Friday Roundabout 1/31/20

By Paul Anthony

This week has been a tough week in sports, in entertainment and everything else. I wanted to start this blog off with the death of a basketball legend and that is Kobe Bryant, who as we all know was killed in a helicopter crash this past Sunday but the news got worse as the hours went on and we find out that 8 other people lost their lives in this crash including his very own daughter who was only 13 years old. The helicopter crashed into a mountain in California on a foggy day. The helicopter lacked a system that could have detected the mountain in the poor visibility that the pilot could have used to avoid the crash. Kobe was a real talent among the greats, in fact he went up against the best of the best in their primes to show how great he was. He won 5 championships, two without Shaq once he left and people felt Kobe was nothing without Shaq. He grew as a player and a man from being cocky player then he torn his Achilles heal and came back a more intelligent basketball player, he refused to let the game pass him by. he will surely be missed so will the rest of victims of that crash.

Linda Hamilton recently said that she would be happy to be done with the Terminator franchise. Well I can’t blame her, I think she was the best part of Dark Fate. Sure the film wasn’t completely bad but no doubt it had to leave a sour taste in her mouth that she returned for the first time since part 2 and the movie was still a flop. If she truly wants to be done then she can be and it would be wise for her to leave because it seems like this franchise is sinking now.

This past week rapper/ actor/ producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson received his Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame. I been a fan of 50 cent since he signed with shady back in 2002, but I never realized he was truly a talent where he was making a name for himself outside of Rap. he started to act which he grew at and then he became a producer and director. Hard to believe that this guy could be so much more then a Rapper. Big Congrats to him!

You ever think “hey I should play video games for a living?” but you have to think how much could a professional gamer make? yeah try 17 million dollars in one year heck the top ten range from 6 million to 17 million of course. The Highest one of course is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. I feel like I am in the wrong business here. Who would have known playing video games could make you so much money.


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