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A Return of an old foe!

By Paul Anthony

It is the last movie in what will be one of the greatest sagas in cinema history. Star Wars Episode 9 released its first trailer and gave us the title of the film, which will be called Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Judging by the title and how this film is being billed as the last film in the Skywalker saga, you know this film needs to be epic. The trailer started off will the basic stuff for a teaser but then the trailer went dark and you heard a laugh which sounded like the one and only Emperor Palpatine. Soon as we heard that let’s be honest the fan base went crazy and so did I.

Then it was clear they made it official and clear that yes that was the emperor’s laugh and that he would be in the film however we don’t know though. Last time we saw him was in episode 6 Return of the Jedi. In which Darth Vader threw him down a reactor shaft because Vader at that point saw the light and became Anakin again because the Emperor was using Force lighting on Luke. At that point we assumed he did in fact died. We know in “Legends” Palpatine used clones to continue living long after Vader fulfilled his prophecy with bringing balance. But once disney took over and rebooted everything it was never made it clear we just assumed that he did in fact die. 

If you are a big fan of Star Wars then you almost saw this coming, just look at what happen for Darth Maul, he was sliced in half and fell a very long way but yet they brought him back and even had a cameo in the Solo film. Even if you think about in the story sense, Siths seem to thrive on pain, Maul cut in half lived on, Vader himself had his limbs cut and was burned alive and still became one of the strongest siths ever. We know the Emperor was even more stronger then the black suit Vader so this makes sense but why did it take forty years and what was he up to these past 4 decades?

If this is the last film in the Skywalker saga, it makes sense to bring him back because it was him and his master messing with force to have Vader born. This also raises another question, Why haven’t we seen Anakin’s force ghost yet which he became one shortly after his death yet he was never seen again? I have to wonder if they are holding out on us like they did with darth maul cameo. If they do this the way fans what them to do then watch out because this film could make a run for the number one spot of all time. It is sad to say we have to wait until December for this film to be released!


Hellboy Movie Review

By Justin Hopkins

This was one of the movies I was looking forward to the most going into this year, and was getting seriously worried going into it. Was a big fan of the first two movies and as good as they were, did not want to see a third one be made. The last scene of Liz saying she was pregnant with twins and his shocked look, didn’t leave much hope that a third would have been anywhere near as good as the first two, and there has been enough awful part three movies to add to it. Have read a few comic, not enough to be a die-hard like some of  my friends are, but more than enough to get me excited. Started to get really nervous as I started avoiding one bad review after another, and went and saw on Saturday, and have to tell you; this movie, this movie was an amazing, thrill ride that kept me hooked from start to finish, and left me wanting so so much more.

Movie started out, with a flashback of when the Blood Queen reigned during the Dark Ages and her downfall to King Arthur. Narrated by Ian McShane, which was a fun way to go, because of how much energy and started to show that this professor Broom was going to have an attitude and an edge to him. Then you make the jump to present day where Hellboy is tracking his friend, in Tijuana. A simple job turned tragic when he finds his friend had been turned into a vampire, and while trying to reach him, accidentally kills him. Leaving him in a rattled and confused state. That set off the Arc Hellboy would travel on throughout the movie. Where he is frustrated and conflicted over where he stood in this world. Wanting to be more than just a weapon and wanting to explore more peaceful way for monster and humans could coincide together without bloodshed and death. While at the same time, Gruagach was working to reassemble the Blood Queen Nimue, to seek revenge on Hellboy. While she is conspiring for something much grander of her own.

There is so much I like about this movie and I’ll kick it off with the Storytelling. While they didn’t do everything the way they did in the comics, but was blown away by how much they drew from them. The Wild Hunt and Alice especially. Where he was went on the Wild Hunt and was stabbed in the back by the Osiris Club to stop him from bringing about the Apocalypse to his fight with the giants was shocking and exciting to see played out, and loved the intensity he had during the flashback where he was uncovering the changeling that took baby Alice’s place. Gave me one of my favorite scenes of him yelling up the furnace, threatening to come to the fairy home world, if they did not bring the baby back was so believable and great scene to have. In a desperate attempt to avoid anymore spoilers, I’ll move on from scenes but there were so many more great moments. Plus I would absolutely watch a Lobster Johnson movie, as cheesy as he was, I want to know more.

There was an abundance of actors and actresses in this movie. Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim. Milla Jovovich played Blood Queen to perfection. Even when she was in pieces, made you believe she was the most dangerous person in the area. but I will point out two. One of which of course, is David Harbour. Had big shoes to fill following Ron Pearlman, and he blew it out of the water. You felt for him when he was drunk at the bar, having just lost his friend, and wanting to just be alone. His struggle to find his place was captivating, and his interactions with new characters were fun and always kept you wondering what he was about to do next. Next, was Troy James’s Baba Yaga. Wow, was it disturbing and twisted. Wanted to look away but kept your eyes forward at the same time, and have no idea how he moved the way he did, but bravo to him. Joel Harlow deserves a world of credit of his own, for making the prosthetics and make-up bringing Baba Yaga out of the comic, and Troy James brought her to life in horrifying fashion. Teased just enough to want more, and in the event this movie can get a sequel. Hope Troy James and David Harbour, are the first two signed on.

It is unfortunate that Hellboy is dying in the Box Office, because this movie was stellar. It was a thrill ride through and through. There were some questionable CGI moments, but not nearly enough to effect things. Loved the giants and the monsters at the end were beautiful and screamed something out of a Mike Mignola comic. definitely, not like the first two.  May not follow the comics religiously, but take large, whole parts and twist them together to perfection. Giving those who do follow a real treat. Going R rated was definitely the right call. I don’t normally add a rating, but this is easily, 4.25 out of 5 and well worth the watch. I do strongly suggest checking this out in theaters, and coming up with an opinion of your own.

Thank you for reading.


Season 8 of Game Of Thrones!

By Paul Anthony

Sunday will mark the beginning of the end if you’re a fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones, I know I am. It seems like we have been waiting ten years for this season to happen but really it has only been just about a year in a half since the season 7 ended. We knew for sometime now this would be the end, well going far back as season 6 actually. All the stories of the show will come to an end, which I am excited. We know HBO wanted this show to go ten seasons with ten episodes each but sadly there wasn’t enough material to carry the load and some would even argue at times there would be pointless fillers to kill the time but nonetheless an era coming to an end.

With the season about to start we will finally see how long these episodes will be, we heard that they would be around two hours, which if they are then they need to be exciting, So what does this season have in store for us besides the season being short and episodes longer, well we know the white walker war will start, we saw that in season 7 as they got through the wall and continue to march north and now they have a dragon. We have to wonder how strong are the white walkers importantly how strong is their leader, he took down a dragon with a spear and then resurrected it and there they took down the wall that kept the living safe.

We also learn the truth about Jon Snow’s parents which has been in question since day 1. Ned Stark was stand up guy no way he would have cheated on his wife but now we know that Jon is actually Ned’s nephew and Jon’s parents is Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen which makes Daenerys Targaryen his first cousin which we know they had sex in the end. Mind you he doesn’t that just the audience and I have to wonder will he ever find out and if he does how will he react to that. Inbreeding is nothing new to the game of Thrones. Our favorite couple Ser Jaime and Cersei Lannister. we know Cersei does not intend to help fight the white walkers despite the fact that she said she would help, Jaime is still torn over the seasons he has slowly went from a bad guy to a good guy but yet his love for his sister he has remained loyal to her even when he knows she is wrong. I’m going to guess he will finally turn his back on her and join the fight against the true enemy. Bran future is still up in the air the theory is since he can time travel that he is the leader though I don’t fully believe that but we shall see because anything is possible at this point.

One of the biggest things that happen during this break was the so called leak of season 8 which claims who will win the throne and so forth. Even if theses were true plots that were leaked, I am still looking forward to see it for myself but nonetheless if you did read the leaks I would take them with a grain of salt.

It sad to see this show end but all good things come to an end, there still the possible rumor that there will be a spin off which to me won’t be the same to, now with that being said I want this season to start!

Remake vs Original: Evil Dead

By: Justin Hopkins

Welcome to the first blog of something I like to call, Remake Vs Original, and it’s very much what it sounds like. Going to take a remake and an original of a movie and discuss each one of them separately. Saying the things I like about each and whatever negatives there may be about them, and then give my verdict on which was better and why I came to that conclusion. Simple as that. As easy as it would be to start this thing off with Pet Sematary, since it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. Decided to make things more interesting and much more harder, and go with Evil Dead. Now, without further ado, lets dig a little deep and see if the remake was able to take the crown from the original, or if the original is still head of the franchise, as far as this Blogger’s opinion is concerned.

There will be spoilers going forward. Most of these movies are years to decades old. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want things spoiled, stop now, and come back later.

Remake – Evil Dead 2013- starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, and Jessica Lucas and Directed by Fede Alvarez

This movie revolves around a recovering heroin addict being brought to an isolated cabin in the woods to detox. When one reads from the Necronomicon and unsuspected, unleashed and evil demonic force, who begins to possess, torture and kill each of them in brutal and gory ways. Story focusing on Jane Levy who was brilliant in her role as Mia. taking the crowd on an emotional roller coaster. Feeling sorry for her she struggled to overcome her addiction, then becoming terrifying once she becomes possessed. Just becoming completely demonic and intense, and sexually perverse. Stealing the screen every time she was on. A dozen moments come to mind just thinking about it. From her taunting them from the basement or the tongue splicing scene with the box cutter. Then, did a complete one-eighty back to sole survivor and fighting the demon in the final conclusion. Keeping you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

Original – Evil Dead 1981 – Staring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, and Betsy Baker

The 1981 classic, that had five friends go off to an isolated Cabin in the woods, to party, get high, and to enjoy themselves. After getting lured into the basement and played a cassette that recited a passage from the Necronomicon, and unleashed an ancient evil into the world. Starting to possess, psychologically torture, and finally kill them one at a time. Taking a unique approach of making you think the main survivor would have been Scott, but killed him off rather quickly, and coming down to the one and only Ashley J. Williams. Having him alone and being tortured by just everything from the cabin, and having to kill his reanimated friends. Shedding out of his cowardly persona, and to that of a determined survivor. rooting for him like no other, wanting to see him survive and fight another day. The practical effects were something to behold, and went wild with the fake blood. Spawning two sequels, and gave us an iconic hero in the process, and what can I actually say about Bruce Campbell that we don’t already know. Long moments where he was the only one around, still made it must watch.

Final verdict, and winner of the first Remake Vs Original is –   Evil Dead 2013

Before you yell and lose your minds. This was far from an easy decision. Can totally see why you would think otherwise, but for my money, The remake trumps the original in every possible way. For starters they did what every remake should always do. Take the spirit of the original, but make an original idea from it. Directors who choose to make a remake, should look at this for influence. Practical effects were spot on and the torture and scenes where a character was being attacked was terrifying and made you feel sorry for each of them, even the jerk of the story. He takes such a pounding and in an organic way, no longer want to see him punished, but to survive. Toned down the campiness that turned the original from a horror attempt; to horror comedy. When Demon Mia is verbally abusing them from the basement, is so much more intense than funny. Comedic elements were used seldom and felt more deserved, and that death-blow at the end of the movie, is as iconic and memorable as anything the original has to offer, and should be held in horror movie legends for death scenes. Lastly, as much as I enjoyed Ash. He was much better in the sequels then the first, and Jane Levy’s performance won the day, and this head to head.

Thank you for reading

Wrestlemania 35 Reaction

By: Justin Hopkins

We got a lot to get into so I will make the intro quick, and a little bit of a heads up. Due to just how much there actually was to at Wrestlemania last night, I am not going to go into every match, but my top three, with a handful of Honorable mention moments. If I tried to rundown every match, this wouldn’t be a blog, but a short story. So, just a little heads up on the change.

I am not going to lie, kind of eating my words this morning. Didn’t have the highest of hopes going into this event. After some serious bad story-telling decisions or overall lack of stories for some of these matches. Had to really hope for some great matches, and they gave just that and a hell of a lot more. Turning what I thought would be a lackluster Mania, into one of the best. Lets jump right into things with the pre-show.

I almost thought the worst right from the start when the lead off with the Women’s Battle Royal started off on the wrong foot. There was several stand out moments from Zelina Vega, Dana Brook, and a returning Ember Moon hitting the eclipse from every possible vantage point.  They gave us such a twist, by having the favorite, Asuka, being lasted eliminated by Sarah Logan. Appearing to be start the night off with an unexpected victor for someone who deserves the push, only to pull the rug out from under us, by having Carmella enter behind her, having hide out by ringside the entire match, and win the match. Taking away from an actual pop from the fans and a way to say that anything can truly happening. Doubling down by using the exact same tactic in the Andre the giant battle royal, by having the SNL guys do the exact same thing to end up against Braun Strowman who decimated them to end the comedic segment between the three. Match was at least entertaining watching Strowman plow his way around the ring, and am glad to see Luke Harper back in action, and hope he gets a decent push of some kind, or team him back with Braun. Both of which are more than capable of putting on excellent matched. The real star of the Pre show was easily the Raw tag team title match, between Cut Hawkins and Zac Ryder vs The Revival. A match that wasn’t even on the card until Wednesday and thought it was a joke, but once it got going, was far from it. Often forgetting how talented Ryder is and the longer the match went, the more Curt took center stage. The prospect of him finally winning after a defeated 269 losing match streak began to build and the fans got behind him and was a great moment to see him pick up the win for the team. Didn’t feel like the Revival getting buried, but giving a workhorse, who has done everything that has been asked of him, a Wrestlemania moment.

Before I delve into my top three matches, going to give out a few honorable moments, because there was so many moments that were great and it was generally difficult to just select 3. Starting off, with The Miz vs Shane. This was storytelling to a T. Miz being driven by pure emotion the entire time, and Shane just goading him along. The Miz Dad getting involved and Shane tormenting him by setting up his fighting stance was gold, and the superplex off the scaffling was something to behold. Shane getting the win only because of the way they landed was a great way to carry the feud forward. Definitely looking forward to the re-match. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins was a great way to kick-start the event. Fast and to the point, but set the bar for the rest of the way. The return of the Doctor of Thuganomic was always a welcome sight and great callback, and finally, The Kurt Angle Farewell. I was legitimately surprised to see not only was it actually, Corbin, but Corbin getting the win, but I understand why. Kurt’s way of passing the torch to the next generation, by putting over a younger star. Especially, a heel, which is where Kurt shined the brightest in his career. It has been a privilege to watch him throughout his career, and am hope he finds happiness in retirement.

My number three for match of the night, was the fatal four way for the Women’s Tag team championship, between Sasha Banks and Bayley defending against The IIconics vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Nia Jaxs and Tamina

I really was nervous about this one going in. From Nia and Tamina botching constantly, to Beth being rusty, and these types of matches being difficult to pull off in general, but these ladies brought their A-game to the match. High spots and double team moves pulled off to perfection. Moments throughout that really had me second guessing who was going to win, and the Glam Slam looked so incredible off the top that I didn’t even see the tag from Billy, and was so lost when the switch came and utterly elated to see the IIconics win the straps, from just being better on the Mic and the fresh matched that will come from this, especially if you pit them against the Riott Squad.

Second match of the night, The Main Event Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

Sticking to what I said leading in, this story didn’t need Charlotte to get to the main event and dampened the emotions going in by having her apart of it, but the match itself was simply spectacular. These three women went at each other with all the hate in the world. At times, it was just two of them  slugging the hell out of one another, and the baseball slide from Becky to an upside down Ronda was a hell of a sight, but that was far from the highlight. Becksploder off the top rope, and a spanish fly from the top that I was sure would be it. Trading submissions right and left and a quote of Ronda shouting Tables are for bitches had me howling. The only thing that stopped this from being match of the night, was the ending. No reason to end with controversy. Ronda needed to lose clean and show Becky as the definitive Champion. Other than that, this historic match blew away all expectations and set the bar for matches to come.

Number one, and should be no surprise, WWE Championship Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

This is how a match should be told. You had a top-notch Villain and an underdog tale of the ages. Kofi coming in with an explosion of fast high octane moves and Daniel came back and slowed it right down. The crowd hanging on to every shift in emotion and not enough credit can go to The New Day outside of the ring. Their emotions and reaction to what was happening in the ring and cheering on their team member along. Willing him to get back up and fight added so much more. Despite me predicting Kofi, never in a million years did I think he would actually pull it off and when the three count came and his arm was raised. You felt the emotion shared by all members of the New Day, happiness and excitement that has been sorely lacking, and am thrilled that Kofi Kingston has his time to shine with the WWE Championship, and can’t wait to see what happens on this Smackdown.

Now my negatives, and one is more nitpicky than the other. The first being the Triple H vs Batista match. Honestly, this would have been a perfect match for Triple H to retire one. Wrestling a friend, while his best friend watched from ringside. His parents were there and made a point to show them taunting Batista. The Batista Bomb with Triple H holding on to the sledge all the way would have been an iconic moment. Match at times tried to be more brutal when it had to be with the toolbox, but would have been better had Triple called it a career on. Felt more like a moment lost than anything else.

Next, this event ran way to long. From Pre-show to Becky winning the belt, was seven and a half hours. It was so long and had so many emotionally charged moments that you become exhausted and it was too long. The matches between Kofi holding up the belt to the main event were just blah, because you were exhausted. How do they solve this problem, I have no idea. Would say nix a battle royal but then you have a ton of talent doing nothing, but it is a problem that needs to be addressed eventually.

This was definitely a top-notch event that was wildly more exciting than the story lines going in and it’s all thanks to the amazingly talented roster they have. I can not wait to see where things go from here and am genuinely thrilled with the new Champions being The IIconics, Kofi Kingston, and Becky two belts. Final verdict, 4.5 stars out of 5.

Thank you for reading

Pet Sematary Movie Review and discussion

By Justin Hopkins:

The struggle was real, going into this movie. Remakes have an uphill challenge as it is, with people who love to complain about the reasoning behind making a remake to a beloved movie as the first one was. Normally, a successful remake keeps the spirit and tone of the first and change just enough to keep an audience guessing what is about to happen. unfortunately, whoever made the trailers and TV Spots, didn’t care about that second part and not only ruined the twist, but beat you over the head with it. Leaving just the spirit and tone, were the able to duplicate the magic of the first? Lets find out shall we.

The movie opens very similar to the first one, with the family looking to escape to a quieter life out on the farm and away from the city. Enjoyed the little changes they made to the story, by adding the kid’s funeral procession for a lost pet. Show that Pet Sematary has not been forgotten. At the same time though, they didn’t spend time building a friendship between him Louis and Jud. Which was vital to the story. Just felt like neighbors and they were together by force half the time. You’ll find that this is a problem going throughout the movie. That don’t invest enough time to one thing or the other. Just slow-paced itself through the first two acts, on multiple angles and flew through the third act at such a hectic pace and hoped you caught on to the Wendigo angle. Which was quite creative, but not clear enough, because the Mom did not just fall asleep, but was being screwed with by the Wendigo. Needed to be explored more than just a passing footnote, because if you didn’t understand Jud’s mumbled explanation, then it was missed and the repeated dream sequences are going to come off as dumb.

My favorite part of this was easily Jete Laurence’s performance as Ellie. Most of this movie really weighed on her shoulders, being the bridge between them and Jud, her relationship with Church, and just making you care about her character so that when she was hit by the truck, you felt bad for her, and when she came back from the grave, really gave a haunting performance. Being a little older than Gage, they were able to play with her vocabulary and her strengths. Knowing full well what had happened and what she was. Aware of the power she had and ran with it. Whether it was the bedroom scene where she was laying next to Lewis and he had that look on his face where he knew he messed up and she was just calling him out on everything he had done or scene where she was stabbing her Mother and saying how much of a failure she was and that she was nothing more than that and would be going to hell very shortly went way to fast and wished their was more to it. A lot of props to Jete Laurence for making the best of it.

Amy Seimetz was tremendous as her role of Rachel. The Zelda character was grossly under utilized for sure, but felt her fear in the third act. How terrified she was of the dead coming back for her, and then seeing Ellie return from the grave sent her into a spiral and the terror on her face that it might happen to herself. Like I said before, her death scene was haunting. Again, they needed to give her more time to shine, because they could have had a classic moment if given the chance.

I did enjoy Jason Clarke’s portal of Louis here. He didn’t quite live up to the bar set by Dale Midkiff, but worked well for me. Didn’t have the broken down by grief emotion, but was fueled and determined his grief and sorrow. He had no reservations and was just a man on a mission. It was serviceable for what it needed to be, but needed to be more than just serviceable.

Outside of that, this movie has so much flaws. Between miss handling of the Zelda character, to piss poor time management and moments that happen that make you wonder if something important was edited out. No to mention the twist of Ellie being the one to be killed instead of Gage, especially since the way it was shot, looked like it very well was going to be Gage. Even used Church as the way to get her out into the road. Building the guilt Louis had over bringing Church back and not putting the Cat had when he had the chance. All of which was ruined a head of time and lost the emotional weight behind it all. The ending tried to be a little more than it needed to be. Where Gage was the last one alive, and the reanimated bodies of his family coming after him, and felt it could have been better.

I will say, this movie is something you have to see for yourself, but I wouldn’t suggest running out to theaters. Check it out on Netflix or Red box, before deciding it is worth buying. It will end up in my collection despite it not nearly as good as the original, but was a fun movie, with tension and a great performance from a very creepy girl, and if you weren’t a fan of or seen the first one, you’ll enjoy this one.

Thank you for reading


Pet Sematary Review

By Paul Anthony

I remember the hype for the film IT which came out in 2017, the people were pouring their emotions out that this “Remake” would hurt the franchise of IT. People failed to remember that IT from the early nineties was a mini series that was later converted into a movie format. So back to the story well the film came out and it blew our mind and we saw a classic in front of us. Now that film set the bar high for any Stephen King movies then it was announced Pet Sematary would be having a reboot. People were excited heck I was one of them, I saw the first trailer and it was the only trailer I ever saw and i knew I wanted to review this movie.

Well the dust has settled and I have to be honest I don’t think it was even on the same level IT and to me that is a shame. I don’t want to say this film was bad but the truth is that it could have been better and it was a roller coaster ride. It started the way it should and reached it peak and then fell hard. If you are looking for the jump scares this film which is a basic element any horror movie should have. Next I did enjoyed the quality of acting which was led by the talent of Jason Clarke which I am big fan of the talent he brings to the table. John Lithgow as Jud seemed to be slightly out-of-place but that rest more on the casting rather than himself. The Story seemed to be on the track but certain points in the story seemed to be rushed to get to the end of the movie. The run time was only one hour and forty minutes which may have explain the issues in the story usually theses problems go hand in hand. The effects were just about average though this was one scene where it did look like it was poorly done, since I don’t do spoilers I will let you figure it out. If you are a fan of the book and the 89 movie then you will see some changes in the two films which you may not like, for example the relationship between Louis and Jud is different in this film then the first. once again you can decide on which is better.

I am a fan of a good story and music for a horror both can really help sell a good scary movie in this case both seemed to be average which was just not good enough for the hype that was surrounding this film.

The Movie was made on 21 million dollar budget and based on friday night numbers made 10 million so the movie won’t be number 1 but could still make it’s budget by the end of the weekend and by the end of its run could be on the same pace as the 89 film. In All I would say if you have the time go and see it but for me I am giving it two of five stars and even label this as a miss.

The Passing of Nipsey Hussle

By Paul Anthony

When we think of rap music, what do we think about? We think of people who are clever enough to rhythm words together and tell a story while they do it. When we also think of rappers we think of gangs and people who won’t think twice about hitting someone. But with that being said we intend to forget that they are people as well. Sunday the rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away but more importantly the man Ermias Joesph Asghedom passed away. You would think I am talking about two people but I am really just talking about one person.

Not too many rappers give back to the community in which they came from but Nipsey did. Ermias Joesph Asghedom was born on August 15th, 1985 and was raised in Crenshaw neighborhood of south Los Angeles. There he went to school and shined and even asked if he could be tested to join his school’s gifted program. Sadly like many youths in his area he went on to join a gang. He joined the local Rollin 60’s neighborhood gang which is part of the crips. He began to rap and by 2005 he was sending out mixtapes and finally in 2018 he had his debut album and was actually even nominated for best rap album at this past year’s grammy awards. Asghedom started to go by his stage name when a friend of his called him Nipsey Hussel which is play from a comic Nipsey Russell. But now it is sad to say the past year of his life was the best and now it is over.

Once he got the fame and money he started to give back which says a lot about his true character. he even went to officials of the LAPD to set up a meeting with trying to end Gang violence. it came to an end when 29 year Eric Holder shot him three times with one of those shots was at his head. When Eric was arrested the police found out that he shot Nipsey because they got into a personal dispute just a few hours earlier.

Sad to say that a guy who was trying to end violence in his neighborhood gets gunned down in front of his own store. he leaves behind a child, a girlfriend, a mother and father and a brother, he was a family man. I may not listen to his music but from what I read he was the rapper that we needed in the rap game. I am sure Nipsey you will be missed !!

WrestleMania 35 match card and predictions

By: Justin Hopkins

I’ve been a wrestling fan for 21 years. Been through a lot of good and bad and in between. I’ve seen some of the best moments and some pretty poor ones, but this WrestleMania lead up has not only been frustrating, but has seemed to suck all the joy I had after the Royal Rumble left me on an all time high. Have been thinking long and hard about how this blog and having to wait till they got close to a complete card and they still don’t seem to have a raw tag title match, but I digress. This is my full rundown and what I expect from the matches.

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Actually have high hopes for this match. Due to time restraints they didn’t have much time to build their fued but both should how great they are in building excitement and name value alone carries weight. Expecting them to tear it up and exciting like only they can. At least 3 stars with a potential to steal the show, going with AJ, but could go either way.

Winner AJ Styles

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

I mean..okay guess they need something to do. Roman getting cheers off his return from beating cancer and Drew being a monster heel. Haven’t watched a Roman match in over a year and a half so there’s that. Want to see Drew get the win to continue his monsterous heel run, but have a feeling Roman will get the win from a departing Dean Ambrose.

Winner Roman Reigns

Shane Mcmahon vs The Miz

This has been a fun ride. Glad to see a heel turn for Shane O’Mac and The Miz just oozes charisma and has been absolutely intense on the mic. Shane is a walking highlight reel and The Miz can get a good match from anyone at this point. Throw in falls count anywhere and it’s promising to be a thrilling ride. Looking forward to Miz getting his payback and having a massive Mania Moment.

Winner The Miz

Triple H vs Batista (No holds barred and Triple H career on the line.)

I have no problem believing this will be good because these two have torn it up on multiple occasions. I have enjoyed the promos but do feel it should be reversed since Triple H never defeated The Animal, but with that said, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, a Batista victory.

Winner Batista

Intercontinental Championship- Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley

The Demon Balor will be there. That’s about it. They screwed the pooch with them having Finn win at Fastlane and drop it back 2 weeks later and with The Demon being undefeated, guessing it’s going back to the Demon.

Winner New Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor

US Title Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe

These two are capable of putting on good matches. Have no idea why Dominic is back though. One of the worst and uncomfortable storylines in recent memory and he’s back again in a story similar to what Miz and Shane did. Hopefully Joe maintains since he just now got a chance to shine with a title.

Winner Samoa Joe retains

Smackdown Tag Team Championship- Ricochet and Aleister Black vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Bar vs The Usos

First of many multi person matches and perhaps will be the best. This match was literally made an hour ago and has absolute no build. Guess they couldn’t be bothered. Just a tag team title match at their biggest shows. Going with the champs to retain.

Winner The Usos retain

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin

I wouldn’t actually mind seeing this match. They have been picking at one another back since Angle was GM and Corbin is capable of having a good match, but with their talk of a swerve being possible and I feel like it’ll be John Cena to have Kurt’s last match and that is the way he should go out. Thank you Kurt Angle, for all the memories and hope you go out the way you should, a winner.

Winner Kurt Angle

Women’s Tag Team Championship – The Iiconics vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Nia Jaxs and Tamina vs Sasha Banks and Bayley

While I wish this could have just been 2 on 2 due to multi person matches being overloaded at times. Would have liked it more if they would have not included Tamina and Nia. They have so many blotches and I get that wrestling is tough and I could never do what they do, but they really borderline wrecklace and any other team would have been better. I hope it’s a good one though because I like what Sasha and Bayley have done since Elimination Chamber and Beth looks fantastic going into it.

Winner Sasha Banks and Bayley retains

Women’s Battle Royal

You know what would have been better then this. Since Vince seems to love them all of a sudden. Have Asuka defend her title in one instead of saying screw it and give us this instead.

Winner Asuka

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Match really means nothing to anything. Who cares.

Winner Apollo Crews

Universal Title match- Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

Seth really deserves this moment. He’s been the highlight of raw for years and his matched are always must see. He’s really carried this rivarly and can not wait for him to slay the beast.

Winner and new champion Seth Rollins

WWE Championship- Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

Wow am I excited for this match. Kofi has turned it up so much these last few months and the feeling of hope and belief is one that has been absent for a long time. While Bryan has been a text book example of stellar Villain. My brain tells me that it’ll be Bryan walking out victorious but I can’t do it. LETS GO KOFI! Kofi! Kofi!

Winner New WWE Champion KOFI KINGSTON

Main event Triple threat winner takes all Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhonda Rousey

This rivalry died so damn fast. The raw after the rumble and the confrontation between Becky and Rhonda was magical. Made me so excited for the two of them to build a fantastic rivarly and be a legendary moment and deep down knew they had to be the Main Event and ever since then, the writing and direction they went has done everything in it’s power to ruin it all. Adding Charlotte, who is extremely talented and one of the very best, but has no reason to be here. Then Becky had to win her way back in, diluting her victory at the Rumble which is only the second women’s Rumble and they botched it up already, and you haven’t made Becky look strong either. She won by DQ. Then to top it off they take the title off Asuka and put it on Charlotte to do a unification with no time to build a story for it. All they have done is give a giant middle finger to everyone who was so excited to see Becky vs Rhonda for the sake of adding to a story that didn’t need the weight of Charlotte and the wasted Smackdown Women’s title spot. The only thing that’ll make it better is to have Becky win because if I have had to deal with all of this Bullshit. The hero better walk away the victor.

Winner and new Smackdown and Raw Champion Becky Lynch.

I know this was long and got kind of preachy at the end. Thank you for reading along.

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