Predator 1987 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


June 12 marked the 34th anniversary of the epic, Predator. So, I am a touch late for the celebration, but I am certainly not going to pass on the chance to talk about this movie. Actually pretty nervous about this one. 34 year old classic that has been praised numerous times, but it is such a classic that it is hard to pass on the chance to talk about it. So, lets jump in and discuss.


The movie kicks off with a ship traveling through space and landing on Earth, before we jump to Dutch. Landing on a base to meet with General Phillips. To discuss a mission. Going behind enemy lines to rescue mission to save some hostages. Learns an old friend Dillon, was there and the guy who recommended Dutch and his team for the assignment. After the manliest of handshakes, learns that Dillon will be joining the team and we jump to the team flying in. Listening to music and getting to know them a bit, before they land. Making their way to the downed helicopter. Finding signs that things may not be as explained to them by the General and Dillion, but they carry on. Tracking where the Guerrillas went. When they find the skinned remains of another recue team, lead by a friend of Dutch, Jim Hopper. Again Dillon denies any knowledge, but it does stoke the rage in the team. Not only wanting to save the hostages, but get a bit of payback in the process. Finding their base, and after stealthily taking out the guys on watch. They attack in a massive hail of bullets, explosions and one liners. When the smoke settles, they learn Dillon had in fact lied. That he used them as a hit squad to squash out an invasion and in fact, they were the second team. Hopper was the first, but lost contact with them. Insisting that they bring back, a woman, Anna, to grill her for information when they get back. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by something from the trees that is much worse than the Guerrillas and that is where I leave it for now.


This was a tremendous story and they did great job with handling the characters. Taking their time to build up Dutch and his team. Everyone having their own personality and characteristics. Getting to know them and building the bond they have together. Just how they good they work together and operate. Easily overwhelming the Guerrillas and by showing how strong they were. Should how much stronger the Predator is in comparison.

The Predator itself is such an amazing creature. Hands down my favorite alien, by a mile, and is up there on my favorite monster list. The look and design is incredible. From his advanced arsenal, the silver mask over top of alien face and mandible like mouth and jaws. The dreads and fishnets. Him being a hunter and only hunting prey that is armed and would be a challenge to go after. Way he handled Dutch who had proved himself a skilled hunter and flat out challenging to a battle. Everything about the Predator was simply perfect.

The movie is chalked full of not only some great action and gore, but some of the most quotable lines and incredible moments. From seeing the Predator for the first time and the manliest handshake. Had incredible lines. Knock-Knock, I aint got time to bleed and of course, Get to the chopper. Such a fun movie that stays with you longer after you have watched it.

Casting was spot on. Everyone did incredible work at making this movie great. Kevin Peter Hall was spectacular as the Predator. Giving him a menacing and threatening demeanor. Using his seven feet three body frame to his absolute advantage. His facial expression and look in his eyes when his mask came off. The way he looked at Dutch when he had him cornered and saw the trap. Playing off of Arnold so well. Peter Cullen was a great choice to voice him. The tiny clicks and harsh tone. Elpidia Carrilo did a wonderful job as Anna. Than you get the team. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves and Shane Black were all incredible together. The chemistry was fantastic between the group and they were incredible to watch.

So, this is an incredibly short review, but I have nothing negative to say. Not even a mixed. Just a great movie from top to bottom. It’s has great horror elements, action and suspense. Sci-Fi and parts that make you laugh and a monster that has stood the test of time. It is nothing short of a classic. Final Grade – S

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!


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  1. nscovell says :

    Gosh this movie kicks ass. It’s amazing how it still holds up today. In fact it’s still better than all modern films trying to do what it does.

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