Box office rundown Vol 1.

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to another new weekly series from Smash Writing, in this series we will review the weekend box office, the top ten that is and then make a few predictions for the next week and then see how we did the following Monday so without further a due, let’s get started.

In this week we had 3 big films opening and can you guess which one came in first,  here are the three Downtown Abby, Ad Astra, Rambo the Last blood, which one took the top spot?

Downton Abby =  31 million

Ad Astra = 19.2 million

Rambo The Last Blood= 19 million

It: chapter 2 = 17.245 million

Hustlers = 17 million

The Lion King= 2.5 million

Good Boys = 2.510 million

Angel Has fallen = 2.4 million

Over comer = 1.5 million

Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw = 1.46 million

The biggest shocker here is Rambo failing to make number one, when this film had the most hype coming into this box office weekend but now how does the top ten look for next week? here are my predictions

I do predict we will have a new number one with animation film Abominable

  1. Abominable
  2. Downton Abby
  3. Ad Astra
  4. Rambo
  5. It Chapter 2
  6. Hustlers
  7. The Lion King
  8. Good Boys
  9. Angel Has Fallen
  10. Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw.

Now this is where the box office will get slow before we head into the next big film which will be Joker. I guess we have to wait until next Monday to see if this proves to be true or not!


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