The End Of The Throne

By Paul Anthony

2019 has brought us some crazy endings, to shows and movies that we came to love and never wanted to end, but like the old saying goes all good things come an end. We had The Big Bang Theory come to an end then The Original Avengers come to an end and now the Hit Show Game of Thrones has ended as well. That is right the show has ended last week and in Game of Thrones fashion the season and series final episode was indeed a let down, in terms of excitement that is. This episode could have been one of the biggest in the history of television but it wasn’t meant be, because the excitement came in the previous episode.

It did have its moments of course like the scene where it looks like Dany had wings or when Jon had to kill her and Drogon burning the Iron Throne because in the end that seat caused him nothing but pain and now he lost his mother because of it. But after that it just fell flat, we knew Jon wasn’t going to be king he made that clear and Dany wasn’t going to be queen even after the years of building up and the mad queen twist pretty much made that pretty much clear. Bran story made it clear that he was going to be a wise man which is needed to rule the land it made sense even if you didn’t see it coming. Arya always been on adventure since season one but they could have used a lot more action then nothing.

I believe this show will be talked about for years to come even if we disagree on this season and yes there were signs that this season was rushed even though they took extra time to film it, yes I am talking about the coffee cup and the water jug clear as day showing up in the episodes. I am shocked that they didn’t show Sophie Turner Vaping as Sansa, which have been fun to watch no doubt. The final season was also the lowest rating of all the seasons, I can understand why but I saw what they were doing years ago and it made sense.

Remember when those leaks happen and we were told the ending which could have been the reason why this season had a low rating because those leaks gave the fans the endings of characters that they thought was best turns out, those leaks were nothing more then fakes.

But we are now moving on and like many hits, this show will have spin offs, which may never live up to Game of Thrones, I can only hope they use Materials from the books instead of going off on their own but we will have to wait and see. As For some the cast you will be seeing them all over the place in years to come no worries there. Sophie Turner will be in the Final X-Men film as Jean Grey, Isaac Hempstead Wright will be films like The Blue Maritius and Voyagers. Maisie Williams will be in films like Then Come You, New Mutants, The Owners. Kit Harington has been a busy man but currently seems like he is taking a break. Now that a few stars that will continue their success and trust me the rest of the cast will be in projects as well!

It has been fun watching this show and I often have stated how if it wasn’t for the man who became my brother in law I would have never gotten into this show now I will miss it!





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