The Colts ran out of Luck

By Paul Anthony

Can you imagine being 29 years old and saying you know what I should retire? Heck here I am at that age working two jobs. Here we are just under a week when the Colts star Quarterback decided it was time to hang up his helmet up for good and walk away from playing football in the NFL. He played only 6 seasons and walking away from I don’t know hundreds of millions of dollars. Now don’t get it twisted he still made a lot of money, even hit the area of 126 plus million dollars in his brief career, clearly its enough money to sit back and take an early retirement.

Andrew Luck was a super star before he was even a pro and many teams wanted him and it was clear that he was going to be drafted number 1. Many of the fans of the NFL teams wanted their teams to lose as many games to get that number 1 slot to get Luck, it was dubbed Suck for Luck. The Colts became the winners after they finished a 2-14 record and the rest was history. Early in his career he showed why he went number 1 and he racked up the stat and help the Colts back into the playoffs. Not only did he do that but he did that for the first 3 years of his career and then again in 2018. Basically out of the 6 years he played, he took the Colts to the playoffs 4 out 6 seasons.

Here we are he has the wins, the Pro bowls which he is a 4x Pro Bowler, Comeback player of the year for 2018. Led the League in touchdowns in 2014. Yet no Super Bowl for all of this. No doubt he would have become a champion sooner or later, so why retire? Well that is easy enough to answer.

Truth is Andrew Luck because of his style and his offensive line suffered a lot of injuries, including a shoulder injury that had kept him out for the entire 2017 season but that wasn’t the only injury, he had many more a sprained shoulder, lacerated kidney, partially torn abdominal muscle, torn cartilage in his ribs, a concussion. All in his first six playing years. It made sense for him to retire from the game, he has the money and the stats, maybe not the championships but he gets to walk away from the game before it is too late because in the end he is a human who will be a father soon enough.

When the news leaked the fans at the game started to boo which I assumed was at him and if it was then they are truly sick. The Man owned the fans nothing since this just a game in which he shined for them. Still I wonder if they were booing at the idea of him retiring rather then at him, It’s still very hard to tell at this point. In the aftermath fans pretty much were begging for a refund for their season tickets, which to me if you pay to see one player with their being no guarantees that they will play regardless then that is your own fault. Luck now can  walk off into the sunset with his family, something that we all deserve to do in the end of careers. Good luck to you Andrew Luck.


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