Top five things I took away from the D23 Expo

By: Justin Hopkins

Going into last week’s expo, Disney really needed to deliver big, after the loss of Spider-man. A character that has quickly grown in to a fan favorite, and boy did they deliver in a big way. It seemed every time I picked up my phone there was a new batch of news that had me simply elated. Heard that Mulan tore it up, which I was glad to hear. The Disney Princess movies are not my cup of tea, but a lot of people find them enjoyable, and glad they are keeping up the live action train. Announced that Lizzy McGuire would return, which was really out of the blue, but can think of a few who would love this, and sure they are not alone, and then there was five. There were five specific announcements that got me psyched for Disney Plus. From things that I have been waiting for, for a long, long time and some that just look like they’ll be fun. With that said, lets take a look at what they are and go over why.5 – Ms. MarvelKamala Khan is a character that I am not the most read up on, but from what I have read of Ms. Marvel has usually always been unique and have enjoyed her books quite a bit, and I am glad to see her getting a show of her own. She brings a slew of powers to put on display, and brings quite a few interesting routes they can explore with the time a show can give. She is a young Super hero who struggles to find her place in the world and doing her family and religion proud, and I look forward to see how it plays out. As well, as being announced that she’ll be going to the Big Screen as well. Am curious to see if those on the big screen or how interwoven these shows are going to be. Most importantly, really believe this has the potential to be really fun show. With Moon Knight probably going for a darker tone. Ms. Marvel can bring a fun and hopeful atmosphere to it.4 – The World According to Jeff GoldblumThis just look like it’s going to be a blast. A part of the National Geographic run, this is going to be a running travel series featuring the man himself, Jeff Goldblum. Pretty much has him traveling the world, and just going off on whatever catches his eye, and the trailer shows a wide collection of random things, that feels like the most important thing in the whole world at that moment. Which is pretty much his greatest super power as a human being. This show is just going to be something that will be fun to watch. Get to learn things we may not have known and be entertained by the crazy, genius that is known as Jeff Goldblum. Can’t see where one can go wrong.3 – Marvel What If ?This is just exciting. We got a few examples shown, What if Peggy Carter was the Super Soldier? The animated images of her dressed as what appears to be Captain Britain. What if Star Lord was black? Marvel Zombies!!!! Those are just really scratching the surface. Marvel What ifs are a vast library and if they want, doesn’t take much to think up another scenario, and with it being an animated run, can get away with a lot more. Also, majority of the actor we have grown to love in the MCU, are going to be behind the voices as well. This show is just beaming of possibilities and can get real weird and that can make for compelling TV.2 – Clone Wars.I am not a fan of Star Wars. Seriously, Find all of the movies to be rather dull and never really see what people see in them. A few years back and kind of scoffed when an animated show popped up on my Netflix recommendation list. For laughs though, I tuned in, and was blown away by how good it was. Cad Bane was a great villain. Using his cunning wit and abilities to take down Jedi on multiple occasions. Kit Fisto and Plo Koon were given character development and some great fights. Darth Maul is the epic level antagonist that he should have been and Ahsoka Tano is just a badass Padawan with a heart of gold. Watching her grow up and when the Jedi turned their back on her was devastating and seeing her walk away…. This was not suppose to be an emotional show for me damn it haha. Was stoked to hear it was coming back, and that trailer was everything I wanted. Especially the end, when you hear Darth Maul say, Was looking for Obi-Wan. You’ll do.. and it cuts to him having a Light Saber Duel with Ahsoka had me jumping out of my seat demanding it to be February.1. She HulkIt had to be She Hulk. This might sound a bit blasphemous, but I think she is more enjoyable then her Big Green cousin. She has more emotional depth and drive to her character, since she not only regains her personality and intelligence in her hulk form, but at times prefers to stay there. Jennifer has a fair amount of psychological issues pertaining to confidence and belief in herself. Along with some bad habits, that would make her a bit of a sympathetic character. A lot of people seem to want Savage She-Hulk, and while I would gladly take it. Want them to delve more into her stint with Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway. You get a lot of zanier characters coming through the office, while it would create a good balance of She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters. Along with Villain Titania and many others, but would be happy which ever way they choose to go. However, while I would understand having Bruce around for the first episode. I want him to make a quick exit and kept to random cameos and keep the show, on Shulkie.While the Spider-Man situation is a rather big let down. The D23 was far from that. These are just a handful of awesome and spectacular things we have to look forward to and the future is bright going from here.Thank you for reading.


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