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Willy’s Wonderland Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

I actually don’t know why I took so long to review Willy’s Wonderland. Feel in love with it from the moment I saw the trailer and wanted to get to it right away. Just kept getting pushed back. With how much fun I had watching The Banana Splits Movie and this was has Nicolas Cage. Perfect combination for Sunday Movie watching. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Willy’s Wonderland.


The movie starts with an ad playing on a TV, while a terrified couple run for their lies. Being chased down corridors, where the guy gets pulled backward. The woman makes it to the Banquet Hall. While a Kid is watching on in horror. We hear a woman scream and blood splattering and we jump to the title card. While a guy is speeding down the back roads. Blowing his tires out on a spike strip. He gets a ride to Hayesville, by the chatty Tow Truck Driver, who tells him a couple kids stole the spike strip and he was the unfortunate prank victim. Meanwhile, we met Liv, who is dumping gas, and about to set Willy’s on fire, but is stopped by the Sheriff, her guardian, who takes her back home. Getting there in time to see the Tow Truck Driver arriving with the guy. When they drive off, she cuffs Liv to the radiator so she can’t get involved. Back with the guy, he does not have the cash, or the means to get the cash from the ATM, but the Driver has an offer to have him work it off, and we go to Willy’s Wonderland and meet Tex. Who offers to pay for the repairs if he stayed the night and help clean Willy’s so he could reopen for business. Which he agrees and is locked in. Getting to work. We rejoin, Liv, who is rescued by her group of friends, who all want to see Willy’s burn and see the nightmare come to an end. Which is that the Animatronic Puppets are alive, which we learn when the ostrich comes to life and attacks him. He takes out the puppet and shakes himself off and keeps cleaning. Determined to finish his cleaning job, no matter the cost and that is where I will leave this for now.


This was certainly it’s own bag of insanity. With the premise behind the Animatronics, coming from Willy’s being run by a Serial Killer. Who hired several others and they would kill families celebrating Birthdays, till they were raided by the cops. Before they could be arrested, took their own lives in a satanic suicide ritual. Which transferred their souls into the Animatronic Dolls. When they started killing townsfolk, the Sheriff made a deal to send them strangers, who they manipulated to entering for the night. One of which, was Liv’s Parents, and the Sheriff took her in after surviving the night. It is silly and over the top, but fit right in perfect for the story they were telling.

They knew what they were and had fun with the over the top nature. Having some crazy deaths and the fight scenes were a lot of fun. Utilizing Cage’s character perfectly. A guy bent on finishing the job. Couldn’t be bothered and created some really amusing moments of him stopping to go back on break and not worrying about anything while playing his Pinball Machine. While the others were experiencing a horror movie, he was just there and it was great.

Designs of the Animatronics all looked great. A lot of love and care went into making them. Each feeling special in their own ways. From intimidating size and presence of Gorilla to Sara Siren using speed and the way Cammy Chameleon lured Chris in. The gore was really well done. Know they had to bring it by the bucket load and they did just that. Really playing up on various different ways and methods the Animatronics can both kill and be killed. Both of which coming in the form of bloodbaths. The location was perfect. The child environment lending itself well with the horror themes. Especially with the fights between Liv and Siren Sara and Cage and Willy.

It was a bold move, making a character that doesn’t speak, but for the most part it does kind of work. A lot of entertainment trying to figure out his character from his behavior and mannerisms. While some were a bit cringe, they had way more hits and at the end. It all just worked better for it, instead of an onslaught of one-liners.

And that was made possible because of Nicolas Cage. Eccentric guy who can go all out and he did a great job at almost restraint. Letting most of the eccentricity out while playing the Pinball Machine. He was just a mute around the people. Giving little facial expressions here and there when it came in response to something they said. Beth Grant was a great addition as the Corrupt cop who was obsessed with the idea of finishing the sacrifice. No matter what she was seeing and how well this guy was dispatching the threats. It had to be this way. Along with Emily Tosta for being the only bearable one in the friend group. Huge shouts to Jiri Stanek, Jessica Graves Davis, Taylor Towery, Chris Schmidt Jr., Christopher Bradley, Duke Jackson, Billy Bussey, and BJ Guyer for being in the Animatronic Suits.

On to a negative, and that was the group of kids. I know I shouldn’t expect much from them. They are just there to die, but just a little bit more. They had to scenes with them arguing about going in or not, when they made the decision in the first scene. Could have split them up and come in for different reasons or something. Just make what they are doing make a little bit of sense, particularly Bob and Kathy. I get why they are here, need to check off that trope, but can at least make an effort for it to make sense.

And that is all I got. This movie is a fun ride, with murderous Animatronics trying to kill everyone who comes in and one guy dead set on just cleaning the building. This won’t be for everyone, but as far as I goy, I would suggest giving it a watch.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading.


Saturday Sequel Presents Book of Shadows : Blair Witch 2

By Paul Anthony

I have been wanting to review this film for so long now because overall I do like this film franchise and do for the most part enjoy the found footage style when it is done right, tough Justin mocks it, well that is another story for another day. When I was kid, I didn’t know that The Blair Witch Project was fake because the found footage style of films were so new to me in fact the Blair Witch Project was the first found footage movie that I have ever watched. The Blair Witch Project was a big time hit, the film was produced on a budget of 500,000 dollars and took only 8 days to film. Now the film made 248.6 million dollars, pretty good numbers I would say but also we know that a sequel would come but how fast? Very fast would be the answer, basically 15 months later we got a sequel and it wasn’t what we were expecting. They decided to go away from the found footage style to a more of dramatization story telling approach or metafiction. I wasn’t a fan of this changed but I didn’t hate it either. The film was produced on a 15 million dollar budget but only made 47.7 million dollars, which was still a hit but nothing compared to the first film. Filming took only 44 days and everything was being fast tracked. This was because Artisan wanted to get a sequel out well the buzz was still going on, which is tactic that hardly ever works. They should have let the buzz die down then take time off and make a better sequel. The cast was led by Jeffery Donovan but also starred Erica Leerhsen, Stephen Barker Turner and as well as Kim Director and now let’s check out the plot.

The story takes place in November of 1999, just a few months after the first film was released and tourist and fans of the film come to Maryland to see if the events of the film actually did take place. In all of this Jeffery, who is an obsess fan and was just released from the psychiatric hospital decides to put a tour group together to make money. Once he has his first group together they begin going in the woods and each member of the group has their own reasons for wanting to see this location. As the night goes on supernatural events start to happen forcing the group to go to Jeffery’s loft where slowly but surely everyone starts to argue with each other. Everything leads to one of the members dying and the rest being arrested for the crime though they plead their innocents and tell their stories, the tapes in Jeffery’s house tells a much different story and shows them killing the member and other videos shows the other members killing people and hiding bodies as well, which makes them wonder what was real and what was all in the their heads. The film ends with mourners visiting the woods to mourn the deaths of all those people who lost their lives because of the Blair witch.

Now I don’t think this was the best follow up to a hit film and I can see rushing this film was just a bad idea. Good things do take time and that’s the advice they should have taken with this film. The casting, I was okay with but the characters I had a problem with because you a goth, a crazy person, a want to be witch and researchers and yet this was random. It just felt out of place to me. heck I was okay with the story as well it made sense to see how this film change the little town. In the end I am giving this film a B or 80 percent for a rating. If some things would be different and the overall product was better than the grade would be higher!

Fatherhood review

By Paul Anthony

When we hear Kevin Hart’s name, we know one thing and that one thing is, that the movie going to make you laugh. That statement seems to be true now for only 99 percent of his films. Over the weekend, we came across this movie fatherhood and watched it during our Father’s day weekend get away. Well we were expecting a funny movie but what we got was drama that Kevin Hart got to shine in and I must say he shine pretty damn good in. Like many films that were suppose to happen during the pandemic, this film was suppose to be released in early April of 2020 got pushed to April 2021 however it was delayed again but this time Netflix bought the rights and released it in time for Father’s Day which was perfect timing. Now the film itself was based on the 2011 memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Mathew Logelin, which in the film was played by Hart. The film also stars Alfre Woodard, Frankie R Faison, Lil Rey Howery, Dewanda Wise. Now this was suppose to be a Sony release until Netflix bought the rights. Now let’s take a look at the plot of the film.

The film first starts Matt (Hart) at a funeral and then a gathering at his place and you see clearly someone died that is affecting him but we don’t who just yet. Then it flashes back and we learn that Liz, his wife was the one who had passed away. She had to have an early C-section which then was followed by pulmonary embolism. The scene of them removing Matt is a heart breaking one because all he wants to do is to be by his wife’s side and then just as her parents come to celebrate the birth of their granddaughter, Matt has to tell them about the death of their daughter, which leaves everyone heart broken and now leaves Matt as a single father. At first the family wants him to move back home because they feel it would be good for the both of them but also they don’t think Matt is mature enough to raise a daughter on his own and so the adventure begins. We see at first he struggles with it, when she cries and he tries everything to make her stop. Even with changing her, he struggles with it and during her first appointment, he learns his hard work is paying off and he is doing right. 5 years go by and it time for Maddy to go to school and of course Matt raised her to be a Tom boy of sorts. So new challenges start with that and after so many years of being single Matt then starts to date again and falls for a woman named Liz who goes by the nickname Lizzie. Things are going great for them but Matt feels he can’t do both and realize he misses Liz even more. Not to mention his job wants him to travel, which means Maddy has to go live with her grandparents for awhile. Just when he is about to leave he realizes that he can’t leave his daughter and goes and gets her and even takes her over to see lizzie so they can all be reunited again.

Some of the best parts of this film was one the story seeing the struggle of being a single father in a way that was no fault of your own and most likely not being ready because you just lost your wife as well. The story was touching though, I would love to see more of the downs to drive the point of how hard it has to be as being a single parent. Kevin Hart is the star here and going away from his comedy style of acting was a risk but a risk that paid off big time for because now it’s clear as day that he can act in more serious roles and that is great for his career. I’m not saying this movie was perfect but it came close to it. The acting was on point, no one felt out of place, the plot was a tearjerker and a reality that a lot of people face. In the end I am giving this film an A or 95 percent because this film really did touch all the soft spots.

Predator 1987 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


June 12 marked the 34th anniversary of the epic, Predator. So, I am a touch late for the celebration, but I am certainly not going to pass on the chance to talk about this movie. Actually pretty nervous about this one. 34 year old classic that has been praised numerous times, but it is such a classic that it is hard to pass on the chance to talk about it. So, lets jump in and discuss.


The movie kicks off with a ship traveling through space and landing on Earth, before we jump to Dutch. Landing on a base to meet with General Phillips. To discuss a mission. Going behind enemy lines to rescue mission to save some hostages. Learns an old friend Dillon, was there and the guy who recommended Dutch and his team for the assignment. After the manliest of handshakes, learns that Dillon will be joining the team and we jump to the team flying in. Listening to music and getting to know them a bit, before they land. Making their way to the downed helicopter. Finding signs that things may not be as explained to them by the General and Dillion, but they carry on. Tracking where the Guerrillas went. When they find the skinned remains of another recue team, lead by a friend of Dutch, Jim Hopper. Again Dillon denies any knowledge, but it does stoke the rage in the team. Not only wanting to save the hostages, but get a bit of payback in the process. Finding their base, and after stealthily taking out the guys on watch. They attack in a massive hail of bullets, explosions and one liners. When the smoke settles, they learn Dillon had in fact lied. That he used them as a hit squad to squash out an invasion and in fact, they were the second team. Hopper was the first, but lost contact with them. Insisting that they bring back, a woman, Anna, to grill her for information when they get back. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by something from the trees that is much worse than the Guerrillas and that is where I leave it for now.


This was a tremendous story and they did great job with handling the characters. Taking their time to build up Dutch and his team. Everyone having their own personality and characteristics. Getting to know them and building the bond they have together. Just how they good they work together and operate. Easily overwhelming the Guerrillas and by showing how strong they were. Should how much stronger the Predator is in comparison.

The Predator itself is such an amazing creature. Hands down my favorite alien, by a mile, and is up there on my favorite monster list. The look and design is incredible. From his advanced arsenal, the silver mask over top of alien face and mandible like mouth and jaws. The dreads and fishnets. Him being a hunter and only hunting prey that is armed and would be a challenge to go after. Way he handled Dutch who had proved himself a skilled hunter and flat out challenging to a battle. Everything about the Predator was simply perfect.

The movie is chalked full of not only some great action and gore, but some of the most quotable lines and incredible moments. From seeing the Predator for the first time and the manliest handshake. Had incredible lines. Knock-Knock, I aint got time to bleed and of course, Get to the chopper. Such a fun movie that stays with you longer after you have watched it.

Casting was spot on. Everyone did incredible work at making this movie great. Kevin Peter Hall was spectacular as the Predator. Giving him a menacing and threatening demeanor. Using his seven feet three body frame to his absolute advantage. His facial expression and look in his eyes when his mask came off. The way he looked at Dutch when he had him cornered and saw the trap. Playing off of Arnold so well. Peter Cullen was a great choice to voice him. The tiny clicks and harsh tone. Elpidia Carrilo did a wonderful job as Anna. Than you get the team. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves and Shane Black were all incredible together. The chemistry was fantastic between the group and they were incredible to watch.

So, this is an incredibly short review, but I have nothing negative to say. Not even a mixed. Just a great movie from top to bottom. It’s has great horror elements, action and suspense. Sci-Fi and parts that make you laugh and a monster that has stood the test of time. It is nothing short of a classic. Final Grade – S

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

Spare Parts 2020 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


So, it has been a bit since I did a B Movie Sunday Review. Having a bit of an issue finding a movie that felt right to sit back and get into. When I found Spare Parts, at the store the other day and well, the cover told me everything I needed to know. Words Hard Punk-Rock and Grindhouse, with two awesome looking women, with weapons for arms, and I was sold. I didn’t even care what the synopsis on the back said. Definitely the movie I needed to use for this forum and know that I have watched it, lets dive in and discuss.


The movie kicks off with a tired woman, pushing wheel barrow through a junkyard. Wheel Barrow shown to be full of severed arms, and she has a robotic leg. When we cut to the band Ms. 45, Amy and her Sister Emma, Cassy, and Jill. Performing a biker bar. A Bar Brawl breaks out, when one of the guy gets on stage and gropes Amy, and she fights back. His Friends stormy the stage and patrons start fighting among themselves, and they fight off the friends. Cassy getting particular violent because someone touched Jill, who is pregnant with their child. Emma is not to pleased about any of this, and an argument breaks out between her and Amy when they are on the road, over everything that has been happening and having to perform at a place like that and Amy’s.. lifestyle. When one of the patrons, who took a liking to them, Emma in particular, tries to run them off the road. Emma tries to go after them, but blows the tires due to a spike strip. When a cop arrives. Calling in a tow truck and giving them a ride to the junkyard. Amy, Cassy and Jill are knocked out, by car exhaust being pumped into the room, but Emma was out on the phone. Finding someone trapped in a semi buried car and runs off toward them, but is intercepted by the fanatic and chloroformed. While they are under, the Doctor begins to amputate. Taking one arm from each of them. Leaving a bit of bone and metal connector. Amy comes to, being dragged out by a collar and chain. Guy attaches an attachment, with a machete at the end. Being taken to a make shift fight pit, where she finds the rest of her group. All with different weapons attachments. Where the people of the town and the leader, The Emperor. Calling them warriors who have to fight. Spill blood in the name of the Gods to help them prosper. The fight begins, but Jill does not survive the first round and they are tranquillized and taken back. to train for their next fight and this is where I will leave it for now.


This was a wild ride for sure and certainly creative. All of them weapons and various variations. From machetes to battle axes that shot out nails and chainsaw variations and the carnage candy was on full display. Close ups on the amputations. Skin being pulled away from the bone, faces being burned off in motorcycle wheels, and heads getting cut off vertically. Delivering on fun, creative kills all the way throughout.

While the story was serviceable for what they were going for. With The Emperor and the town doing all this in the name of their gods. A certain scene almost made this better, and that was during the dinner scene, where he admits to Amy that it was all a sham. Just a ploy to keep everyone under her thumb. Just a really nice touch to make him that much more despicable.

The cast showed up ready to make every bit of this work. Julian Richings was an amazing villain. From showing just how depraved he was with the baby “issue” to his dinner confession. Mannerisms and way he held himself, just aching to see him get his comeuppance. Ryan Allen’s Driller was a surprise shift throughout and Ryan played it perfect. Erin Noble as the Doctor was eerie peacefulness to her. Kathryn Kohut was a sombering as Lea that you wanted to see get through this nightmare ok, and than we get the Leading Ladies who absolutely killed it. Michelle Argyris as Amy, Emily Alatalo as Emma, Kiriana Stanton as Cassy and Chelsea Muirhead as Jill. They were such a good group at everything they did. Feeling like a real band and they had such great chemistry for them. Kiriana brought out the pain Cassy was going through having lost her Girlfriend and her unborn child. Amy’s rage and sorrow and wanting to see her and her Sister work through their issues to tear down the whole town for what they have down.

I loved the environment they build in this world. From the bar to the Junkyard. Giving it a gritty and dark feeling. Complementing the dark twisted nightmare they were going through and I am pretty sure the song the Ms. 45 sing at the beginning, will be stuck in my head for at least the next month. Was a great song at least.

Alright, onto the mixed, which is the end. It was fine. Defiantly not what I was expecting. If anyone would have taken over as Emperor, would have figured it would have been Amy. So, Emma was a surprise, but was thinking the Sisters would have gone on a bit more rage filled attack through the crowd. The final fight was great, and The Emperor’s Death was good and bloody, but just kind of expected more.

Negative, is the lighting. I know I shouldn’t be bashing this movie for lighting, but seriously, at one point a fight is going on and just flashing white lights for a good ten, twenty seconds and just beyond obnoxious. On a lighter side, the use of Tom being killed to build a rift between Amy and Emma was a bit dumb. No reason for her to believe that Tom was under the mask. Could have done something else.

With all that said, would gladly suggest giving Spare Parts a watch. This was a fun ride of a movie. Gore and carnage candy was stellar and the Actors and Actresses killed it in their roles. This is the perfect movie to enjoy with some friends, food, and drinks.

As Always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

Cherry Movie Review

By Paul Anthony

It is crazy to me how many options we have now to watch a good movie and sadly it is thanks to the pandemic which changed the landscape for everyone. Now more and more streaming services are having big name actors and directors attached to films that are on their platforms. During this pandemic, I have reviewed several films that were exclusively on streaming services but not too many on Apple TV+, well actually this is only the second film, the first being the film Greyhound which starred Tom Hanks. Tom Holland has become a very popular actor in the last few years thanks to him taking on the role of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the MCU. Which made me stumble upon this film Cherry which Tom’s stars in but this film also caught my attention because it was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Now this movie is based on the book that has the same name and was written by Nico Walker. The book is an example of Autofiction, which means its an autobiography but has fictionalized elements to it. So Nico was in the military and did rob banks and did have a drug addiction but then changed other events for the sake of the story. On another side note, he actually did write this book, while he was still in prison, just a little fun fact there. Now this film had a budget of 40 million and was bought by Apple for 40 million and was in the theaters for a little just when theaters were allowing a small amount of people back in. had this film been released in a normal year, I could see it making a figure in the low 100 million range which is good for a 40 million dollar film.

In the film we meet Cherry (Holland) and right off the bat the high school student meets his soon to be girlfriend Emily. Soon they hit it off and begin dating and even go to the same college together until one day Emily announces that she wants to transfer to another school. Cherry who is heart broken decides to enlist in the army as a medic but Emily realizes this was mistake to transfer and decides to cancel and remain with Cherry but it was too late for Cherry to back out, so the young couple decides to get married before Cherry goes to basic training and then off to war for the next two years. We do see what poor Cherry had to go through and when he returns home, he soon begins to suffer from PTSD. To help him deal with the disorder his doctor begins to prescribe him pills after pills to the point he becomes addicted to them and so does Emily. Once the addiction became so bad. Cherry begins to rob Banks to pay for his and Emily’s habit which puts them down dark paths and nearly kills Emily, She goes off to rehab but leaves early due too missing Cherry. With Cherry’s life getting out of control, he realizes what he needs to do and during his last robbery he does inform the teller to call the cops but before they arrive he gets high one more time. We find out that he serves 14 years and gets released early and when does, still his wife Emily waits for them, they walk off enjoying their life together.

Now I do think this movie being a drama more than anything was a bit long but the flip side it told a much darker story to see this fall into the drug life. Both Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo brought their A game as these druggies. Some may knock this film because it made it seems like Cherry was a victim though he committed crimes and I see those points but I also understand that these life styles are created and not made so there is a grey area. What I mean is you wanted to root for Cherry to get help because at his core he was still good just did bad things. The only knock I truly have is that it could have been slightly shorter but I did enjoy Holland performance. In the end I am giving this film a B+ for a rating!!

The Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


So, I am relatively new to the Conjuring Universe. Me and Paulie making our way through the series over on the YouTube Channel, but no reason to gloss over the newest entry on here. For those who haven’t seen them, I have not been very high on these movies so far. My favorite has been the second one, but I am stretching pretty hard to say that was enjoyable. I know, the bar is pretty low to make an enjoyable movie for me, but The Conjuring and the spinoffs I have gotten to, haven’t met it, but the beat goes on and I go into The Devil Made Me Do It, with hopes that it will turn the ship around for me. Lets dive in and discuss shall we.


The movie kicks off at the Glatzel House, that has been torn asunder. Family consoling their young son David and taking him to bed. Ed and Lorraine explaining that the Exorcism has been approved by The Church. Upstairs we see David getting trapped in the Bathroom by something and Father Gordon arrives. Rushing up the stairs at the sound coming from his room and have top bust down the door. The demon is in full control of David and stabs his Dad with a shard of broken glass and Ed decides the Exorcism has to happen now. Which goes about as well as expected. The Priest gets taken out by a flying dish and the demon triggers a heart attack in Ed, Lorraine distracted by psychic images, when Arnie tells the demon to take him instead and the demon jumps bodies and it all goes quite. Only one who sees it happen is Ed, who blacks out. Rushing Ed to the hospital and everyone believes that it is over. The next day he starts getting sick and hallucinating. Ed finally wakes up the next, telling Lorraine to warn them, but it is to late. Arnie hallucinated that Bruno was a monster and killed him. Cops finding him wondering down the road covered in blood with no memory of what happened. The Warrens manage to persuade the Defense Attorney to go for not guilty due to demonic possession. Warning them that the prosecution is seeking the Death Penalty and it is up to them to try and figure out how they could possibly prove Demonic Possession and this is where I will leave it for now.


This movie comes close to not really being worth talking about. Nothing about it was really any good. Every movie has got plot holes and will go out onto the thinnest of ledges, buy when the questions start piling up at the start of the movie and don’t stop. It is hard to look past them. There was no reason for Lorraine and Priest to believe that the exorcism worked. No one finished it, since The Priest got knocked out and Ed went down. Arnie not speaking up after everything he saw was next level dumb. Not to mention, didn’t make much sense in the fact the the demon was being controlled. He was there for the kid and the trashing talking wasn’t really anything since the demon was wiping everyone out.

Which was kind of the point of the Ritual. The demon kills and and commits suicide. You can make the argument that the person has to take their own life, but the women took control of Arnie at the hospital to cut his wrists. So, the demon could have killed someone at the Exorcism and had killed himself while in control of David or just commit suicide as Arnie after he killed Bruno.

Not to mention Occultist’s plan didn’t make much sense. Things just happened and she made it up as she went along, but she wasn’t dumb, and knew that her soul was on the line here, but look at her plan. She needed a child, lover, and man of God. If Jessica and Katie was the child, wouldn’t make sense to go after David and would have just gone straight to Arnie, and she more or less picked Ed because Lorraine Psychically gate crashed her lair and just ran with it. If they had focused more and had her be smart with real plan and actual chosen victims that the Warrens had to race to save, would have been better for it.

I got more, but lets push on to the mixed. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga were pretty good as Ed and Lorraine. This wasn’t their best outing, that would be the second one, but it wasn’t on them. They tried their best with what they had and are good as the characters.

I did find a positive. It was a struggle, but I did. At least it wasn’t a court room drama. Which would have been both dull and kind of a bad look for them since the Demon thing didn’t stick long. The Judge refused to hear it, si made sense to stay away from that with the movie.

That is all I got. Shorter review than normal, but I want to say, if you enjoyed this movie, I am happy for you. You enjoy what you enjoy, but this movie is down there with the Nun for worse in the series. Sure won’t be recommending it to anyone, and while I was still very nice with the grades when it came to the first two conjuring movies, those at least had something to sink your teeth into, while this had nothing. Son, Final Grade: D

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

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