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Hobbs and Shaw: Actual Movie Review

By Paul Anthony

Okay the title says it all but I am going to recap because it has been a while. For starters let’s go back to last August when the film Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw came out. Now I am not the biggest fan of spinoffs because at times they are just not needed, not every character needs a spin off to tell a story. I think we can all agree with that. Anyway, here we are dealing with a spinoff, with two characters who have become popular in a franchise because of who plays them. Still I had no interest in seeing the film, so I did a mock review which I based everything on trailers and word of mouth and I ended up giving the film a D for a grade and said that I wouldn’t give it a higher grade then that. So I finally I had time to watch it because I wondered if I had changed my mind. I will give my grade at the end of the blog like always. The film however proved to be a hit because it grossed 760.0 million off a of a budget of 200 million, once again you wanted the gross to be higher but you will take the victory and this film gave us some good feuds with the cast of the franchise as well. Because of the money that the film made, there will be a sequel down the road.

The plot is pretty much what we came to expect from a Fast and Furious film. Hobbs and Shaw are recruited by the CIA to stop a terrorist group who basically made technology to enhance humans to make them cyborgs of sorts and kill off the weaker humans with a virus, the lead villain who is played by Idris Elba is the first of his kind and proves to be a much bigger threat to Hobbs and Shaw. At this point Shaw’s sister Hattie implants the virus in her to stop if from getting into the bad guys hands. The gang goes a few rounds with the villains until they win with some over the top action and removes the virus from Hattie and gives it to CIA which they put it in lockdown. Hobbs returns home and shows his family his daughter and everyone is reunited because Hobbs at some point had beef with his family.

The biggest problem I had with this film was it is part of the Fast and Furious, they failed to explain why the rest of the team wasn’t around because you know the team always around to save the world. With a spin off comes adding a story to the characters that messes up the backstory that we already know, like Hobbs family history or Shaw’s history and how he’s actually a good guy and everything like that and of course Shaw has a baby sister who we never knew about and as for Owen they barely mention anything about him even in flashback scenes. Here are some of the things that I did like about the film, the comedy and action with The Rock and Jason Statham then add in cameos from Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart was a good touch, no doubt having the four of these guys as leads in a film would be a hit. In the end I am giving it a higher grade, It’s going from a D to an C and if you want good laugh with action sure this could be your film to watch.


How I would bring Fallout to live action.

By: Justin Hopkins

  So, I have been racking my mind for the last week or so. Wanting to do something a little different. Something other than a review or list. Wanting to challenge myself a bit and have plenty of time at the moment so decided to go big and came up with an idea to flip a game into a movie. Not a new idea by no stretch, but enjoyed the idea of giving it a shot. Especially when I landed on the idea of using the Fallout world. A vast world with plenty to run with, almost too much to figure out what would work well in a more linear way, but made it that more enjoyable. Tossing ideas off reluctant listeners and watching it progress and become what it did. Now, originally, was going to be a movie, but the further I got with it, the more I changed my mind and figured this would be better suited for one of the numerous streaming services, and I have put together two seasons, with an ending that would allow a third, but this story arc would end at two. This will be season 1 with season 2 coming out another day. Focusing primarily on New Vegas with seeds of the other games and tie ins to 3, and I try to keep the details to just the things that matter. In between are fighting gangs and creatures. Just want to include the important bits.  So, with that, lets dive in because this will probably be a long one.

The show would kick off in a first person point of view. Seeing the courier receiving the chip and going off on their way, getting ambushed and the images begin to get contorted and blurring. Not coming to focus till Benny has the gun aimed at the camera and delivering two shots to the head. Waking the courier up and the camera panning out showing the courier is a woman, it has to be a woman, due to the Legion being the big bad and their views on women make for a more interesting story. When she tries to get up, starts to topple before she can even stand up straight. Getting caught by the doctor and helped back down to the bed. Explaining that the only reason she is alive, is because the shooter used shoddy bullets lost momentum going through her head wear with enough left to crack through her skull. Leaving her with a sever concussion and two nasty wounds behind. Along with a spotty memory. She remembers her name, Maria and what the men look like who attacked her. That she was delivering a Platinum Chip for some robot who hired her, but nothing beyond that, except a red headed woman. Could see her clearly, but her name and surroundings are dark. After hearing him out and not knowing where they went. She gets up and heads out. Seeing the bar and decides to head over. Either they know something or not, but at least she would get a drink. Doesn’t make it before a group of four men, Powder Gangers, confront her. Seeing the woman, uneasy on her feet as an easy mark, but when one grabs her shoulder, she wipes out three of them, before stumbling and the fourth takes her down, but Victor, the robot takes him down before he can do anything. Helping her up and telling her what he saw. That they were talking a lot about guiding the man in the suit to Vegas. She heads off to the bar to get a drink and try to figure out how she was going to run them down. When she overhears an argument between Sunny and Trudy about what they are going to do about the Powder Gangers and Maria steps up. Needing to repay the debit. Sunny isn’t so sure, since she is clearly still a bit banged up, but she insists. Saying she can fight hand to hand and is a crack shot, except she isn’t. When the fighting starts, you get a slow motion shot of her raising a gun and firing. Seeing the bullet screaming forward, only to miss and strike a wall nearby her target. A running theme with Maria is she is going to swear she can shoot, but is constantly missing, and it is because her head wound. It has altered her perception and unless it is point blank. She won’t be hitting anything for a while. They chase them off and as a way to thank her, they give her some caps and a trinket a traveler gave Trudy to pay a tab, A Pip Boy. It is not in the best of shape and kind of on the fritz, but should be able to get it repaired and will show her a map of the area. Told North is faster, but more dangerous and she should go South instead. Episode ends with her going North.

 Episode 2 is kind of split into three. We are meeting the NCR and Legion. Showing how evil and depraved the Legion can get and how stretched the NCR are. Hearing a base near by calling for help, but won’t move until they get the order to move. An order that comes to late and by the time they arrive, they find the soldiers burnt remains on crosses and all of the woman and children are gone. In between all of this, Maria is having issues of her own. Between Radscorpions and other creatures. Barely makes it to a town. A guy tells her of a shortcut, but won’t tell her till she helps with a bug problem, which turns out to be Deathclaws. She manages to take down to in stealth, but everything goes awry when a group of Powder Gangers charge. Not seeing anything other than Maria till the enraged Deathclaws make themselves known and go wild, and she retreats up a path and over a fence. Not stopping to read the sign, Black Mountain. Next episode is her helping the Super Mutants there and the ghoul, Raul. We learn that she treats everyone about the same. Whether its human, ghoul or whatever. Snide and snarky and while she is dead set on getting to Vegas and get her revenge. Can be knocked off track and guided toward being helpful if she finds it to be right. When she goes to leave Raul joins her. Saying he is to old to make it on his own and doesn’t know where else to go and if it’s all the same. Would tag along with her if it’s all the same. That he might even be able to get her Pip Boy working right. 

  Episode four starts with them being arrested at an NCR Outpost. She scoffed at the idea to go and do any sort of freelance work. Again, she just wants to go to Vegas, but he points out that she aint getting in without being able to cover the entry price. So, she gives in, but it is too late to meet the Officer so they head to the bar. While she was flirting with one of the patrons. Someone started making fun of Raul and shoved him to the ground when he went to walk away and she levels him with enough force to knockout a tooth and a bigger brawl starts out. Turns out he is an NCR Solider and they end up in a cell. Across from them is a teenage girl named Veronica and her robo dog, Rex. She is chatty and tells them she was busted trying to steal scrap from the base. Seeing the Pip Boy she gets Maria to let her see it and fixes it with ease. Saying it was a gift and a hobby. Before they can press, the Officer comes in with a deal. An alarm at one of the nearby warehouse was tripped and if she goes to check it out. They would cut her and her ghoul friend free, with caps on top of it. She agrees, but Veronica and Rex are with her as well. As a group they head over and find one, Sierra Petrovita inside the warehouse. Traveler from the East who had heard there was Nuka Cola that was only sent to the Western half of the country and she had to try some. Deeming her to be harmless, they use Maria’s now working Pip Boy to give directions and let her head off. Taking a dead Gecko back and tells the officer he was their trouble maker. Leaving the base with caps and all four of them head off toward Vegas. Episode 5, starts with them running into a group of Powder Gangers as they round a bend. Tired and annoyed after frighting a ton of monsters and a lengthy walk. They are in no mood, but the Powder Gangers raise their hands up. Saying they are here for a truce. Their Boss is tired of trying and at this point, not worth the fighting anymore and that if Maria ever needs anything. They are there and walk away. From there it is them helping Boone find out what happened to his wife and goes with them. Only to find a new place for him to go. Despite a bit of protest from Veronica. Becoming clear that the two of them do not get along in the least. At the end we see the Powder Gangers base and the boss. Relieved that Maria has agreed to the truce. Thinking he could move on from that mess, but hears screaming from outside, then nothing. The door opens and in comes Aurelius Of Phoenix enters the room, with a simple request, everything he knows about the Courier Maria. Caersar has heard of her coming back from the dead and her killing a deathclaws without a gun and dealing with the gang and rumors about the chip and Mr. House wanting to know the moment she gets to the city and he wants to know what makes her so important. While his men are not to thrilled about seeking out one woman, but not going to challenge his leadership. 

  Six shows them on the outskirts of the city walls and she is getting more and more annoyed. She feels like so much time has passed and doesn’t want to give him a chance to escape, but it is more than that. She isn’t sleeping, due to vivid dreams of the Redheaded woman. Could hear here voice, talking to her about hunts, honor and bets, while they are in each other’s arms. In the dreams she is too small, a child, and she knows that they are more than dreams. Echos of her memory and frustrating to not remember. While Raul is talking about being a bit short, and she tells him the if the next job is as dumb as stealing an urn she will lose it, when they hear a shrill scream of help. A woman racing into view from the right. They think she is a ghoul at first, but no. She is just covered in  hideous burns. They recall seeing a NCR Flag a half mile back and they rush her back. Finding that she is actually one of theirs. Had been kidnapped by a Fiend General, Cook-Cook. A guy who has been having his way with numerous female members of their team. They can’t go after him, because of number issues and the mood begins to soar. They stick around, with jobs for Veronica and Raul’s specialty. Boone excuses himself to go talk to the Commanding Officer and Maria drifts through the camp. Anger and rage boiling to life inside of her. Getting more intense with every woman she sees with burn scars and each victim she crosses paths with. It’s not just feeling bad or angry that this happened to them, but something personal. Something she can’t remember, but subconsciously, waning to lash out. When she goes up to one and starts to ask where they were attacked. Using her Pip Boy to pin the marks and we jump to a defended, dilapidated shack, with an armed fiend outside. Getting pulled back into the shadows and Maria steps out. Brandishing a long machete.  Episode ending with her entering the shack.

  Seven starts with her at the outpost bar. Face covered in blood and smoking a cigarette. Sipping on a drink. When Raul comes up to her and takes a seat. Saying that they should talk. Referring to the head of Cook-Cook perched on the bar next to her when she asks why and the episode doesn’t leave the bar. Everything comes out here. Her frustrations about not being able to remember and the anger she has over what Benny did and how little she thinks of the UCR. How they just let Cook-Cook run wild and they just sat back and watched. She is viewing the world from a new and all of the flaws and ugliness people adjust to are gone and she has no ties or binds or home and what happens after she gets to the man in the suit. Not seeing anything beyond the ugliness she has seen since she left Goodsprings and spiraled out of control seeing Cook-Cook’s victims. Raul lets her get it all out. Before saying that there was ugliness, he knows first hand about ugliness. Would still be stuck with the crazy Super Mutants if it wasn’t for a certain some one and he wasn’t the only one who could say that. Before she could reply, Sierra comes in. Arms weighed down by a massive crate of Nuka Cola. Running up and hugging her. Couldn’t thank her enough for the help and gave them each a bottle of soda. After she walks away, she looks at Raul and dismisses that. It was Soda but he corrects her. It is soda to them, but to Sierra, that was her reason to push on and make her happy. They all had to have that one thing. Whether it be Soda, Veronica comes up and says, stealing electronics she says. Showing the electronics she stashed in her waistband. Boone saying, getting payback on the guy who tried to kill you. Grabbing Cook-Cooks head. Saying, there is a Bounty of Five thousand for this. More than enough to get into Vegas and the trek to Vegas is on.

  Eight has them reaching Freeside. Boone and Raul head off to the Kings to get a Passport into Vegas. While, Maria tells them she will catch up. Seeing a shop that says Silver side energy weapons and drifts that way. Turning in her weapons when Veronica rushes up. Preferring to tag along with her. Wanting to see the Energy weapons. She strugs it off and lets her come in. Till that becomes more when they walk into a situation. Business is open, but a unknown woman is chained to a fence and the guy is talking to her about how she wanted to die. Trying to be sneaky since no one seemed to care about them being their. Maria nonchalantly grabs a plasma gun and tries to shot the guy, and misses. The woman just barely manages to move, but the last does shot a hole through the fence keeping her trapped. Catching the guy by surprise, throwing a knife through his head. Fight breaks out and the only ones left standing are Maria, Veronica and the woman who introduces herself as the Rose of Sharon Cassidy. She idiotically tried to exact revenge on the van graffs and it didn’t go well. While she is talking, Maria slips a Stealth boy in her pocket. Veronica is going wild. Pocketing as much as she can.  They prepared to take out the last guard, but when they rush outside. Find a guy in Legion in a suit. One of Caesar’s men. Telling Maria the Caesar is requesting a meeting, but she isn’t very interested in it. More than aware at this point who they are and isn’t about to give them a meeting, but he tells her where to go if she changes her mind and walks off. From there, it is clear sailings into the strip, except before they can fully enjoy it. They are swarmed by Robots. Lead by Victor. Who says Mr.House wants a word and it is not up for debate. 

  Nine, the finale picks up with the meeting between her and Mr. House who gladly tells her where to find the man in the suit Benny and uploads his schedule to her Pip Boy. He wants her to got to and get the chip and take it to the destination he also marked in her map and she would get directions when she gets there. She tries to ask questions. Wanting to know more, but he isn’t up for talking and she leaves. Meeting the rest of the group outside. Mr. House watching them while she explains what just went down. Veronica not thrilled to be helping him, but Raul saying that they shouldn’t concern themselves about it right now and it is off to the Tops. After scouting it out and armed with the specs. Cassidy seduces him up to his room, when he hits an invisible barrier just shy of his bed. Stealth boy dropping and Maria is face-to-face with the guy who tried to kill her. He is shocked of course. Saying one scream and his men would come running. Which is followed by the sounds of an altercation and incomes everyone else. He tries to trade the chip for a free escape, she takes it, flips it in the air and catches it before saying, nope. Stabbing him in the chest with a knife. Leaving him to drop to the ground dying in the next moment. Camera pans in as she takes a deep breath. All of the pain and misery he put her through. Effectively robbing her of who she was and could finally breath a sigh of relief. When Veronica brings up what are they going to do with the chip. Boone thinks it should go to the NCR to use to take down Mr. House. While Veronica throws out the idea of destroying it. Whatever Mr. House wants with it can’t be good and the NCR already can’t patrol their area. Yet alone New Vegas. They don’t even know what the chip does when a voice from a backroom speaks out. It controls a massive robot army. Confused, Maria opens the door and out of the darkness, Yes Man’s face appears and the season ends.

  I know that this was a long one, but it’s an entire season and Fallout is such a rich and vast spectrum of people and events and wanted to include as much as I could and had a real blast putting it all together. I hope you enjoyed and as always..

  Thank You For Reading.      

The Show is Canceled??

By Paul Anthony

Let’s be honest here, 2020 has not been a good year to all of us. Here we are going through a world wide virus that has no cure yet and here in the states we are going through a civil unrest regarding law enforcement and African Americans. No doubt the footages, we have all seen have made feel terrible with what police get away with. For decades and that is 30 years to be exact the show Cops would air which is a reality show where cameras follow police in the line duty, the show nonetheless made us laugh more than anything but Paramount announced that due to police brutality the show would be canceled. The through the years may have had the viewers laughing at people but critics often slammed the show for airing people personal issues for basically pure fun. Cops the show has had many issues prior to leading up to this even before everything happen, the show faced many lawsuits because of the footage they were using through it’s history and that footage was the stereotypes and that is White cops and Black people being who they arrested. In reality it was the show and station that was putting the footage together and seeing what draws the crowds in and we all got brain washed into watching it. heck I didn’t even notice to be honest, it wasn’t until much later when the police would approve the footage that the show would be allowed to use. From what I could, tell that is when the issues seem to calm down. Now shortly after Paramount canceled the show. A&E and Discovery also decided to cancel their shows.

A&E hit show was called Live PD, which was basically the same as cops except they claim the footage was live and would have experts in the studio explaining the situation which I thought that was a good way to help us all understand the situation. Sadly I don’t know much about Discovery’s show which was called “Body Cam” Now I don’t know how it is different from the other shows but it is now canceled.

The main question now is will these shows return or no? Paramount has said they have no plans to bring the show back, as of right now I haven’t seen much about the other shows to give a clear answer to that question but in the back of my mind, I would have to say yes they will return and here is why. Ratings, that is the thing we have to remember, if a network sees that that they can make money trust me they will put the item out there to make money. Now we live in the age where there are so many cameras and I think these shows will help us catch the good guys and the bad guys regardless of which side of the law that the bad buys are on. I believe the studios need to have morale rights to help out when they have footage of someone being in the wrong but in the end I guess only time will tell.

Becky Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Warning**

I had no idea that this movie was coming until a few reviews for it began to crop up and had me at the description of being a more brutal version of Home Alone. Feels like it has been a terrible long time since I got to watch a new movie and was excited going into and.. well lets dive in and check out if it was worth the excitement shall we.

The movie starts with long cuts between an altercation going on at a prison and a school. Seeing Dominic passing of a weapon during the altercation at the prison and we see Becky getting off the ground at the school as a teacher ushers the group to move on. She doodling on a test instead of taking the test and is called out on the intercom. Her Dad is picking her up early. Meanwhile Dominic and a handful of others are being loaded into the back of a prison transport and the guy he gave the weapon to stabs the cop in the back during the trip. Back with Becky and her Dad. They stop at a gas station where while she is shoplifting gummy worms, we see the prisoners escape alert on the news. She leaves the store and walks off. Watching videos on her phone of her Mother. Who was in the hospital and we learn that her Mother died. They continue on their way, he is upset that she is stealing and when it dawns on her where they are going. Gets even more upset and Dad is in no hurry to tell her anything till they get to the cabin. It was her Mother’s favorite place and get that she hasn’t been there since her Mom died and was under the impression that he was going to sell it. Her joy of learning that he changed his mind and wasn’t selling it only lasts for a moment when his girlfriend and her son show up to spend the weekend as well and the fight gets worse when she find out that they are getting married and storms off to a smaller shack deeper into the woods. At the same time Dominic and his men arrive and quickly take over the house. Looking for a key in the basement that is currently in the shack with Becky and that is where I will leave it for now.

I don’t think I can express my love of this movie and how great they did with the story. Nothing was just because. They always had a reason for everything, when most would have just gone lazy and shrugged their shoulders. Becky is not just a kid going through a rebellious stage or anything like that, but a good kid going through a lot of bad things and doesn’t know how to process it. From losing her Mom and things not going good in school. Her one joyous moment is taken away by the fact it wasn’t just going to be her and her Dad, but his girlfriend and her son and than learn they are getting married and everything is changing and then her Dad dies in front of her. Pushing the girl who is already teetering on the edge all the way over. Than you go on the opposite side, you get Apex, who is Dominic’s closest ally and they give him a rather gruesome reason to be having a battle of consciousness and that he gone to far in this plan and regret and sorrow was setting in and didn’t know what was going to happen to him by the end. Nick Morris, Ruckus Skye and Lane Skye went all out creating an all around great story to go along with some great carnage.

Now, this movie has been compared to Home Alone and can get why but it’s a very loose equivalent. Yeah, the traps between the two are for very different reasons. The traps and weapons Becky crafts are so brutal and gory and wonderful and simple and never feel to crazy. They felt like traps a kid would make. They aren’t outright lethal. Just take them down and make it easier for a 13 year old to finish them off. Whether it’s a broken ruler or fistful of colored pencils taped together or bit of fishing line and bored with nails. She brutalizes and makes them suffer with so much hate and intensity in her eyes and cheering her on the whole way.

I have to give Kevin James all the praise in the world for his portrayal of Dominic. He is everything I love in a villain. Cold and calculated. He process the situation and goes from their. Never really raises his voice either. Just allows his presences and his actions to intimidate and terrify his victims into submitting to whatever he wants. Even after everything Becky does to his men and runs him over with a car. He is cool as ever. Trying to simply convince her to come with him and his argument for it isn’t even far from what is going to happen to her if she makes it through to the end. Kevin James did a stellar job and hope that this isn’t his last foray as a bad guy.

On the flip side, we get Lulu Wilson who is terrifyingly good as Becky. She was brilliant bringing out both a fearsome ferocity and soul crushing amount of sympathy. There are some moments in this movie where she is the scariest person on the screen. Particularly the fire scene at the end when Dominic gets there and she is singing and putting marshmallows on the stick he uses to torture her Dad, staring at hims and it’s bone chilling. Than she lets out these battle cries when she stomps the ruler into the guys neck and when she kills Apex and as great as they were. She is even better when it is all over and she is just sitting there petting her lone dog, cause they killed the other, and it all sits in and you start to worry about what comes next for Becky.

Each of them are backed by a solid supporting cast. Joel McHale as her Dad. Robert Maillet as Apex and Ryan McDonald and James McDougall as Cole and Haymmond.

This movie is a blast throughout. I love the story so much. They take their time to build a story around Becky and give her a threatening villain in Dominic to overcome and I want so much more. I want to know what happens next for Becky. She left with the key, what is she going to do with it? Does she go live with Kayla and Ty? They ended it so well and with so much more I want to know. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and check it out. Final Grade – S

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading and…

Thank You For Reading.

Podcast: Backlash predictions

How did we do on our predictions hmm ‪‬.

Mermaid Isle Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


So it has been awhile since my last entry into the B Movie Sunday and made it a point to find a movie for today’s review and stumbled upon a selection of Mermaid themed horror movies. Which I didn’t know was a thing, but was hoping for the best as I picked one at random and gave it a go. Lets dive in and check out if I made the right choice.

The movie kicks off with a relatively long intro, with four people on a boat. Amy, Shelly, Roy, and Toby. They show up at an island and make their way to a lake. Amy making her way to the beach while the others hang back. Shelly warning Toby about pain to come and find out it is over the fact he is going to propose. She walks off and while Toby and Roy are discussing the fact he is going to do this. Shelly is busy blowing the surprise and telling Amy. Who is mortified by this, cause they just started dating, but she didn’t want to hurt him either. Before she figures out what to do, Toby comes over and they go for a hike with a picnic basket. After a bot of a trek, he pops the question and she declines it. Trying to get it through to him that they don’t know each other well enough and he is going on about the age thing and while that is happening. Shelly gets pushed into the lake after splashing Roy with water. Before she gets out something bites her leg. They get her out, but she is to hurt to walk and they carry her toward the spot the see smoke coming from to get her help. They find a house and believe no one home and take her inside for an old woman to come out of a backroom. When she learns Shelly was bitten in the lake. Pulls a gun and wants to kill her. Saying they have to kill her before she kills all of them. They knock her out and tries again the moment she wakes back up. This time around, Shelly bites her and in response, the old lady kills herself and that is where I will leave this for now.

Alright, this story, at the bare bone level is a rather interesting one. Love the idea of killer mermaids, I didn’t even know it was a thing and it sounds like it can do well. Giving them an infectious bite as well isn’t the worst thing. Can be fun to see the effects and something new to the table. With that said though, Mermaid Isle suffered from a lack of budget. I give them all the credit for trying there best to make the story work for their needs, but they really needed some more affects here. Showing some more transformation effects that Shelly and later Amy go through during the transformation or even after the transformation and they are in the water. I really like the looks of their Mermaid Tails. They looked really good, but we only get a few shots on them in the water and really would have liked one good shot of them as Mermaids.

I don’t want to bash the cast to much here. They are all very new to the scene and hope they all grow from this and get better, but there is one I have to talk about and in kind of a negative way and that is Mark Reinhardt’s Toby. He is just so stiff throughout the entire runtime. The old woman pulls a gun, tries to kill Shelly, gets knocked out, attempts to hit Toby with a fire place poker, gets bitten and kills herself and he has the exact same emotionless expression. Like they put the script just off camera and he is reading off of it. Even when he tries to yell at Roy for knocking her out. Just nothing going on in his facial expressions to back up anything he says and it happens throughout. Acting is a hard thing to do and hope he finds his grove and gets more comfortable in front of the camera, but that was not here.

Alright, we are onto the negatives. One of which, is the fact they don’t actually go out into the water. Most of the time is spent against the shoreline in water that might be a foot deep. Yet, they never see the Mermaid coming ever. Just go out a little more. So water is up to their waist at least. Can muddy the river and go from their. Just a little thing to make it more plausible that the Mermaids can effectively sneak up on them.

Alright, this one is a bit more of an issue. You can writing off them not going far enough in the water as just dumb things characters do to advance a story, albeit a little to far but whatever. The audio being so low that they are almost inaudible isn’t. It got better as they went out, but it’s really bad at the start to the point where it I backtracking with closed caption to figure out what was being said.

Mermaid Isle had a good idea in mind, but needed a bigger budget and little more time put in to make the most of it. They tried their best and give them all the credit in the world for trying. As it is though. I can’t suggest it and have to go with a skip it.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

Saturday Sequel Presents Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween

By Paul Anthony

Let’s be honest, if you wee a kid in the 90’s growing up you know you read a Goosebumps book and even watched the show, heck to this day I still read the books and watch the show and I was even pumped to learn the show was coming back, which the wait is just getting longer and longer because of this virus but as a fanboy I have to say I was super excited when I heard about a movie that was being made. At first I was wondering if they would do the books in order which they would have tons of material for, however I was wrong, when the first film was released it was about the goosebumps book monsters coming alive, after the release I finally got behind that film and even the ending had set up a good plot for part 2. I knew there would be a part 2 because the film made 158 million from a budget that was around 84 million, with a story in place, we got a stand alone sequel that barely had any ties to the first. The film had a budget of 35 million and grossed 93 million which was basically on par with the first film. The movie went through 2 title changes, when it was first announced it was called Goosebumps: HorrorLand then got changed to Goosebumps: Slappy’s Revenge, only to get changed to Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween. Though this was a stand alone sequel it more felt like soft reboot with only mentioning that Slappy was involved in another situation like this.

The film starts in a small town in New York, here we meet the main characters of Sarah, whose trying to get into college and her brother Sonny and his best friend Sam. One day as Sonny and Sam was picking up trash in which they want to start garbage cleaning up service, they stumble on a book and Slappy without knowing they read a few words from this unfinished book that awakes Slappy. At first Slappy appears to be nice to them calling them his family but begins to use his powers to cause problems and harm around the people that are close to Sarah including her boyfriend. At this point Slappy heightens his powers to bring the monsters of Goosebumps alive and pretty much all Halloween decorations alive and turn them into monsters as well, story basically comes out that Slappy plans to Sarah’s mom into a dummy like him so he can have a mother who won’t abandon him like his father who it’s revealed to be R.L. Stine himself. Much like the first film the key to stopping Slappy is the unfinished book to catch him with. Unlike the first film Stine doesn’t need to finish the book to catch him, they just need to open the book and it will suck him in and of course the battle begins but the kids managed to save the day but when Stine returns home he see’s Slappy waiting for him and use the book on Stine which sucks Stine into the book leaving Slappy with the last laugh.

I did enjoy the movie but would have enjoyed the movie more if it was the first film. The fact that this film did feel like a soft reboot and nearly ignored all of the events of the first film only to reword the plot felt lazy to me. When you considered that nothing was explain on how Slappy got to New York and Stine not having his daughter with him and everything. The rumor was that there was two scripts with this film one with Jack Black and the other without him, I feel like they decided to mix the two scripts because Black was hardly in the film and was pretty useless in the film. This may have not been a reboot but it felt like one. In the end though I am giving it B for a grade it had it moments and potential to be even better but someone got lazy.

Remember The Titans Review

By Paul Anthony

I want to make one thing clear and that is that I didn’t pick this movie as a random movie to review and talk about no. I picked this movie to review because of the unsettling times we are in. We have this whole virus thing going around but even more importantly we have people getting killed and turning us away from each other. One of things that actually brings us together is sports. We know sports aren’t going on right now when we need them the most but I decided look for a good film that through these troubling times could help us to see that we are one and united we should stand. In our country’s history we have seen this happen from time to time. the film I have decided to review is one of my favorites and that Film is called Remember The Titans. The film was released back in 2000 and starred Denzel Washington and Will Patton as football coaches. The movie is regarded as one of the best football films of all time. The film had a budget of just 30 million and a legacy that still stands after nearly twenty years after it was released.

The Movie starts ins 1981 and we see everyone attending a funeral but we don’t know whose, at that point we go back to 1971 where the town of Alexandria Virginia where a new school is formed from ending segregation. But there is hatred of course from both sides, no one is getting along there we meet Coach Yoast who is head coach of the team but also a future state hall of famer. Herman Boone arrives to be a coach under Yoast but the board voted him the head coach to make things look good which Boone felt unfair to Yoast until he sees how much this means to the black community, at that point Boone wants Yoast to join the team under him but Yoast pride as being an head coach prevents him until the players inform him if he doesn’t coach then they will quit the team which Yoast doesn’t want them to lose scholarships because of this matter. During a team meeting Boone introduces himself to the black players which they quickly learn he’s all about winning and nothing else. The meeting is interrupted by Yoast and the white players and tell Boone he wasn’t to join but full control of the Defense. The Day comes for the players to get on the buses to training camp Boone sees that blacks went on one bus and the whites went on another bus. It annoys Boone tot the point he orders one bus be for offense and one for defense and you must sit by someone of the opposite race. The players do and Boone orders them that they must get to know each other for training camp becomes easier. He then takes them on a long jog to the battle field of Gettysburg and explains the history when black and whites stood together and died for each other and it brings the team together. After camp though their newly formed bonds are testing but survives. However Boone is informed if he loses one game he is fired and Yoast will be the coach again but the team goes 13-0 and wins the state championship. It is revealed that the funeral is that of the former team captain who help bond the team was killed by a drunk driver and the movie ends with them saying their goodbyes to his coffin.

I couldn’t agree more with calling this film one of the better football films and even to this day brought tears to me to see how powerful people can be when we are together as 1. Everything was on point and it was hard to name something I didn’t like. In the end I am calling this a must watched film and giving it a grade of an A!

Five potential final opponents for The Undertaker.

By: Justin Hopkins

When I was eight years old I tuned into wrestling for the first time and was blown away by the larger than life characters. While many people I knew were for Austin and D-Generation X. None was bigger for me in that moment than the Deadman, The Undertaker. Everything about him was amazing. The Gothic attire and way he would manhandle the opponent around the ring then turn around and scare the referee for trying to back him off. As the years have gone by, with some stellar to fantastic memories and some really bad moments. He has always had a way of being captivating. With all of that said though, the legend of the Undertaker needs to have a fitting end and in a big way. Now, they kind of have that, with The Boneyard Match. A match that not only saw him under the biker and Deadman gimmick. Burying AJ Styles after an entertaining bout and rode off on his bike. Which could very well be it. Had everything a final match could have for him, but by the way he talked about HBK’s final match (Before Saudi Arabia) Wouldn’t be surprised if he tries for one more. Wanting his final match to be less cinematic and done in the ring with fans around and that is the path we are going to follow today. Who could give the Undertaker the final match that he could be happy and comfortable enough with to call it a day on his In-Ring Career. Lets check out the parameters first. First they have to be a workhorse. Ability to have a great match with anyone they are in the ring with and help him to the finish line. He is great, but needs the help. Second, they got to be full time on the roster. No disrespect to the likes of Brock Lesnar, but if that was going to be it, would have happened already. A full timer would be able to keep the feud going through regular promos and wouldn’t risk of in ring rust themselves. Alright lets dive in.. with an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention The Fiend Bray Wyatt

I would love to see him fighting inside the Funhouse. Seeing him going through his career through the lenses of the Fiend and Wyatt pointing things out. Bray has always been billed as the next Undertaker character, even when he was the cult leader, but this isn’t the right format to end the career of the undertaker, and The Fiend is not the right character for him to exit out on.

5. Cesaro

Alright, This is clearly the dark horse on this list and take the most work to make happen, but not as crazy as you might think. He is a super athlete. Insanely strong and nimble and capable of having great matches any time he goes out to the ring and makes everyone he steps into the ring with looks like a million bucks and entertaining enough to build this match up ahead of time. Problem being he would need built up a bit ahead of time, with a string of victories and all.

4. Finn Balor

This wouldn’t be The Demon. We would need him to go full on heel Prince Devitt. The demon would be a good run, but the time has passed for The Demon, unless they go full Cinematic Match, A possibility but we are booking for live in the ring and Taker needs The Prince for this match. Finn has been having a good time being back in NXT, so this might be a one shot deal back in the ” Main” roster, but they could use his first run as ammunition to be used against him, by one of the biggest stars they have had to built up the drama and kind of make NXT that much more of a bigger deal.

3. Seth Rollins

With the exception of the guy at the number one spot, this may come with the easiest story to tell. The Monday Night Messiah trying to sacrifice the Deadman for the greater good. It pretty much rights itself and Seth is a workhorse who is fully capable of bringing out whatever is left within the Undertaker.

2. Daniel Bryan

High offense and technical prowess. Daniel Bryan can not only bring out the best in The Undertaker, but can even make the moments where he needs a breather interesting through the use of wrestling moves that are not a headlock. His smaller sizer would even help the undertaker move him about in the latter periods when a larger opponent would just look bad and with Bryan wanting to work with as many different people as he can. He could have a lot of fun with this.

1. AJ Styles

After the Boneyard Match happened. I was happy with how it ended and hoped they would move on, but then Money In The Bank happened. Saw how AJ acted when he saw the picture of The Undertaker and the casket. His anger when he watched the preview for the Last Ride Documentary and know that is pretty much all I want. The story of AJ wanting to redeem himself and the similarities that can be drawn between this and the Shawn Michaels match that The Undertaker has been chasing ever since. AJ fits the build for what he needs. A big name workhorse who can help the Deadman get a final match he can be proud of.

If the Undertaker never wrestles again. He can easily stake claim to the great match he had with The Boneyard match, but if not. I hope The Undertaker can have the match he can be proud enough to close his career on. He has given his life to the company and had entertained millions through it all. These are just my picks of the guys I think can pull it off. As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

Short discussion on Batwoman

By: Justin Hopkins

I almost didn’t do this. When it was announced that Ruby Rose was leaving the role and would be replaced by someone else, I was sad for the departure, but I understood their decision to recast. Thought Ruby did well in the position, but if she is unhappy in the position, it is better to cut ties, because eventually it spills over and things get worse. While they still have so much more to go with the character and don’t want one season with one of my favorite characters. Than it came out that they were recasting the role entirely. Putting someone entirely new under the Batwoman costume… and I wasn’t entirely upset. To the point where they may actually be making the right decision.

Ruby put her stamp on the character. She has bonded with everyone not only in her own show, but Supergirl, The Flash and everyone else. To simply replace her with a new Kate would mean everyone would just have to attach blinders on and ignore the obvious changed that it is someone new. Of course they could do something of a retcon through the Legends, but that would feel a little weak and would eventually have to confront that. Only character who could get anything from it, would be Alice, but they are already pushing that character a little to much by having her return in the second season. ( Although, I do think that Rachael Skarsten has been wonderful) By recasting her, you can address the change directly and keeps the door open for Ruby to come back in a surprise cameo down the line, if the stars line up for it.

By creating this new version of Batwoman this does give them leeway to create something a bit more from scratch. They do get to have some fun making someone new. Have read the description of what they want and it sounds intriguing. Make someone who feels like they are alone. Knows the pitfalls of life and can relate to the other side of the coin more. Someone who will push the line to do what they think is right, even if it aligns herself with the other heroes. Something that would make a cross over that much more interesting and has happened in the Batwoman comics.

I don’t really have a preference for who to cast. I know it is boring that I am not picking someone, but cast very rarely matters to me, because of how many times someone strange has been cast and was amazing, D.C especially being good at that. There are a lot of good names in the cast pool at this point. Wallis Day, from the Krypton series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, And Magician’s Jade Tailor have all expressed extreme interest in the role and each of them would excel amazingly at it. Saw an article that Even WWE’s Sonya Deville has expressed interest. She would be a dark horse for it, but with her fight background and desire to make a name for herself in acting. May very well do some big things here.

Wrapping this up, I want to thank Ruby Rose for giving us an entertaining season of Batwoman and hope nothing but the best for her going forward, and hope for the best with Season 2 and excited to see who they bring in and what their plans are for the new character they have in store for the next Batwoman.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

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