Joker origin movie

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Last week was a whirlwind of news from the DCEC front.  From whether or not certain movies were cancelled. The Batman movie went from being a standalone to back in the cinematic universe. The most centered around the Clown Prince of Crime.  Starting with Jared Leto returning for Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens, and continue his Bella and Edward… I mean Joker and Harley relationship in a Joker and Harley movie.  Still, the biggest bit of news is the Joker Origin movie.  Which has left more then a few fans scratching their heads. I’m pretty open to any kind of movie. Remakes, sequels,  or prequels; sure lets see what they got, but is a Joker Origin more of a blemish on a character who is better off without one, and is the DCEU really worthy storyteller for it?

 The Joker debuted in the comics in 1940. Becoming one of the most infamous characters in all of fiction. Has a body count in the tens of thousands, crippled batgirl, killed robin,  and has become a God. Yet the only thing known is that his past is a mystery.  His mystique is built around everything discovered is a lie. Nothing to gain from taking it from him besides money,  and they’ll gain that just by putting him in a movie. 

  Say what you will about the DCEU, but they are terrible storytellers.  Wonder Woman was a great turnaround,  but that was after three divisive movies, and hardly bother sticking to the source material. Why on earth should they handle something as cataclysmic as the Joker’s Backstory.

 After 77 years, the Joker’s story would be better told in the comics.  Where guys like Paul Dini have been telling amazing stories and know and love the characters. Who could tell the story the way it should be done,  for the Comic Book fans. 


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