Friday Roundabout 11-15-2019

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome to this weeks roundabout, and got a slew of news story that I have plucked from around the web to bring to you for this weeks roundabout. From movie hype to sad passings and few sprinkled in between. So let’s jump right in with a huge congratulation to one Peter Cullen for receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in Voice Acting. Voice of Eeyore, K.A.R.R, Predator, and his most iconic role of Optimus Prime. A man who has brought so much joy through various genres and ages alike. Well deserved fo a man who has dedicated his life to entertain.

Another week by and yet another bit of news from Batman as it appears that Matthew McConaughey as Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, and I couldn’t be more excited for this. I wasn’t this biggest fan of most of The Dark Tower, but his performance as The Man In Black was stellar. If he brings the same level of intensity here, could steal the show and bring out the best in the rest of the cast to keep pace.

Another casting decision came from Tremors 7. Michael Gross posted the cast of the next installment and the big name to come was Jon Heder. This has been a series that I have enjoyed throughout. Only real drop off was part 5, but rebounded nicely with 6. Now, I am really nervous. I love the fact Michael Gross is still involved, but seeing Jon Heder being attached gives me pause. That maybe we have hit the bottom of the well. Holding my judgement till it comes out, but greatly lowered expectations.

I know a little while back, Paul did a story about Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel and the slew of actors and directors joining the fray and I have largely ignored it. People can have their own opinion and movies should be about entertaining you. Whether it being horror, suspense, or thrill rides.A way to escape reality and enjoy something for x amount of time. With that said, Bruce Campbell has joined in with some of the best responses in defense of Marvel. To summarize he out movies using the Based on True Stories but basically being bullsh-t. Then doubled down and said The Irishman has more digital effects then any Marvel movie and I love all of this. Bruce you absolute legend nailed it on both regards.

We got not one but two movie release dates. First up is the Mortal Kombat reboot for March 5, 2021. I am hugely excited for this, cause much like the first one. Even if the story isn’t quite their. Fully expecting some awesome fight scenes and in a Mortal Kombat movie. That is all I can ask for. Next one, little less, and that is Black Adam. It’s not so much the D.C movie worries, but from what I heard, they are changing him from a villain and that just seems like the wrong thing to do. Really want to see a villain movie with just a strong in your face, unapologetic villain led movie, and this could have been it. Rock being at the helm is a plus, but even that can fall apart. Release date, December 22, 2021.

In depressing news, Arrow Series finale has been unveiled as January 28th and I am not ready. I really need to come to grips that this is ending. Stephen Amell has wrapped shooting and goodbye letters are going around. I am just not ready. They are giving me so much good in Batwoman and Legends, but Ollie has been the top of the ladder for so long. Not going to be the same without him and Team Arrow.

Alright, to be completely serious now, want to take a moment to send our condolence to the Griggs family, for the loss of their 13 year old daughter, Laurel Griggs. She had worked in Broadway plays largely. With an appearance on Saturday Night Live and role on Louise. Her cause of death was an Asthma Attack.  We can’t imagine what her family must be going through and our deeply saddened to see someone go at such a young age.

And that would be all for this weeks roundabout. Tell us what you think in the comment section, and in the meantime,

Thank you for reading.



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