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Royal rumble reaction

By Justin Hopkins

I have said it before, but the Royal Rumble is my favorite wwe event of the year. It’s the kickoff to the road to WrestleMania. The matches are normally exciting and anything can happen in the Rumble itself. Surprise entrances, shocking moments, and standoffs that either build to rivalries or never seen before, and this year didn’t disappoint and was thrilling to me as ever. Before I jump into things I need to say, I didn’t watch the pre show matches that saw Shinsuke Nakamura regain his US Title, Murphy retain the Cruiserweight title, and Bobby Roode and Gable pick up the tag win. Sure they were good, just missed them. Without said, going to discuss my opinon on the regular matches and then the rumbles, so let’s get to it shall we.

Going to start with the women’s matches which really stole the show. Sasha Banks and Rhonda Rousey put on a surprisingly exciting match. That had such an old school back and forth match with alot of submission matches. That harkened back to the days of technical wrestling. Alot of moments where Sasha looked like she was primed to win with how she went from one hold to the next and Rousey getting the win with a pinfall. Rhonda showed that she can go with one of the best Raw has to offer while Sasha got a long awaited return to glory, with a little tease to a four horsewomen match. Meanwhile Becky Lynch and Asuka opened the event to a great performance that had everything a match needs. Pushing each other to the limit for nearly twenty minutes. Going from technical prowless to high impact moves and Becksploder off the top for a two count. Telling a hell of a story with Asuka getting the tap out victory with a crazy reverse Asuka Lock with a bridge. It made Asuka look dominating and not the last time we see The Man for the evening.

The men’s side of the card was a little lackluster, but still pretty decent. Shane McMahon and The Miz dethroning The Smackdown Champs The Bar was the men’s match of the evening. A good solid tag match that could have gone either way, with a fun moment that saw Caesaro catch Shane in mid air during Coast-to-Coast. Definitely interested in seeing what happens going forward. While The Brock vs Balor match may have ended as perdicted but glad to see a Brock match that used more then just three or four moves. The Daniel Bryan vs Aj match was a real let down though. They are both so talented but the match was so dull and seemed to lack any sort of energy, and the Rowan involvement was just weird.

Going from the match card to the Royal Rumble matches and will start with the men’s. I always love these matches and this one didn’t disappoint and was a little more special this time for the fact that we didn’t have any real Legends involved, with the exception of Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle, neither of which lasted very long and in Jeff’s case, minutes. They utilized their regulars, Nxt, and Pete Dunne from The UK brand and they put on a show with the time they had. Nia coming into the mix and changing the usual big guy being swarmed to Mysterio, Ziggler, and Orton having to team up to have to deal with the threat she was imposing on everyone was a fun twist that really worked well. The fact she got time to show off her ability against the guys and did well was exciting to see and hope it carries on. Seth Rollins getting the win was kind of expected since it leaked out a few weeks ago. May have been hoping for Braun myself, but Rollins has been a machine in 2018 and one of the hardest workers on the raw brand. Will deserved win despite my lack of interest in seeing him take on Lesnar which is looking like will come to be.

The women on the other hand, was so good. Again, they didn’t have really legend involvement. Relying on their main roster and NXT for the most part. They were all just so terrific. Lacey Evans, Rhea Ripley, Xia Li, Kairi Sane all grabbed their moments and ran with it. While the main roster showed they are the best part of wrestling today and I am so freaking excited to see more of Nikki Cross. So much fun to watch her insanity flow in the ring, and of course The Man, Becky Lynch entered to a huge pop, myself included, and got the win.

And now we are on the Road to WrestleMania. Starting off with a massive bang and plenty of room to run going forward. Becky and Rollins cementing their place on the show of shows and the women’s tag team titles looking at Elimination Chamber. These next few months are looking to be a legitimate wild ride that has been missing for WWE for quite some time and I am excited to see where it leads. As always thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.


25th Screen Actors Guild awards Recap

Last Night was the Annual Screen Actors Guild award show which the awards goes to the actors for outstanding performances in a motion picture and Prime time television series, so let’s get to the recap shall we?


  1. Outstanding Performance by a male actor in a lead role goes to Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody as Freddie Mercury
  2. Outstanding Performance by a female actor in a lead role goes to Glenn Close in The Wife as Joan Castleman
  3. Outstanding Performance by a male actor in a supporting role goes to MAhershala Ali in Green Book as Don Shirley
  4. Outstanding Performance in a supporting role for a female actor goes to Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place as Evelyn Abbott.
  5. Outstanding performance by a cast goes to the entire cast of Black Panther.
  6. Outstanding performance by a stunt Ensemble goes to Black Panther.                                                                        Television
  7. Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Miniseries or Television goes Darren Criss in The Assassination of Gianni Versace as Andrew Cunanan
  8. Outstanding Performance by a female actor in a Miniseries or Television Movies goes to Patricia Arquette in Escape at Dannemora as Tilly Mitchell.
  9. Outstanding performance by a male actor in a Drama Series goes to Jason Bateman in Ozark as Marty Byrde.
  10. Outstanding Performance by a female Actor in a Drama series goes to Sandra Oh in Killing Eve as Eve Polastri.
  11. Outstanding Performance by a Male actor in a Comedy Series goes to Tony Shalhoub in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Abe Weissman
  12. Outstanding Performance by a female Actor in a Comedy Series goes to Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Miriam “Midge” Maisel.
  13. Outstanding Performance by an Esemble in a Drama series goes to the cast of This is Us.
  14. Outstanding Performance by an Esemble in a comedy series goes to the entire cast of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Outstanding Performance by a stunt Ensemble in a Television series goes to the cast of GLOW.

Now that wraps up this award show now onto the next one!

30th Producers Guild of America Award Recap

By Paul Anthony

Here we are in award season and over the weekend, once again we had another award show this time it was the Producers Guild of America which reward those who produce good content so without wasting our time let’s see who won what.

  1. Darryl F.Zanuck Award for Producer of Theatrical Motion Picture goes to the producers of Green Book which are Jim Burke, Charles B. Wessler, Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga
  2. Outstanding Producer of an Animated Theatrical Motion picture goes to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the producers are Avi Arad, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Amy Pascal, Christina Steinberg
  3. Outstanding Producer of documentary theatrical motion picture goes to Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Morgan Neville, Nicholas Ma, Caryn Capotosto
  4. The Norman Felton Award for outstanding producer of a episodic television drama goes to The Americans, Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Chris Long, Graham Yost, Justin Falvery, Darryl Frank, Stephen Schiff, Mary rae Thewlis, Tracey Scott Wilson, Peter Ackerman, Joshua Brard.
  5. The Danny Thomas Award for outstanding producer of episodic television comedey goes to The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, Amy SHerman-Palladino. Daniel Palladino, Dhana RIvera Gilbert, Sheila Lawerence.
  6. The David L. Wolper Award for outstanding producer of a Limited Series Televison goes to the producers of the show The Assassination of Giann Versae: American Crime Story, which jad 15 producers in all!
  7. The Outstanding Producer of a Streamed or Televised Motion Picture goes to Fahrenheit 451, Sarah Green, Ramin Bahran, Micheal B, Jordan, Alan Gasmer, Peter Jaysen, David Coatsworth
  8. The Outstanding producer of a non-fiction television goes to Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, the producers include Anthony Bourdain, Christopher Collins, Lydia Tenaglia, Sandra Zweig
  9. The Award for producer of a game; competition goes to the producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  10. The award for outstanding producer of a live entertainment and talk show goes to the producers of the show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
  11. The Award for an outstanding Sports program goes to the producers of Being Serena.
  12. The Award for outstanding Childrens Program goes to the producers of Sesame Street
  13.  and finally the award for Outstanding Short-Form program goes to the producers of Comedians in cars getting Coffee.

Where to go from Super

By Justin Hopkins

With Dragon ball in the midst of its Dragon Ball Super Broly’s limited release here in the states. Having crossed the 67 million dollar marker. As well as the English dubbed version of the tournament of power getting started on Cartoon Network. Now is about the time to go in to discussion about where the series, most importantly where things can go after the tournament. I never really go about something like this, but I heard an idea, that triggered what this blog has become and here we are now. So cutting this ramble on, here are my three ideas for future arcs going from here.

Universe 6

The Tournament of Destroyers introduced us to a new universe of Saiyans in the form of Cabba. Then built off it with the introduction of Caulifla and Kale in Tournament of Power. The relationship built up between the three of them and Goku and Vegeta alone is enough to see more of it, and the perfect scenerio would be to have them need to come save them from a rampaging Champa. They kind of implied that he has been losing his temper over their failure to defeat universe 7 and loss in power would be the final straw and he begins to eliminate the fighters. Would create a peril of them needing to unite to defeat a Destroyer God and what happens could lead to a ripple effect between the Z fighters and Lord Beerus.


Have to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. Came up with this blog from watching Masako X talking about the old universe being brought back by 17 wish. If you haven’t seem his videos go check them out. His love of the show comes through and does great work.

With Broly showing how much success movie villains can have. It might be time to look back at another great in the form of Freiza’s Brother Cooler. Can set it up as him being the ruler of one of the universes that Zeno destroyed.. because of Cooler’s attitude in general. That would be a reason why King Cold knew of the Gods to have the hindsight to warn Frieza to steer clear of Lord Beerus. Cooler back and threatening to take control of the Frieza empire he has amast at the end of Super and put him in a spot where he needs to seek help from Goku, cause is his mind, they owe him for his performance in Tournament of Power. Goku would go just for a strong fight and Vegeta would go to keep a new evil from forming. Giving them a chance for flashbacks from Frieza’s past and his upringing.


It’s hard to talk about the future of Dragon Ball without talking GT. While I’m not going to say whether it’s good or not, but either retconning it or leaping even further may not be a bad idea, for at least a short little arc that occurred past GT. With Goku and Vegeta nearing the end of their life. Allowing more focus to be put on the adults, Pan, Bulla, Trunks, and Goten. Having their own adventures and finding their own way of fighting styles and transformations, since they are half-breeds. You can also loop in older versions of Caulifla and Kale to be instructors for Pan. Options are unlimited by turning the clock ahead.

It’s a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan right now. Broly is cleaning up in the box office, Tournament of power starting it’s English run, and proving to still be a beloved series around the world. Future is bright and I for one am excited for what comes next. Thanks for reading.

Playoffs? Who Cares!

By Paul Anthony

Have you been following the NFL playoffs so far? I have to be honest i have not been. See for me I am a die-hard Pittsburgh fan, so My focus is now on the Pittsburgh Penguins but even so all I am hearing about is Antonio Brown and even for a Pittsburgher I am sick of hearing about it. These playoffs should be about the teams and player who are in the playoffs because it is pretty interesting. In the AFC championship you have Tom Brady and the Patriots vs the Kansas City Chiefs and their young star quarterback  Patrick Mahomes, in what could be a passing of the torch game. Then in the NFC Game you have the Staints vs The L.A. Rams which evryone wants that team to do get to the SuperBowl, seems like the talk was people wanted an all L.A. Superbowl well we know that not happeniong this year but yet the main focus is on a guy who isn’t even playing.

Let’s get back to this drama with Brown. It all started with the Staints which the Steelers lost and pretty kicked the Steelers out of the playoffs. However Brown during that game seemed to be unstoppable which is nothing new. Then Tuesday came around and the team held a meeting to vote on the Team M.V.P and Brown didn’t win. The next day Brown leaves practice after a dispute with Big Ben, However Tomlin lied to the media and said Brown hurt his Knee but we later found out the reason why he didn’t play was because basically he was big baby who decided to mispractice and show up to the game and coach said you’re not playing and once again he walked away from the team. He started using Social Media mocking Tomlin and leaving the coach no choice but to come clean about Brown.

We now know Brown feels like the team doesn’t appreciate his talents, so this could comeback to the team M.V.P award. One thing Brown is about is his stats, he doesn’t care about winning or losing just money and stats and that my friend doesn’t make you an M.VP. Steelers team owner and president Art Roony II did a sit down interview and basically said He doesn’t see Brown returning to the team. Which means they are looking to trade him.

I once said the Steelers wouldn’t win much with Brown and sure enough that became true. The team can be better off without because the team is full of leaders so they are good shape. Yes Brown is the best Wide reciever in the game today but remember there is no I in team. That sounds cheesy but it is very much true.

Tampon Stunt Gone Wrong

By Paul Anthony

We all love Wrestling and we all know what it is about and how everything is planned out and predetermine. What makes wrestling so great is when the planned is executed it is such a great thing and its hard to tell if the stuff is scripted. However some stunts can go overboard or be down right gross. We now got to witness a stunt that was truly gross and that stunt was a tampon going into someone’s mouth.

No you didn’t misread that I did in fact say a tampon. Priscilla Kelly, who some will remember was in the  WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament just last year which mind you she lost in the first round and that pretty much was it, once again the headlines claimed her to be a WWE star which is far from the truth so let’s not get it twisted, this has nothing to do with WWE. Anyway in a Match last month Kelly decided to shove what to be a bloody tampon in her opponent mouth. How do we know it was a tampon? Besides the fact she took it out of her crotch and treated it as a tampon, yes we have good evidence it was a tampon. Not long after the match the video went viral and it gave Kelly the fame she was seeking but as popular as she become, some people aren’t happy about it and rightfully so.

Both WWE and TNA have been giving the women’s wrestling the push they deserve and by having them main Event PPVs and WWE even did their own female PPV, the women have shown they don’t need to be eye candy material to put on a good show and have the fans behind them, so why didn’t Kelly factor this into her planning. Sure the crowd loved it and started to chant Holy Sh*t and you sick f*ck.

The fans who were there may have loved it but most of the wrestling community are pretty much disgusted by her stunt. Names like Gail Kim, Road Dog and Jim Ross are people who are against her and sure she has her supporter in Tommy Dreamer. Now this is the first time I have heard of her and I am sure this will take her career to new heights and get her more bookings because promoters love to draw crowds and right now all eyes are on her. As for her future in WWE well even though they are big leagues of sorts she probably doesn’t have a future with them but then again never say never. If Kelly is smart she will wise up and use the smart light to get better but we will see.

Drake Creepy Video

By Paul Anthony

Just last week a video had surface of Drake “fondling” an underage fan on stage. Now when I saw the headlines, I was taken away because Drake is now 32 years old, so I was thinking this just happen because the news is breaking but the headlines regarding this video can be misleading. So I did my research and watched the video. Well the video was actually taken in 2010 when Drake was a young kid himself basically and he was a rookie in the rap game, at this time he was only twenty- three years old.

Now by no means am I defending him, as i said before I did watch the video and I must say it does look creepy as hell but at the same time it look like it was a part of the show that he used the stunt to lead into his next song. It look like harmless fun that he was just goofing around but yet he still looked nervous to do it. The video starts when him picking the girl from the crowd, he hugs her and gives her massage, nothing harmful yet. he then asks her for age and she proceeds to tell him that she is 17. He then starts to make jokes by saying he needs to stop and doesn’t want to go to jail yet but then says he is 23 so it is okay then proceeds to start his song.

I have to wonder does this video deserve this much attention? Better question is does Drake deserve this much backlash that he is getting so far? But as I ask myself those two questions another one comes to mind and that is why did this video take so long to get released? Ten years this person who filmed this video decides to release it to TMZ. And let’s be honest TMZ doesn’t worry about who or why people give them stuff, they just take it and run with it.

Usually when these situations happen people are usually hurting for money and knows they have something that is worth a lot of money. Now I wonder if the girl from the video is coming forward which she can because she is a full grown adult now and tell her side of the story to see how she felt.

What we do know is he is getting bashed over social media and has yet to put out an statement regarding this situation. This story will be ongoing until he or she says something.

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