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Blair witch review by Justin hopkins

‚Äč I have never watched the Blair Witch Project. Being ten when it came out. Had very little interest, and as time went on. Heard nothing but bad things about it. Jump ahead and here comes the sequel Blair Witch. Another Found Footage film. This time it is James and his friends, alonb with a group of locals, venturing into the forest to find his sister; that turned into another bad film, with a shrprisingly good ending.

 The holes in this movie were gapping. Why did Talia and Lane experience a five day nightmare, while the rest of them didn’t? How did Lisa know the trap door was there, and whh did she even bother trying to dump Lane into it?Why did the witch have to get Lisa to look at her again when she clearly already did? Get all movies have their holes, but not ones that jump out at you more then the jump scares do.

 Then you get to Lane and Talia’s master plan. Blackmailing themselves into the camping trip, by refusing to tell them where they found the tape, if they can’t come. A plan that proves to be a quick, pointless disappointment.

 The first night, they are awaken by noises outside their tents. Followed by a horrific loud sound. A suspenseful search for a missing Lane, and go back to sleep. To wake up the next day, at two in the Afternoon. With stick figures hanging up everywhere. Effectively scaring them into wanting to leave. Within ten minutes theh discover that it was Lane who built the figures. To try and make then believe in the Blair Witch.

 This was a pointless twist to make it seem like the night before was a hoax. Glossing over the fact that he did not 

have to do it, because of the noises and loud sound did the job for him. Movie would have played out much better had they just had it be the witch who did it.

 While I have been negative up to this point. There was a positive to this movie. Being the finale with Callie Hernandez’s performance, as Lisa. Starting from a little bit from before they reach the house to her final moments. She stole the performance with the level of intense fear and terror she put on display. 

 From her being chased into the house, clawing for her life in the tunnel, and climactic moment of using the camera to see behind her. She brought you in with her fear and rooting her on. 

 I wouldn’t suggest going to see this in theaters, but pick it up from Redbox or catch it on Netflix, because Callie’s performance is definitely worth the watch. 

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