Money in the bank 2019 predictions

By Justin Hopkins

The time is upon us, for one of WWE’S most innovating and rather interesting PPVs in Money In The Bank. Mad that way, by the Money in the bank ladder match itself. The winner hasn’t always had the smashing success such as Edge, RVD, or CM Punk found, but always creates a stir and conversation of when and where will they cash in the briefcase. To go along with that, we have a pretty stacked line-up so lets go ahead and take a quick run through and what I predict will happen at tonight show.


Kick-off show – The Usos vs Rowan and Daniel Bryan

A potential great match, with so many questions. Why is this, possible match of the night, stuck in the kickoff show? Why are the titles not on the line? Why are The Usos not going against the Revival? Perfect example of their sloppy booking, but should be enjoyable, till The Revival gets involved and costs Usos the win.

Winners- Rowan and Daniel Bryan

Cruiserweight Championship match- Ariya Daivri vs champion Tony Nese

I don’t really follow 205 Live so I’ll make this quick. Know Tony Nese just won it at Mania and looked impressive doing so. It’ll be a good, fast paced match that I am looking forward to. Don’t see a title change happening so soon, so going with a successful title defense.

Winner- Tony Nese

United States Champion match- Rey Mysterio vs champion Samoa Joe

This is another good match with strange booking. Have been vocal against the reasoning behind Dominic being apart of this. Tired of seeing family drama being apart of story lines, and we already have it in The Miz and Shane. Granted Joe has made it work and both of these two are extremely talented and can put on a good show. Hoping that Joe continues his dominance and brings prestige to the much needed U.S Title

Winner- Samoa Joe

Roman Reigns vs Elias

In a perfect world, this would have been on the Kickoff show. Calm down Reigns fans and look at this subjectively. Elias always loses and is more attraction for others to beat on. Posses no threat to “The big dog.”  Can’t even say it will be good, like the tag match can be. It’s boring and vanilla and roman will win because I got no faith that Elias can win, without some outside interference, that’ll drag this down that much more.

Winner- Roman Reigns.

Steel Cage Match- Shane McMahon vs The Miz

I feel that this is a must win for Miz as a good guy. Coming off the fluke loss at Mania he needs to get his revenge within the cage to be able to leave with any resemblance of momentum to carry him to the next rivalry. Another loss and his face turn might not survive much long after. I do think he’ll win, but something fluky will occur. Interference gone wrong or he gets launched off the top. Something to keep Shane’s villainous side going and Miz gets the W.

Winner- The Miz

WWE Championship Match – Kevin Owens vs Champion Kofi Kingston

This match is pretty difficult to predict. I love Kofi as champion. His victory was a highlight of Wrestlemania, and is hugely entertaining. At the same time though, Kevin Owens is an amazing bad guy who always puts on top tier matches and.. I think he would be a better champion at the current time. Plus, with them hurting for Tag Teams right now. The New Day is needed back in the ranks. So, I am going with K.O for the win.

Winner- New Champion Kevin Owens

WWE Universal Match – AJ Styles vs Champion Seth Rollins

Please let this match end clean. I fully believe one of these two are going to turn into a villain. My money is on Styles. Perhaps bringing back The Club, with The Good Brothers. I don’t see him leaiving with the strap though, especially if certain rumors are true. Going to be a great match though. Fully believe it can be somewhere between a four to five star match. Just let the turn happen after the bell and match end clean.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Men’s Money in the bank –  I.C Champion Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs Ricochet vs Baron Corbin vs Ali vs Andrade

This could be a stellar classic or a complete dud, with a lot of potential depending on who walks away. Corbin, just to give meaning to his victory over Kurt Angle at Mania, otherwise you had the Hall of Famer lose for nothing. Andrade since they are big on him at the moment. Sami being a top heel could use it to get more under the fan’s skin, but I feel only one of these combatants, needs this win, and that is the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre. Between losing constantly and being booked to thrown together tags and trios. He really needs something to build his monstrous side back up. Especially, if they keep Seth as a good guy.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match – Bayley vs Naomi vs Carmella vs Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose vs Dana Brooke vs Nikki Cross

Again another, toss-up in the prediction with none of them really having much in the way of momentum going in. Going to go about this that Sasha will not be making a surprise entrance. Might happen, but don’t want to make a prediction around a maybe. So, I am going to go with Bayley for a little bit of a security blanket. If Sasha does leave for greener pastures, they might worry that her friend Bayley may soon follow. As much as it pains me not to go with Nikki Cross, love her craziness and a program with an irate Alexa Bliss, when she is cleared, would be great for both of them, but going to go with Bayley, and we have not seen the last of her tonight.

Winner – Bayley

Raw Women’s Championship – Lacey Evan vs Becky Lynch

This is the women’s match I am looking forward to, because it’s actually something new and their back and forth have been entertaining. Really like how dominate they have made Lacey and think these two can put on a solid showing. If it went on second may actually be tempted to give it to Lacey, but believe it will be first and Becky will successfully defend.

Winner – Becky Lynch

Smackdown’s Women’s Championship – Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

I am done talking about this fued. Know it’s suppose to be the last one, but that is dumb since Becky already has a match and you are closing a feud at the same time. Yes, Charlotte is talented, no she should not have had this match.

Winner Becky Lynch

Money In The Bank Cash in – Bayley vs Becky Lynch

Bayley seemed to hint at a possible turn in her Smackdown debut and she really needs it. Something to spice up her character. Cashing in on an exhausted Becky and just beating her down afterwards will make Smackdown a must see event.

Winner – new Smackdown Champion – Bayley

This can either be a tremendously great event or a complete dud. Matches need to have clean cut victors and rivalries have to come to an end. How things go here, will vastly change shows for either the good or bad.

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