TikTok Stays Or Goes?

By Paul Anthony

Social Media has been a big part of our lives and it continues to grow and gets bigger in our lives. We know it is becoming even more important to us now that we are in a pandemic because it is helping us share memories and reach out to our loved ones and even express ourselves in posts and videos. Four years a go we had a new player in the game called TikTok which was some what like Dubsmash where you can make goofy videos and express yourself in clips and what not. During this pandemic when life was basically stopped and everything was shut down, TikTok blew up in dramatic fashion because well basically people were bored out of their minds. It seems like when it got bigger the government decided to start bashing it and brought a simple video sharing social media platform into its now political war with China.

The United States now after four years put a ban on this app because they fear since the owners of the app ByteDance which is a Chinese company that they are sharing information with their government which they have denied over an over again. Even if they were I am trying to figure out what information could they gain because people are making videos for the public to see, so this doesn’t make sense at all. Now Our president said by September 15th that this app would be banned if ByteDance didn’t sell the US portion to another company which Microsoft was in the bidding for and then news broke that another company was the top bidder and it seem like this app was going to be saved but than yesterday we got some bad news and that bad news was that starting tomorrow, here in the United States that we will no longer be able to download the app and come November 12th if the company still owns it then it will be blocked from all of us using it here in the United States.

The things that I have a problem with or maybe I just don’t understand is that this App has been around for four years and its not being shut down like right now instead they are dragging this out. ByteDance has filed a complaint to fight this ban to keep TikTok going.

If this is the end of TikTok, I do have to say it was fun and brought a lot of laughs but at the same time there will be a replacement at some point there will be another video sharing platform but we will see what happens come November 13th!


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