Me Time Review

By Paul Anthony

What happens when you have the funniest man currently alive as a co-lead and the other co-lead can make any comedy star even funnier, then you should have a comedy movie to die for! Well, that would be the plan at least. That’s right today we are reviewing the comedy film that is streaming only on Netflix. The stars Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, the cast also includes Regina Hall and a small role for Jimmy O. Yang, heck even Seal has a cameo role in this film. The film is about 1 hour and 41 minutes long. Now Let’s take a look at the plot.

The film opens when Sonny (Hart) and Huck (Wahlberg) are celebrating Huck’s 29th birthday by cliff diving though Sonny wants to back out because he is afraid but does it anyway when the force from the helicopter pushes him off the cliff. When then jump 15 years later and see Sonny has grown into a stay-at-home dad and living a predictable lifestyle. Huck keeps calling Sonny, but Sonny doesn’t pick up. We learn that Huck still lives the wild lifestyle, and we are approaching his 44th birthday. Things seemed to be going right though Sonny is bored, it’s his wife Maya (Hall) who convinces him that she needs more time with the kids that she barely knows anymore, and he needs some alone time, she even recommends that he joins Huck on his birthday celebration. The first few days that Sonny is alone he does enjoy the me time, heck at first the first thing he does is masturbates in his own bedroom though that was short lived. He finally agrees to join Huck’s birthday celebration and that where the fun begins. Right off the bat he sees a naked Huck, and Huck has ordered a big bus to take them into the middle of desert. The shenanigans begin. First with Sonny getting attacked by a Mountain lion then next we learn Huck’s lifestyle did catch up to him and he owes a loan shark 47k, which the loan shark breaks Sonny’s finger and burns down the camp that Huck made. On their way to Sonny’s house, they stop at Maya’s bosses house and run over his very old turtle, the party gets wild at Sonny’s house, and he even pays off Huck’s loan with the money he has been saving. Though he is happy at first this wild party weekend forces his wife to leave him, and Sonny goes a few weeks until he realizes he has to make things right which in the end he does. He and huck even opens their own business together.

Okay the plot sounds like this should be a blast of fun even if they didn’t have the star power that they had, right? Wrong, this was a big miss on their part. Hart’s humor fell flat, sure some jokes got a small giggle but that was about it. Wahlberg seemed like he was just in it because he was next to Hart which should have been a match made in heaven. The story was fine, and the slapstick comedy wasn’t over the top but maybe it should have been to be funnier. In the end I am giving this film a D for a rating. This was major let down for me and I do hope Hart and Wahlberg gets another chance to star in a film together for us to forget about this film.


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