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Friday Roundabout 12/6/19

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to another addition of Roundabout where we talk about stories that may have went under the radar but let’s not waste anytime. Now this week we saw a release of some great movie trailers, we saw the release of the first trailer for Black Widow, which is slated to be in May of 2020, needless to say the trailer was awesome and honestly I wouldn’t release any other trailer, we know the story will take place after Civil War when she is on the run. Next we had a favorite of mine and that was the trailer for Daniel Craig’s final Bond film No Time To Die. Once again it was another good trailer and if this is the end I am looking forward to it. The last Big trailer at least for this week was the latest trailer for Mulan. Now I have yet to watch this trailer but Disney is on good streak and to think this won’t good would be so far from the truth! Wonder Woman 1984 is set to be released Sunday night and this trailer will have my attention, I thought Wonder Woman help DC turn the corner, It raised the bar so I am very excited to see where this sequel goes. Now this week we also saw the first poster for the new Ghostbuster’s film and even a title but when will a trailer be released rumor is sometime next week and as for the title? Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Now remember this whole Justin Timberlake cheating thing, well this week he finally broke his silence about holding hands with another woman other than his wife, well he did apologize in a public statement and blamed it on alcohol and preached that it was innocent and nothing else happened. I believe though I disagree with it holding hands is a no no but if he speaks the truth then his family will remain intact.

When I was younger I use love Jersey shore but then I grew up and they brought the show back in the form of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation which was basically them doing dumb stuff but older now. Snooki revealed today on her podcast that she is retiring from Jersey Shore and won’t be back for season four if there is one. I know most of the highlights from the show had to involve Snooki if she sticks to her word then no doubt the show will take a hit and in this case then that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Over the past week it was revealed that two judges left the hit show of America’s Got Talent and those two judges were the horrible Gabrielle Union and Juliane Hough left the show due to racism and so forth, rumor is that Union took offense to a joke that Leno told when he was on the show and explain how producers commented her looks as well as Hough’s looks. Are we really that insecure that we can’t take jokes, I guess so. Now with that other claims with Union with racism I hope they turned out to be not true considering the show’s history, in the end though I didn’t think they were good judges, the show made them look good with judging because this season had so much stand out talent. Well there you have it in this week’s Roundabout!


America Got Talent and The Winner is?

By Paul Anthony

It seemed like a long but yet fun season, I saw acts that I wonder how they made it as far as they and then I wonder why some acts didn’t make it. Now this is was season 14 of the hit show and we had some cast changes. Mel B and Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks left to do other projects. In comes Terry crews who in my eyes could be called a disappointment because I once saw him as the next big action star but some how that never happened. The two new judges for the show was Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough. Union has a up and down career as well and Hough was a dancer who during the show seemed to be pushing people to the next round because she was attracted to them rather then seeing if they actually had talent.

We know now that America voted for Kodi Lee who at 22 is blind and has autism but when he was behind the piano he made magic with his music and the talent he produced and the emotions that came with it from his god given ability was just crazy and we knew from the start that he might become winner or at least the favorite and yes America got it right and good for America and Kodi. Yet as I watched the show and some of the time it was clear they were just wasting time with pointless stuff.

Some things did blow my mind with the results, Let’s go back to the forming of the top 5 I had Voices of service, Tyler Butler, Ryan NieMiller, Kodi Lee and Unbeatable. Yet that is not how it happened instead you lost Tyler for Detroit youth Choir, who had that underdog story going for them but in the end I felt like their final performance failed, the kids bless their heart couldn’t hit the solo performances mostly because they tried to rap and it wasn’t working. Tyler however had skills like no other on the violin and I did enjoy his music, every time he got on the stage he truly showed up, He was my clear second to Kodi Lee.

Ryan NieMiller had that magic as well and I think given the time he had to work with he could have done more with his jokes, I never thought he was going to win but finishing third was right where he should have been and I hope I am not wrong when I say he could have had us laughing even more.

No doubt These acts with the main stream attention they got will have good careers, will they though that will be the question and only time will time. The Show will return for a 15th season but that is next summer!

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