Suicide Squad Movie Review By Paul Anthony

Weeks even Months ago there was so much hype surrounding this movie, the fans were going crazy when the trailer leaked then it was officially and fans went crazy, the hype was there. D.C got by with the Man  of Steel, then they decided to rush everything and force the film Batman V Superman, which turned out to be a disaster, the rumor was out that it needed to make a billion to break even with all the investors, to this date it hasn’t reach a billion. then there was Suicide Squad, the savior of D.C  Extended Universe, I am reporting that the DCEU still needs that savior.

I had high hopes for this film but the main problem is and has been DC trying to rush and play catch up to Marvel. First issue lack of back story, Sure we get a few moments of some of the characters past, Harley Quinn gets the most attention in this department, a Dr drove insane from loving the Joker. However  Will Smith got the attention the most with Deadshot. Will Smith is a great actor and he has proven that over and over again.

He delivered a well performance  and with his amount of screen time it was clear the pressure was on him to carry the film.. The sad part of this is though is not all the characters got a good amount of screen time, which hurt the character development, since most of these characters were making their screen debuts. Even the main villain had very little screen time and gave us no true backstory.

Now the big question was Jared Leto’s Joker. No doubt Leto had big shoes to fill and Heath Ledger Joker performance will go and have gone down in history as one of the best performances. Leto might not have lived up to that but he did all he could with what he was given. Joker screen time couldn’t have been more than ten minutes and showed us a joker that hasn’t been seen before, he could have been a true highlight if he was given more screen time, no doubt i hope he is given a bigger role, maybe in the Batman solo film.

I believe doing a all villain film where the bad guys are good may actually hurt when these villains come across the good guys. DC missed again but the film was a improvement over Batman V Superman. Don’t get me wrong you should see this film and tell me what you think.




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