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Passing of a Legend

By Paul Anthony

We lost a legend over the holiday weekend, Florence Henderson passed away from heart failure on Thanksgiving day. The day we are supposed to be giving Thanks, the Hollywood world was in mourning when they found out she had passed away at the age of 82.

Did we see this death coming? The answer was no, Henderson was in no ill-health leading up to her death, at least none was reported, just a few days ago she made appearance on Dancing With The Stars to support her friend and on former on- screen daughter Maureen McCormick, or as we know her as Marcia Brady.

The day before she passed away, she was admitted to the hospital other than that nothing seemed to be out of the normal for her and her family, This was considered a shock to everyone. Henderson was a famed actress even before she starred on The Brady Show as Carol Brady from 1969 to 1974.

It was that show that made her a legend for generations to come, every generation since the show ended  in 1974 , has watched it and even though we thought the show was cheesy, we still watched the show and we still learned her name, the perfect mom we thought of her ass.

Sure her career might not peaked after that but she didnt need it, she had made a name for herself. She used her fame to help numerious fundfrasiers, she was as pure at the  heart as Carol Brady was.

She will be truly missed and to her family our thoughts and prayers go out to her four children and her five great grandchildren. Even though she is gone she will always be around because legends never die, her work will live on and the next generation and generation after that and so on will learn who Henderson was, they will see her as the perfect mom as we saw her as that, sure they may call her Carol Brady but they will know her as we learned to know her.


Carnage? Yes Please

By Justin Hopkins 

     ​The next Spider-Man reboot is set to kickoff next year, and if what we have seen so far, in Civil War, and Disney/Marvel is any indication, we are in for a real treat. Now, Spider-Man may have arguably the best villain lineup of any Marvel Superhero. One name continues to come up whenever Spider-Man is considered. That being none other then Cletus Kassidy, AKA Carnage. 

 I would be over the moon to see Carnage in live action. Think the chances of that are pretty slim. Never fear though. While I will be mostly saying why he shouldn’t. Give you two scenarios where he would make a perfect fit. For the sake of this conversation I am lumping Disney and Sony together. I don’t believe Disney has Carnage. Hoping Sony would at least bring them in. Since Sony should not handle these movies themselves anymore.

 First, Disney/Marvel is doing ridiculously well with PG-13. Movies are great with phenomenal depth. Carnage would have to be a hard R-rating. He’s uber violent. Have to show him hacking and killing off numerous victims. There is no real reason for them to contemplate changing what brought them to the table, and if that’s the case. Would rather not see them  try.

 Second, what makes Carnage such a threat. Adds value to how dangerous he is, is that he puts Spider-Man in that dark place of mind. Where he has to almost consider doing the worst act he could think of; killing Cletus himself. Theh could easily get that with Kraven the Hunter ,Mysterion, or Hobgoblin. Or by dusting of Green Goblin or the original symbiote Venom.

 Now, like I said at the start, I am a fan of Carnage. Got friends who are even bigger fans. May not want to see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or Sony handle it themselves. Two really good ways to use him. The least likely of the two being is to trade him to Fox. 

 They could perhaps to budge on Fantastic Four, for Carnage. Once they have him, pit him against the Merc With The Mouth, Deadpool. Where they can’t and are unwilling to go. Deadpool is already established at. Their rivalry in the comics is a must read. Their styles of crazy meshing so well together. Money would rain down from the sky on this guaranteed hit. 

 A more plausible scenario would be to drop him down to Netflix. They have had great success setting up their more mature heroes. Have The Defenders square off with Venom. This opens the door for either Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson’s Venom’s series. Which Carnage would make the perfect big bad guy, and they can have Venom’s flashing back to how carnage came about.

 Cletus Kassidy may be just a deranged psychopath, but he is difficult to just throw into the mix. Much like Deadpool. They have to show him in a dark, extremely violent way, of he’ll come out flat, and they risk alienating the fans who have wanted to see him for so long. While I would love to see him live. Rather see him on Fox or dropped down to Netflix. Then to see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fast and Furious???

It was nearly three ago, the world found out that we lost the actor Paul Walker in a bad car crash, he was nearly done with his scenes with Fast 7. As we know the film got postponed but Walker’s brothers stepped in and with the help of CGI his scenes were completed. Walker was described to be the heart of the franchise but was he really? We head that saying a lot but often the person just turns out to be a spoke on a wheel and the wheel keeps on spinning regardless.

We all thought Fast 7 would be over, well at least those  who don’t know Hollywood thought so, but the film made 1.5 billion dollars and Vin Diesel announced that there would be a 8th film  and so filming begun and then there things became interesting. Shortly into filming, The Rock who plays Luke Hobbs said some not so kind words about one particular  male star. We learned that this Male star was noneother than Vin himself. Needless to say it was kept as hushed as possible but soon everything was leaking out. Which brings us back to Paul Walker.

As I recall I never heard much drama if any at all throughout the film series yet now that Walker is gone the drama has begun and there will be at least two more films after Fast 8, sorry spoiler alert. Walker’s character  was indeed just a fiction verison of himself, he enjoyed the films and embraced the character. Driving fast and the adrenaline life style. This rubbed onto the other actors and actoresses but now that he is gone the passion may not be there anymore and the honeymoon phase is now over and the good times maybe over.

This could be a situation that got blown up for no real reason except to have a story to talk about but when this story is bigger then the film, then there is a problem. In all I hope we can move on from this drama and focus on the film but I wouldn’t be shocked if more drama comes out again afterall the heart no longer there. Frustrations will build again regardless if its this film or the next film.The passion and love is now gone from these films, they are nothing more then your normal adtion film with the basic action scenes. In the end I guess Walker was truly rhe heart of this franchise.




Survivor Series 2016 predictions

Here we are entering the Survivor Series pay per view, the second interpromotional pay per view since the draft. There are six matches on the card, with the main event being Brock Lenser vs Bill Goldberg.  This Pay Per View is back to winner take all Raw vs SmackDown. There are a few things that are at stake. For starters, the cruiserweight title and the cruiserweight division could switch brands depending on who wins the match. The same goes for the Intercontinental Championship.

Our first five on five Raw vs SmackDown match is the men duking it out. For team, Raw you got Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman going against Team SmackDown which is AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Shane McMahon, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. This like the rest is an elimination style match. Raw has been booked to look like the heel, however both teams are stacked with the best talent, but SmackDown has been killing in the ratings prediction? SmackDown takes this one with AJ getting the winning pin.

The next match is the women’s five on five elimination match with team Raw (Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Alicia Fox) Of course you got Dana Brooke as the coach vs Team SmackDown (Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Naomi and Carmella) Their coach is of course Natalya is the coach. Raw clearly has the upper hand in the overall talent, Outside of Nikki and Becky there is no real great talent, Prediction? Raw wins with Bayley getting the winning pin.

Now we have the epic 10 on 10 tag team match, Raw has the New Day, Enzo and Big Cass, the Club, Cesaro and Sheamus and the Shinning Stars vs Teams SmackDown (Heath and Rhyno, The Hype Bros, American Alpha, Usos and Breezango) To me this is a draw when it comes to the talent but New Day and Enzo and Big Cass, should be the most popular, so I am giving this to team Raw with a New day member making the pin.

Kalisto Vs The Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Title, here is the issue the raw crowd hasn’t gotten behind the cruiserweights, in fact the crowd been very silent and chanting boring, a move to SmackDown could be the fix so the winner will be Kalisto.

The Miz vs Sami Zayn will be interesting and I do believe the title will be switching brands, Raw is still the flagship show and the Miz brought credibility and Sami way over with the crowd, the change will make sense and just maybe Miz will be promoted to the main event picture for SmackDown unless they so call trade him, winner Sami.

The Main Event is Lesner Vs Goldberg, which is 12 years in the making and 12 years too late, Lesner is just too rough and Goldberg hurt his shoulder pushing some guys around, Ring rust and old age will make this match very sloppy and has my vote to be the worse match on the card, but having Goldberg win could be good for business.

The best match should be the Men’s five on five match the talent is just too deep to be sloppy, I will be giving the PPV a good 4 out of five stars, the run time may hurt its rating.

By Paul Miller

Survivor Series 2016 preview

 Survivor Series is finally going to feel special again. As one of WWE big four PPV, ( rumble,mania,and summerslam) Survivor Series has been getting the short end of the stick the past few years. That seems to have changed this time around. With growing stars that are putting on top quality matches and the brands splitting. It adds a fun backdrop for the rivals. Plus one returning Bill Goldberg. Survivor Series is really shaping up to be a must watch PPV. Now, lets take a closer look at some of these matches shall we.

 Cruiserweight Championship 

 Champ The Brian Kendrick vs Kalisto

 With Smackdown vying to get the Crusierweight title back on the blue brand. A title that they highlighted back during the original split. They have sent Luchador, Kalisto to bring it back. While The Brian Kendrick isn’t much of a high flying superstar. He has no real problem keeping pace. This match should be a pretty solid back and forth match, and I see The Brian Kendrick retaining the title.

 Intercontinental Championship 

 Champion The Miz vs Sami Zayn

 I hope the title stays on Smackdown. Say what you will about The Miz. The guy is one of the true heels left in WWE and he always puts on at least three star matches. My worry is they’ll move the title over to Raw to help ratings. So while I am hoping for the Miz to retain.  Having a feeling the title is jumping shows and Sami Zayn will be victorious, in what will be a great match with a ton of excitment. That’ll keep you on your feet.

 Tag team traditional Survivor Series Match

 Raw- The New Day, Gallows and Anderson, Sheamus and Cesaro, enzo and Big Cass, and the Shining Stars vs Smackdown- Rhyno and Slater, Usos, American Alphas, Hype Bros, and Breezango

 This may very well be the worst match of the night. Sounds bad because all of these teams are excellent, but there is just too many moving components here. There’ll be enough comedy and in brand fighting to keep us amused. The match is just not going to have what it takes to be good. Going to say Raw wins, but all my interest is in the next traditional match.

 Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

 Raw- Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jaxs, and Alicia Fox vs Smackdown- Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Carmella

 The women’s division has been on an absolute tear this year. Has gone through such a phenomenal revival. Past few PPV their matches have been arguably the best on the card. They Main Evented the last one. Don’t expect the trend to stop now. Think it’s going to be close match and may end in one of the members costing their sole survivor the match. Giving this match a win for Smackdown.

 Traditional Survivor Series Match

 Raw- Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Braun Strauman, and Seth Rollins vs Smackdown- Aj Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Shane McMahon. 

 This has got classic written all over it. You got two guys who have made names for themselves by being lone survivors and coming back to win (Orton and Reigns). Got the past rivals with amborse and rollins. Former member of the Wyatt Family on opposing sides. Same with Sheild. Fueds within team. Aj Styles who shows he can bring out the best in everyone and the insane abilities of Shane. This match has the chance to go down in Survivor Series history as on of the top matches. It’s going to be fun, hard hitting, and explosive from bell-to-bell. Pulling for team Smackdown to pull it out.

 Mega Match

 Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg

 This match should not happen. I enjoy seeing Goldberg back. All for him coming back. Ton of guys he can face. He’s wasn’t that great in the ring. Never lasted longer then ten minutes. Fifteen would be stretching it. Neither of them have anything to gain by beating the other. Expecting Lesnar to win, in the worse match of the evening. Besides the hype of the initial staredown. Don’t see much in the way to be excited over. Would love to be proven wrong though

 I’m going to predict a 4 out of five star PPV. Definitely a thril ride from start to finish with very few downslides. Going to make one last prediction though. Survivor Series has become a time to bring wrestlers back into the fold. Build steam before the rumble. Not expecting the trend to stop now.



Dr. Strange movie review By Justin Hopkins 

 The last superhero movie for the year has come and gone, in the form of Doctor Strange. For the first time in a while I went into a superhero movie with no background knowledge on the character’s or story arcs. Leaving me to just enjoy the film, instead of comparing it to the comics. Which was great, because this is one of the most fun enjoyable movies of the year. Know that I have the correct spelling for Benedict Cumberbatch in front of me. Lets get this review under the way.

 The only possible way to start this out, is with the remarkable visual and cg effects this movie has. Dr.Strange having so much to do with magic, astral planes, and other realms. They spared nothing to go all out on it. Giving us some of the most spectacular, beautiful visuals scenes that I have ever seen in a movie. In particular, Stranges first trip through the realms. Leaving you just in awe from the colors and scenes and manipulations and optical illusions. When he slams back to reality, in utter amazing disbelief. Is honestly how you feel in the theater. From the realms, chases, and fight scenes. Everyone involved just did a fantastic job.

 Once again, Marvel/Disney showed how good they are at casting. From Benedict Cumberbach bringing you into the world of Doctor Strange, a skilled egomanic who is humbled quite early on. Showing that he can hit not just a wide range of emotions, but seamlessly flip between them at will. Backed by a versatile support cast, and a better Marvel villain played by Mad Mikkelsen. Showing they can add humor even into the most tense parts of the movie. Leaving you hoping to see them all again in sequels.

 Like the rest, there are post credit scenes, that I am not going to really focus on. They were exciting as always. Leaving you wonder what happens next. All you can ask for from them.

 Doctor Strange is the perfect movie to round out the year with. Having everthing you can want. Humor, depth, great acting, and mind blowing visuals. This is a movie you have to go see in theaters, and sooner the better.

DR STRANGE: Movie review By Paul Anthony 

We are now 13 films into this amazing franchise that we call the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has no plans to slow down anytime soon. Dr. Strange is now in theaters and it is the beginning of their phase 4 which will lead to the next Avengers film. Marvel took a leap with this film but they taken a few risks before with Thor, Ant-man and even Guardians of the Galaxy all were hits but will Dr. Strange follow suite ? 

Dr Strange film series starts as a orgin film, he starts off as a cocky surgeon who likes to text and drive which causes him to get into a bad accident and his life as he knows it ends there. His new life begins and he slowly changes his ways. The story basic and predictable which isn’t a knock however with good acting from Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead and Mads Mikkelsen as the main baddie it proved to be a winning combination. 

The action was acceptable and the storytelling was good and fast pace but nothing felt rushed which is a postive thing, lets not forget hey added a little humor to the story to help move it along. 

Everyone must wondering how was the visual effects ?  Marvel spared no expense, the effects were stunning and it gave the audience a trippy experience but a fun one. 

Let’s talk about magic, MARVEL done amazing job with introducing  each aspect of life and now they did great job with introducing magic to the audience.

Overall this was a good movie to see but be warned its exactly kid friendly. Does MARVEL have another hit? i believe so but only time will tell. In the end I will give this film a 3 and half stars and believe it be a hit! 

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