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By: Justin Hopkins

This might seem a bit odd to talk about. Since there hasn’t been much movement on either side of the ball. Minus some sketchy rumors here and there, but seeing them made me think about their perspective future, and with their future under the Disney Flagship. I am a big fan of both, Predator more so than the Xenomorph and really think there is so much more that can be done, and came up with a bit of an idea that I felt like share with you all today. I don’t want to call it a pitch… but it is my pitch for what I would like to see from a series of movies, two Alien and two Predator and both coming together for a third and where they can go from there. A few things before we begin, while I will be drawing from the comics and other source material. I am far from an expert on them. I am just taking things I feel can fit well into a movie, and going from there. So, if I incidentally change up something, I don’t mean it in malice or anything like that. Want be going into a lot of detail, just enough to make a basic outline and bring it all together, and it goes without saying, this just my opinion. Mixing up the normal for this page and starting a conversation about these two creatures is always fun. With all of that said, lets jump in, with the Xenomorph himself.


  I know there is been a fair amount wanting to see the return of Ellen to the franchise, but I think her Daughter Amanda may have more to go off of to reignite this franchise with. I have something planned for Ellen later on, but for now, it is all going to be about Amanda. Taking place after the events of Alien Isolation, and her desire to find out what Weyland knows and what they want with the Xenomorphs and mostly, what happened to her Mom still. It’s almost a driving force for her. She is going to have a team of mercenaries and those who have had their lives affected by the Xenos, and they pretty much going from one Weyland location to the next trying to find something, but the Nostromo incident is well above anyone’s pay grade and patience is getting thin. They know the answers can be found at one of Weylands most High Tech Labs. They wanted to avoid it, but with their string of failures, decide to go all in, and of course, things go sideways. Weyland has been studying numerous Xenomorphs and they get loose during the break in. All the while, Amanda’s genius and ingenuity is on display and she comes off even more dominating at times than those around her. Refraining from drawing to many comparisons to Ellen. No lines or similar moments. Amanda needs to be her own character in her own way and more on that later on. Unfortunately, the computers and destroyed during the chaos, and the whole operation turns into a waste, but her and whatever is left of her team make it out, with a scientist, will call Johnny, and with his help, we go into the second movie with a lead.

  While the first movie leans more toward an action roots. The second is going back to its horror. Weyland now knows Amanda is getting closer, and with knowledge of what Johnny knows. They use it to set up a trap for the team consisting of personal military, Xenomorphs and Androids, and it is going to be a bloodbath. All the while, Johnny is going to keep Amanda going and by the end, it’ll be just the two of them and maybe one more who make it out, but they make it out, with a name. Dr. Church. The foremost expert Weyland has when it comes to all things Xeno, but he is stationed on a planet that has been completely overrun by Xenomorphs, and they set off immediately. More on that later. For now, lets go to the other side.


  This one is a little harder to do. We have seen a good many versions of the Predator, or Yautja, I would spent the first movie, telling the tale of one Machiko Noguchi. An administrator in charge of Prosperity Wells on planet Ryushi. We got a version of her in the form of Alexa Woods, but we need the real deal. On Ryushi, the Yautja set a group of Xenomorphs loose on the colony to hunt, and Machiko steps up. Doing everything in her power to keep her people alive, but fends off the Xenomorphs to the point she impresses the Yautja on the hunt. To the point, the leader marks her with one of her kill, and she eventually joins there clan and leaves with them. This all should be the first movie. To introduce Machiko, and the Yautja clan.

  The sequel picks up with Machiko and her clan on a hunt, not a Xeno one, but some other exotic alien species. Through her eyes, we really jump into the Yautja hierarchy and how they live and really build up the lore here. Lift up the curtain and let us really enjoy their culture a bit. Meanwhile, while Machiko is accepted among her clan. Has issues with other Yautja. They can bring in Yautja known as Shorty, who tends to give her the most grief. For one reason or another, the Yautja have to go to the Alien infested planet to either get a Queen or a new Alien to make eggs and Machiko’s clan is chosen, but before they go. Shorty challenges her for her spot on the hunt, and she gets cheated out of a victory. This is the final straw. After they leave, she decides that she is going to leave, but before she leaves. Sees another ship inbound. One that contains humans. Aware that they are going to be completely overrun. She beelines it to the planet and crash lands in front of them, and of course, it is Amanda and crew and the movie ends with, her saying she is there to help.


  We are picking up on where we left off. Amanda explaining why they are there, and while Machiko doesn’t like the idea of sticking around longer than they have to, is moved by her plight and is going to help Amanda find out what happened to her Mom. She has her weapons and with expertise with the Yautja, and things get going early and breaks are very minimum. We have Machiko squaring off with her former clan. Waves of Xenomorphs and Queens. An Empress and different variations of Xenomorphs. An all out fight all the way to Dr. Church. A sinister, twisted man who has been basically playing Dr. Frankenstein on this planet. Using his own security guards as lab rats. They finally do get him alone, and he more than happily, tells what he knows about the Nostromo, and that is basically what she kind of already knows, and that is, no one knows what exactly happened. Ash was sent to collect the Xeno, but everything went wrong when Ellen stepped up and foiled it. All he knew what she escaped in a pod, and the Nostromo blew up. Before Amanda can get her mind around that. A giant tail erupts through the wall, and takes out Dr. Church. Enter the Queen Mother Alien. Machiko jumps in and takes the fight to it, but is outmatched. When Shorty crashes in to help her. In the comics, Machiko kills Shorty after a fight and learns he wanted to actually mate with her. We are playing with that idea and give him a little more heroic demise. Once again, Machiko is alone and knocked down. About to suffer the killing blow, and bam. The Queen Mother gets whacked by a mechanical arm, and we get Amanda in the Mech suit, followed by the line ” Stay away from her you b****.” Made so much more special because they have made no other Ripley comparisons till this very moment. You let it cook and not diminish moment. Together, they vanquish the Queen Mother, prime the lab to blow, and Machiko, Amanda, and Johnny make it out to see the explosion from space. They are going home. Machiko is off to blaze a new path in her life, and Amanda may not know what happened to her Mom, but was not abandoned by her. Ellen went off as a hero. Know Amanda is off to piece together a life with Johnny.


  We get a scene, with Lance Hendricks. ( I know he is up there, but they have used CGI on so much worse) talking to a lackey about what a disaster this all was and going through everything lost at the hands of Machiko and Amanda. When another guy rushes in with news. They have received communication, from the escape pod from the Nostromo and when played, it’s the voice of Android Ash and we set up, for a movie around the audiobook, Out of the Shadows.

  And that is all I got. I know it is a bit disjointed and can use a lot more love, but like I said, just a quick little outline of where they can go. A conversation of things can do, while we wait to see what they actually do. What do you think. Like it? Hate it? Let me know. In the meantime,

  Thank you for reading.


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