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Remembering Carrie and Debbie

By Paul Anthony

I still can’t believe this is true, the passing of two great Great actresses, a daughter then a mother, the entertainment industry lost two great women in a two day span. I saw other bloggers saying Princess Leia has passed away but then I remembered that Leia is a character and not a real person.

In fact Carrie Fisher was the one who passed away from a cardiac arrest on a plane when she was traveling from London to Los Angles, she was touring Europe promoting her book.After I read these articles informing us she was gone I felt lost, she was a lovable person and a great talent, sure she rose to fame with Star Wars but she would go to have a very productive career from 1975 to her passing, she was 60 years young and should have had more time on this planet.

The scary thing about cardiac arrests is if you don’t do something in the first few minutes then death is almost guaranteed, even on life support she passed away.Like I stated before I feel  remembering just one of many roles and calling her by that character name is insulting to the person that she was. I am still left speechless because her passing was a stunner.

She made Leia such a important character in a series for which had Harrison Ford and focused on the Character Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Give all that credit to Carrie herself, her great ablity to make a strong leader look even stronger just one of her many talents as a actress but when you come from a acting family you have to bring your A game.

Carrie was the daughter to Debbie Reynolds who sadly passed away just a day after her daughter passed away, its been reported her cause of death was a stroke but her Carrie’s brother stated his mother’s last words were she wanted to be with Carrie, so maybe her real cause of death was a broken heart.

Debbie came to fame in the early 50’s and 60’s  and continue throughout her life, my generation may remember her for her role in the Disney tv film franchise Halloween where she played the main character grandmother.

I can’t act like I know the pain that their family is going through, to lose two members in a day during this holiday season, I want to send my thoughts to their family and I want to give a direct message to them.

Your family was a great talent, that won’t ever be replace, they legends and they will never be forgotten, I wish the news was wrong and this was all just a bad dream but i know this wasn’t, the work they did was unbelievable and I believe future acters and acteresses will look at what they did and follow in their footsteps, people should try and be like Debbie and Carrie but in the end no one can ever be like that, this is truly a great loss and fans that span over generations will them, I know I will, I hope and pray your family will recover and remember them because they will forever be remembered in in your hearts.

Carrie Fisher October 21st 1956 to December 27th 2016 , Debbie Reynolds April 1st 1932 to December 28th 2016

Gone but not Forgotten


Cinematic Universe casting

By Paul Anthony

We are now in the era of film where everything is in a cinematic universe or a shared universe. Marvel started this new era back in 2008, did we know it would grow and expand out of the comic book genre? Best answer is no but now we are entering a time where films are being rebooted to fit into studios shared universe.

As I stated before Marvel studios started this era with the 2008 films Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Back in 2006 Marvel Studios started to regain the rights to their characters back, they sold the film rights back in the 80’s and 90’s to keep the comic book company a float. When Blade came out in 1998, the studio started to make money even though they didn’t produce it, they still had a part in the film with it being their characters. X-men films and Spider-Man films begin to come out making money and Marvel studios began to rise, Slowly they started to get the rights back to their minor characters which they turned into their A-class characters, recently they began to work with Sony who still own the film rights to Spider-Man to shared the character.

Now other studios are creating shared universe  with their characters rumors are happening that Hasbro wants a Transformers/G.I.Joe crossover though the creative direction may prevent this and Legendary wants a Godzilla/ King Kong crossover and Universal wants the classic monster shared universe starting with the reboot film The Mummy. Let’s not forget Warner Brothers and D.C. Comics are doing a shared universe also.

Now I recently read where Bloggers pose the question if we would like to see Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway reprise their role as catwoman in the Harley Quinn solo film. The thing is when studios reboot a film, the actors and actresses will be different, this is a given because studios want nothing to do with the previous versions of the character and films.So Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry will never be Catwoman again. Christan Bale won’t be Batman ever again and so on.

This may hurt the fans who believe their favorite acters playing their favorite characters will return, sorry won’t happen, As for why bloggers do that, who know cinema. well their two reasons for that. 1. they are just beginerinngs and don’t realize that in reboots in shared univerises  recasting will happen. Second is just maybe they want the extra attention and they know the truth ,I don’t want to break the bad news to anyone and I am not taking any credit away from your favorite bloggers and please continue reading their work, but remember recasting is a must in a reboot and you won’t have actors returning unless they do return but as another character to please the fanbase. Just look at what the Ghostbusters film did this year, it was a reboot but wanted to please their fans which was a nice send off from the previous films. So there you have it the hard truth about reboots and shared univerise casting.






D.C. News update! 

By Justin Hopkins 

Last week there was some major news concerning the DC Movie Universe. Some was expected, intriguing, good, and excellent. So lets get this ball rolling with Justice League 2.

 Early reports on Justice League 2 are saying that Zach Snyder has declined the director role. Which is good news to hear. Besides getting good shots, he is a terrible director. His storytelling is poor, with plot holes big enough to park a semi in. With him out, they can bring in someone who knows what they are doing. 

 Next up is the sequel to Suicide Squad. No real surprise. With an phenomenal cast, and a pretty good movie, that racked up 745.6 million dollars. Sequel only makes sense, and why not. Plenty of direction to go in. 

 Announced that a Will Smith lead Deadshot spinoff is in early development is pretty intriguing. While he did an excellent protrail of Deadshot. How much of that had to do with the people around him? A question I look forward to finding out.

 Now for the news that got me most hyped up for. That would be the Harley Quinn spinoff. Despite early rumors of it being around the Birds of Prey. It would in fact be the Gotham City Sirens, with David Ayer Directing, and of course Margot Robbie playing Harley.

 This has me excited for a few reasons. First being that they can do more with the Sirens. They have a good number of stories to reference from. They are normally deeper rooted with the three and have great chemistry as far as the comics. Also allowing the introduction of Zatanna since they are talking about doing a Justice League Dark movie. Can even introduce one Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler. Obviously, most importantly they will be bringing Catwoman and Poison Ivy into the universe. 

 Catwoman can be used almost anywhere. Batman movie included. Poison Ivy though is what has me most excited. Besides Joker. There is probably no one more closely associated to Harley Quinn then her. From rocky start to best friends to the romantic relationship they now have. These two work off one another and bring each other up, in such a great way, that if they choose to focus on that in the film, should translate flawlessly into the movie. Also giving them plenty to work off of going into potential sequels or carry over into Suicide Squad 2. Nothing but upside going with Gotham City Sirens.

 DC Movie Universe has had its trouble trying to get traction, but going off the recently released news. Nothing but exciting times going forward.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, A Whole Review

By Paul Anthony

When Disney bought LucasFilm, The Star Wars film franchise was reborn, it was not hard to figure out that more Star Wars films would come out and why not, there were so many stories to tell and so many characters to explore and then we got Force Awakens and many of us clearly hungry for it and the film lived up to the hype that was surrounding it. We would soon find out that Disney would plan to release films that aren’t part of the main saga which is the SkyWalker family  saga and the first film would be Rogue One.

That’s right we finally got a movie that would show us how the Rebels got the plans to the Death Star, that Luke used to blow it up in A New Hope. That’s right in the New Hope opening crawl, the paragraph that tells us that the rebels have the Death Star plans, we got a nearly two and half hour-long movie out of that little paragraph. Could the film live up to the hype?

Indeed there was a lot of hype because of the time frame it was in. People I believe got excited for the fact that Darth Vader could be in it, we all know that he was one of the most powerful character and the most iconic character in the franchise. I knew for starters that if Vader would be in this film, he needed to be a Bad Ass because the time it was taking place.  I understand that they wanted to stay away from the SkyWalker name but it’s very hard to avoid Darth Vader.

For starters Rogue One was a good film and you should see it, I am giving it 3 stars and here is why. The fight scenes were very well done and the very little use of CGI was good, The story was average at best but they weren’t given a lot to work with. Darth Vader had two scenes with a combine scream time of ten minutes and stole the film, We got the Vader we needed and not the David Prowes of A New Hope.

Here are a few things that I Believe hurt the film. For Starters There was no proper build up with the Rebels  nor was there any good Character depth and very little dialog with certain characters. No true emotions to connect with the audience. Also we may have wanted another Star Wars film but this one wasn’t the one we needed. I Believe what hurt the most was the fact that we knew the rebels would win this battle only thing we didn’t know forsure was that all the rebels would die, but considering we haven’t seen them characters in New Hope kind have  gave us the big clue.

Regardless of the negavity we are going to get a high dollar count. In fact in it’s opening weekend it managed to make 290 million off of a 200 budget, making it a success. for disney and won’t have much competion over the next few weeks.

If your a true fan you may want to see it, there are some great cameos on top of Darth Vader scenes, However le’ts be honest this film was a good fix until we get epeisode 8.

Rogue one: Movie review

By Justin Hopkins 

Star Wars Rogue One, debuted on Thursday, and is already raking in allot of money, and positive reviews left and right. I went in to this movie not a Star Wars fan, and by the end I am still not one. Actually even less of a fan, because it showed flashes that it could have been better. As always I try to show some pros and some cons before my final thoughts, but this honestly proved to be a challenge.
Rogue One is a movie that leads up to New Hope. Band of fighters charge the Imperial Base, to steal the Death Star plans, which are turned over to Princess Leia. To this point, they succeed spectacularly well. Timed it out perfectly, with a young looking Carrie Fisher, and quick cameo of R2- D2 and C-3P0.
This was suppose to be a story of Jyn Erso, daughter of Galleon ( a point driven into your head over and over again) and the rebel team. After a while, it seemed like they didn’t really care about any of these characters, since barely any time was put into developing them.
Starts with Jyn being in prison for some generic reasoning attempting to run from her rescuers for even less of one. Going with a boring reason for being her help. Her and Captain Cassain barely had a conversation. Which led to having almost no emotion from the big speech and their suppose to be sad death. Getting more emotion from the deaths of the robot K:2S0, and Chirrut.
Which was depressing because  the actresses and actors showed some serious flashes of great ability, but either held back or just stopped. When a little more character development, and little better direction would have made this a stellar movie.
Honestly, it didn’t seem like they wanted that. Choosing to focus on a bumbling Rebellion that got in its on way so many times that it was frustrating to see. Stumbling to the end so it could lean on tie-ins from New Hope for nostalgia purposes. Creating a throw away two hours.
Now for the reason that majority of the crowd was excited for. The Darth Vader scenes. Opening with him in the Bacta Tank, showing a quick glimpse of power, when he dominated Director Orson Krennic, to him cutting loose and kicking some serious rebel ass. Hacking and slicing and force throwing his way through everyone in his path. Which was an awesome scene and would have been thrilled to have seen way more of that.
After taking the night to think. Giving this a 2 out of 5. Most of which due to Darth Vader’s fight scenes and Felicity Jone’s performance as Jyn. Movie may have been bad, but those two stood out big time. Wishing that they would have showed a little more interest in building these characters because this movie had the potential to shine brighter then the rest.
Can’t finish this without bringing up Peter Cushings Grand Moff Tarvin being CGI into the movie. In not just a background role but a pretty important support part. It was phenomenal to see what they can do with computers and really cool to see them try to write him out or recast.

Star Wars Hypocrisy 

By Justin Hopkins 

 On December 15th, a movie will come out, that I’m sure people will flock to go see. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see it be a contender to a lot of records. That of course being Star Wars Rogue One. I’ll more then likely be one, but I’m not overly thrilled by it.

 I’ll give Star Wars their credit. Original series gave the world a new and exciting (I guess) trilogy. Showed just how what technology of that time can do. 1999 they kicked off the second trilogy. Making 1.4 billion, 857 million, and a billion. Despite being bashed by fans and critics alike. Ten years later we get a 2.6 billion dollar Force Awakens. Now that is over, would love to call out the hypocrites.

 Spider-Man is going on is third reboot. Despite making more money any hero. Out of five movies only one of which was bad and one bland. Spider-Man 2 often considered one of the best Superhero movies of all time. Was met with nothing but complaints and criticism when the reboot was announced. Star Wars gets a free pass despite having a terrible trilogy and a reboot that was called out for being almost a repeat of New Hope. 

 Most everyone who raves about these movies. Will bash another series for attempting to reboot another. Refused to go see Ghostbusters, complained about Ben Affleck trying his hand at Batman, and God forbid anyone dares discuss rebooting The Crow. You shake your finger at reboots, but Star Wars is filming 8 about to release a film that’s in between the prequels and New Hope, and nothing.

 Now I’m going, because I love movies and will give any a chance, but you’re going to complain about reboots and Hollywood reusing old ideas. Have to consider Star Wars as a prime example of both.

Trailer Mania!

By Paul Anthony

It’s no big deal,when you think about it right? Movie trailers come in bunches every week, in fact there are so many we often don’t even get around with viewing all of them but this week was a little different. The marketing campaign for films in 2017 has begun this week and things are looking good for Marvel Studios. They started this week and they ended the week with a bang, here are my reviews for this week trailers.

Let’s kick it off with Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. The first full trailer pretty much shows us enough that it will be better or on par with the first film, we don’t any villains in this trailer just them showing off the comedy and drax over reaction to Star-Lord feelings with Glamora, and don’t forget Baby groot whose  nothing more than but yet very powerful, it’s hard to be negative with this trailer so I can’t. This trailer is one of those few rewatchable trailers but it made me excited for the next trailer they release.

The next trailer is Unversal Studios very own The Mummy staring Tom Cruise This film is a reboot of The Mummy franchise that starred Brendan Fraiser. We know from the previous films, the film will be based on someone or something accidentally ressurecting a Mummy. this time it is a female instead of a male and the reason is still unclear as to why this mummy needed to be ressurected. This film marks the first film in Unversal studios shared universe, so my guess is they will make this film action packed so they don’t fail and casting Tom Cruise will help the finale product.

Transformer 5 or Transformers: The last Knight trailer dropped and nonetheless it looks like anyother Transformer film. Nothing is truly revealed except we havesome returning cast members from the first three films. And Optimus maybe hurting bumblebee afterit looks like he was lost in space either on his way back or to the creaters.Like another film in the series we see a glimpse of new Transformers. Even though the trailer is no different then the previous films, I do expect this film to do good.

We finally got to see the preview for the film Baywatch, at first it looked like it was going be a serious action film with The Rock doing his part with the action scenes but then enters Zac Efron and then you get to see this film is clealry a good action-comedy film, the trailer looks like this film could be a hit which will only add to the Rock resume.

Marvel saved the best for last and last night we got to see the first full trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. This trailer shows we are going to have the nerdy but yet goofy Peter Parker and Spider-man. This time with the age of the actor being in high school, we get to see what high school is like for Peter. Clearly after civil war Peter been getting bored with school and who can blame. We get our first full look at vulture and a quick look at Shocker, both are making their film debuts but Vulture is the main baddie in this film. Tony Stark is in this film serving Peter mentor and even being in a Iron Man suite. However I doubt he will have screen time then Peter.

There will be more trailers coming soon for example War For the planet of the apes which should be a good the second film was so good I can’t expect this to be anything less then the first film of this series.

Lenser vs Goldberg 3

By Justin Hopkins 

There was a time when Bill Goldberg was considered one of the top big guys
in Professional Wrestling. Didn’t have a lot of in ring skill or talent on
the mic. Regardless, the crowd loved him. At Wrestlemania twenty he went
against Brock Lesnar, arguably one of the best big men to ever get into the
ring. Goldberg would go on to win in what would be a terrible match. They
would go on to face each other twelve years later, in a match that,
although better, not to good either, and again, Goldberg won. Mostly,
because the match was barely two minutes long. Focusing on the triumphant
return of Goldberg. This is where it should end. Unfortunately, it does not
appear so.
  They have Goldberg entered into the Royal Rumble. Early rumors are
already swirling that Lesnar may be used to eliminate him, and even WWE.Com
has hinted at a possible third match, at Wrestlemania. Which would not only
be pointless, but a waste of a major spot.
 First off, it wouldn’t even be a rubber match. Being that Goldberg had won
both of them. Putting a title on them would be pointless, since a title
wouldn’t evaluate either of their careers at this point and take a match off the card.Goldberg is Forty nine years old. While plenty of wrestlers have had successfully performed in the ring at older age. Difference being is he is not nearly as good as they are. Not even in his prime, could he last longer then fifteen minutes in the ring. Ten minutes now would be pushing his limitations. Lesnar is an athletic freak. Who should go into the biggest event of the year, with a better suited opponent. 

 Bringing in the question of how physical can this get. It may all be scripted and fake, but Lesnar has a reputation of being rough in the ring. Match may make a lot of money, but is it worth it to see Bill walk away with a serious injury, like what happened to Sting at Survivor Series or The Rock a few years 

Goldberg is Forty nine years old. While plenty of wrestlers have had successfully performed in the ring at older age. Difference being is he is not nearly as good as they are. Not even in his prime, could he last longer then fifteen minutes in the ring. Ten minutes now would be pushing his limitations. Lesnar is an athletic freak. Who should go into the biggest event of the year, money, but is it worth it to see Bill walk away with a serious injury, like what happened to Sting at Survivor Series or The Rock a few years ago.

 That is what it comes down to. Wanting to make money. The thing is, Wrestlemania will make a lot of money. Normally does, and with the younger stars beginning to shine bright. They should bask in the place where the lights shine brightest (JBL Quote) Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are sure fire Hall Of Famers. Put them against the young stars who can go against them, and if they were smart, they would each put the youngsters over.

Princess Tells All

By Paul Anthony

News Broke recently that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a three month affair during the filming of Stars Wars:A New Hope. Carrie confirmed this in her new book titled The Princess Diarist.

Obvious this became a big deal with The Star Wars franchise releasing The Force Awakens which was a mega hit just last year and Rogue One being released just a few weeks from now. Fisher described their affair as purely lust and honestly for good reason. When filming took place Carrie Fisher was still a no name actress at the age of just 19 years old, Ford on the other hand was 34 years and married at the time with two kids.

Its no secret actors and actresses form relationships all the time on  the set of films. Its only a normal thing when you spent so much time away from home and with your co-stars but this doesn’t look good on Harrison part and I am sure he doesn’t care since this happen over 30 years ago.

Here we have Ford falling for a 19 year old when he was married, that makes him  look bad with being a cheater and yes he would divorce his wife of that time later on but that doesn’t change the fact that he cheated on his wife with basically a kid.I wonder how his ex wife is reacting to this news?
Carrie Fisher was no doubt a attractive female but still he needed to be the bigger person and just say no.

Fisher would state she was heart broken that he didn’t leave his wife and be with her after filming was over but clearly she gotten over. They laugh about it and sure why not? It was over 30 years but that doesn’t change anything. Interesting enough Fisher stated in a interview That she should have fallen For Mark Hamill instead but Hamill wouldn’t have joked about like Ford has. Which I doubt would be true since Hamill wasn’t married and was young himself.

As I stated earlier its clear the two got over this little hump with each other since they went on to film 3 more Star Wars films together as Princess Leia and Han Solo who as we all know dated and Married and had Ben Solo A.K.A Kylo Ren.

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