I recently heard about Netflix doing an Ted Bundy film. Now if you never heard of him, he was serial killer who stocked and raped and murdered young woman in 70s, he was later caught and escaped from prison a couple times and finally in Florida he was caught for good and sentenced to death which did happen in January of 1989.

It is important to note that this film was not from Ted’s point of view but his Girlfriend Liz, who for the longest time believed he was innocent until the evidence was clear and he finally confessed to her and others that he did in fact kill over 30 women. The title of the movie was creative which the film was called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which was the words of judge Edward Cowart who was the judge who sentence Bundy to death. The film had Zac Efron as Bundy and Jim Parsons as Larry Simpson, John Malkovich as Judge Edward Cowart. Not to mention the film also had Dyan Baker and Jeffery Donovan and Haley Joel Osment. So a Pretty good cast.

The film’s story starts with Liz and Ted meeting at a bar in 1969 and shortly after that they began to date. Then out of no where Newscasts starts to pop up and talking about women missing and then Bundy being accused of theses crimes after he is pulled over. It wasn’t until the end we find out that Liz gave his name to police when she saw a sketch of the possible suspect. Through the film, which because of Liz, it seems like Bundy is a innocent man. The problem I had through this point is that we have yet to see anything Ted did that made you believe he was guilty. Though It’s from Liz’s view certain scenes did happen that Liz wouldn’t have known so why not show us something if it was tease. We get that little tease at the end the end but for me it was just a little too late.

I wasn’t much a Zac Efron fan when he was a young kid and it seemed like he was going to fall flat on his face but he has been improving and taking on different roles and he continues to shine. The best part of this film was hands down his performance. Looking over the footage of Bundy that I saw, it seems like Efron did his homework on Bundy.

With that being said I am giving this film a good three stars out of five, they didn’t blow it out of the water but they did do enough for the film to be watchable.

Met Gala: Jared Leto

By Paul Anthony

I wan think about something here, how do you steal the spotlight at a art costume fund raiser? Well I think that is something we should ask Jared Leto that because for the second year in a row he is the talk of the town. Here we have it  the 2019 Met gala, which is a art fundraiser that as we know it been around since the 40’s. Today it is where celebrities try to show off how artistic they can can dress and how they aren’t artistic. We have celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her sisters who want to use porn like dresses and call it art to the very Artistic Lady gaga. With that being said once again How did Jared Leto steal the show?

First like I mention Jared is on a roll, because this is the second year in a row, Last year when this event was going, he showed up looking like Jesus Christ in Gucci. It made sense because last year theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and catholic imagination. But this year theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion, which was a reference to Writer Susan Sontag’s famous 1964 essay which was called Notes on camp.

Leto showed up in a long sleeve silk gown which was diamond encrusted detail along the bodice. Now it was nice but it didn’t stand out, what did stand out was the decapitated Wax head that looked like him. Creepy and weird, I know right but that is called art.

As creepy as it is , I am glad he got to shine because after all this is a art fundraiser because when the Kardashians show up usually they take the spotlight because they have to be half nude and Now Kim can gloat about helping release 17 prisoners around the world in three months needless to say it was nice to see the spotlight taken away from anyone who likes to use sexual input to get what they want, Instead Creative and weird took the spotlight.

Each year this fund raiser does raise money, last year it was around 12 million but I can’t say for sure. What I can say is that they are predicting to raise 200 million when this event ends in September, which would be a new record. Either way we will keep an eye on this event to see anymore excitement comes from this. As long as true art keeps on shining we should all sit back and enjoy it!

Discussion on WWE

By Justin Hopkins

I don’t actually want to write this blog. Doesn’t bring me much join in complaining about a product that has been a part of my life for over two decades. Have been delighted by some of the great moments, death defying acts, and five star matches. To some low brow moments, tasteless attempts of comedies and some that could hardly be called a match. Still, never wanted to change the channel and walk away as much as I do know a day…Jeez I sound like a whiny internet troll, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Only one way to change things, and that is to actively say what the issues are, and here are a few things that I feel is what is dragging the shows down.

Going to start off with an easy one, and that is how little the titles are actually worth. Now this is starting to turn around with the reigns of Seth Rollins as Universal and Kofi Kingston carrying the WWE Heavyweight belt, and to a point Becky Lynch is carrying the Raw and Smackdown Championship with prestige, which the Smackdown Women’s Title needed desperately, after they cared so little about the title, they couldn’t be bothered to book Asuka in a Mania match, but simply took it off her and chucked it into an already jammed main event story. I know Asuka is getting a push toward the women’s tag team title, but look at what they have done with those belts since they debuted at Elimination Chamber. Sasha more or less left the company, due to her worry over the belts not getting a prestigous first real run, and since the IIcconics, A team I generally enjoy, have barely won any matches going into Mania, and don’t think they have won a match since. How can we, as viewers, take them as a threatening, successful team, when they can’t even cheat out a victory. Even if Asuka and Kari Sane get the straps, they have their work cut out for them to make something of them. The Intercontinental Title and U.S are in the same boat. Finn Baylor and Samoa Joe are more then capable to make these titles worthy again, but they have to be booked that way. Joe is in a less then thrilling rivalry with Rey Mysterio, who he already lost to when he needs to look like a dominate force and while Finn has been more successful with the I.C belt, instead of having a defending match at money in the bank; he is in the ladder match. Taking a spot that could go to someone like Aleister Black. Someone who has been getting pushed for months, and is now just doing speaking vignettes.

WWE has never been sporting a more talented roster then now. Not counting the obvious; Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair. Off the top of my head, they have Kevin Owens, Sammy Zayn, Aleister Black, Bray Wyatt, Robert Roode, Chad Gable, Shelton Benjamin, Rusev, The Good Brothers, The Revival. On The women’s side, you got Ruby Riott, Sarah Morgan, Liv Taylor, Ember Moon, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, Lana, Alicia Fox, Fire and Desire, you get were I am going. Yet, they continue to fall back to the same old ways of old time and/or part time wrestlers, burying them and taking their well earned spots. News came out recently that Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Undertaker have all got big money contracts to come back, surely would be part time work. Two of which are well, well past their prime, and all three taking time away from those who can still go in the ring, and may very well end up burying a few of the names up above. Gone are the days where any of these three can make new stars, but only bury them further. And as much as people clamor for the shows to drop the brand split, doing so well come at the cost of more of these wrestlers losing screen time, and more of what we have been getting, since most of the names up there, have been booked so bad, that it’s hard to see their star potential that they deserve to be at by now.

All of this comes down to just how bad the booking has been. I get it, writing is in fact very hard, but that’s why they have teams working on each show. Most have some experience in wrestling and what the crowd likes vs what they don’t. Take what happened last night. We got a continuation of Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio, with Rey’s son Dominic working his way back into the feud because it worked so well before. When they could have swapped Rey, with Braun Strowman. We’d have a fun and exciting clash of beasts between Braun and Joe, with the two slugging it out, that would add authenticity to Joe if he overcame the monster among men, and the U.S Title in the process. While Rey working as the voice of the crowd against the critic of the critics. Win or lose, at least Zayn wouldn’t have been dumped into a dumpster.

We get the same matches over and over again. Promos that are so heavily scripted that they suck the emotion out of them. Lay off them just a bit. They all know what they are doing. Give them a little of freedom to tell their stories. Arm them with some bullet points. Not asking for swearing, because they can do that without swearing. Have a hard time believing they want to beat them to a pulp, when their words are flat. Let them brawl in the back without breaking it up, or pit them together in tag matches, or just don’t let them touch one another at all. Letting their hate build until the ultimate payoff.  Instead they drag on and on. Contract signings and forced tag teams and reminding us what they did a week ago. We know what they, did, we suffered through it.  Doing the same over and over again, with flatter and flatter results, and their comedy is worse.


Going to stop know before I start in on Commentary.  I want WWE to turn their luck around. They have so many good wrestlers and future rivalries that can be so great. Instead of that stupid prank from the Usos, let us see The Revival take on The Good Brothers, because that would have been great. Two teams that are criminally under utilized. Instead of Charlotte Flair going for the Smackdown Women’s title again, give us Ember Moon, Bayley or Nikki Cross. Dare to be different. Trust in your wrestlers WWE. Let them do their promos and build their cheers or boos for themselves, and the wrestlers being overlooked so heavily, can be the stars you so badly need, and the ones we want to see more.

Sorry for the rant. As Always, thanks for reading.

What a Weekend Part 2

By Paul Anthony

Now we know how the beginning of the weekend started, let’s talk about how the weekend ended. I have been a big Game of Thrones fan and last’s Sunday night episode was the battle of the living vs the dead, the Night king vs Jon Snow and his army at Winterfell and did it leave up to the hype of waiting so many years? I like to think so, it was the first long episode of the short and final season. If I had to give this episode a good 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The action from what you could see was there. The moments you thought your favorite characters were going to die were there and of course the lost of some characters. Then the ending was as awesome as you can get and yes, this blog contains spoilers. If you are living under the rock build up was aiming for Jon and the Night King to go one on one but in stead it was Arya Stark that took on the Night King and just when you thought she was going to die she came through and killed the Night King. Theon Greyjoy’s story finally came to an end. He was task with protecting Bran from The Night King which he showed his bad ass skills and protected Bran until the Night King himself showed up and made quick work of him but not before Bran thanked him and told him he was good man. We know his story was dark one after season one but as dark as it became and the pain he went through with Ramsey, he slowly started to redeem himself. I never seen such a character arc like his besides Darth Vader himself in some ways they are same person.

The Red Witch too fulfilled her prophecy and passed away after the battle was won, she removed her necklace, she then faded into the light. The Dragons had there moment in the spotlight as well, they roamed the sky and took on each other, seemed like each dragon took a beating but they all survived except when the Night King died then his dragon went with him.

However, the hardest thing about this episode was the lightening, they made the episode dark which was by design however fans didn’t like it. Sure, we could have just fixed the lightening on our screens to see better but we were so into the episode that we did not want to miss beat of what was happening.

The ratings were off the chart with this as well in all 17.8 million people watched this episode. Which is pretty good number for episode number three of six and first of the longer episodes we are expected to get. Now this war is over they will be moving towards the war to end all wars and finally someone will take the throne for good, well at least in the end of series! We got to see what Sunday will bring us!

Oh What a Weekend part 1

by Paul Anthony

Can you think of any other weekend in entertainment history that was magic like the one we just had? I’ll wait until you think about it…. just kidding, I am going to talk about this weekend regardless if you think about it or not. This weekend we had two big events, we had Avengers: Endgame getting released and we had one of the best episodes air on Sunday night from Game of Thrones. That’s right the war of the dead vs living sure did live up to the hype, after 8 years we finally got to see this battle, but I will save that for a little later but first let’s talk about Avengers first.

As I mention the event that was ten years in building finally happened, twenty-two film story arc and tons of character arcs finally came to an end and the question did it live up to the hype? The movie was long, but it was a great one, the film managed to wrap up all the original Avengers story arcs and they did give more screen time to those who didn’t have enough time in Infinity war. The action was there, which we knew would be as well as the effects which with the budget they had and just overall money they had from Disney it only makes sense that the effects would be on par. Here is a thing that did take me by storm and that is the emotions that it had. We had a little of everything when it comes to the emotions, but the best part was the sadness. Now when Iron Man lost his life to defeat Thanos it truly struck a cord with many and I mean many fans, Robert Downey Jr put on a award winning performance like no other which made sense Jr is a great actor and he has the resume to prove it.

I would give this movie a 4.8 stars just shy from being perfect because at the end of the day a film over three hours can drag a story out which it did seem like the film was dragging out the rather then build it but there is always a thin line but nonetheless if it fail on anything it would have been that part but only barely.

Now an event like this you can only imagine the money this film is making and yes, this film is making a lot of money. In it’s opening weekend worldwide the film made 1.2 billion dollars and first ever film to do so on it’s opening weekend. Even on the week days this film is making money as of today the film sits at 1.4 billion and we have yet to reach the second weekend and nothing big is opening this weekend. The Next closest film won’t be out until May 12th. We also have Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month which is far out but could keep Avengers in the top ten still, crazy I know right? Just think that is only part one of weekend


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